Travel time again

Yes, we’re off for our summer break – finally! I am very happy to announce that the OA after much hemming and hawing did us the favour of applying for leave. It was sanctioned at 2 am one morning just when I was about to give up all hope, leaving us with frantically expensive flight tickets.

I know most people would rather take a quick, painless two hour flight but after the number of 2-day train journeys and endless road trips we’ve taken, I’m actually quite nervous about this. I hate flights. The Brat hates them too. Probably gets it from his mater. We’re like Blu (in the animation film Rio) – we don’t think we should fly! Hell, if humans were meant to fly, they’d be born with wings and feathers, I say. Zooming around the world in a cramped steel capsule is no fun (Is it any wonder I quit air-hostessing within 48 hours?). Β I love my pit stops, I love the food at each stop, I love the fact that there is no weight limit (I usually carry 4-5 fat novels to read on the holiday) and I can stuff a steel flask of coffee in the car door, hang toys on the back of seats, dry clothes on the dashboard, stuff the car boot till it is ready to burst and not have to get up at the crack of dawn for fear of missing my flight. I love the space on train journeys, I love the station food, I love falling asleep to the motion of the train and the sound of the wheels. Sigh. Why am I doing this to myself?

I realise this is all conditioning of course. I was talking to Cousin J and her parents (Chhota Nana and Nani) a couple of days ago. They have always travelled by train or air and never done the long road trips that I grew up doing. So when Chhota Nana suggested a 5-day-one-way road trip this year, Cousin J cringed in horror. “But what will we do in the car for 5 days?” said the almost 20-year old. Β The OA agreed. He’s okay with a couple of days – anymore and he’d be dying. Me – I live for such stuff. I’d do a rally anytime (err as a passenger of course!) and am waiting for the kids to be old enough to be left alone with the OA Β so that I can go off and do these things I want to do. The journey is so much part of the holiday that I feel cheated by flights.

Anyway, we’re off and we’re armed with all the new technology gifted to us. I have a couple of free books loaded on my Kindle (okay so I’m carrying a couple of paperbacks too!) and the OA has the Bloomberg app on his new Ipad. We’ve got a few kiddy games loaded up and we’re all set (yes, we’re taking some dinosaurs along too). Thankfully the kids haven’t taken to it in such a big way but it works as a distraction. Hopefully we won’t need to use it much unless it’s raining badly.

See you on the other side. Up, up and awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


31 thoughts on “Travel time again

  1. Have great hol…i totally share your view about car trips..nothing like stopping on the way and eating egg pakodas with green chutney

  2. hope you have lovely vacation :). and i’m sure you will. you have a knack of making disasters which would spoil a trip for anyone else into adventures. and maybe because of that your babies are such good travelers too. looking forward to a nice, long vacation post.

  3. Cool ! Enjoy the vacation and I hope the flight journey is comfortable. I used to love flying but not so much anymore since my son is born. Carrying the various odds and ends that babies/toddlers need and getting through airport security is a pain in the various parts of the anatomy. Have fun and come back with lots of stories !

  4. Omg! Now I’m dyin of curiosity as to where the mad family is headed to?! Are u coming to the US of A?? Then we must share numbers, I would louuuveeeee a conversation with u !

    Happy journey….Hope u have *good* and interesting flight tales to share! And here is wishing the mad family an awesome vacation as well!

  5. Have a super great time! Have a safe flight! Hope you have some “interesting” (in a funny way – these days even interesting has more evil connotations) characters in the flight – so you can write tales about them for us! πŸ™‚ I will miss the train journey post though…those posts always make me wish my kids were growing up there where that would be a natural part of their life…now if I had to do it it would be so daunting – traveling by train with the kids.

  6. yayyy !!! have a happy happy hols, and keep away from that kindle woman. and the ipad. i hate technology. and i am such a hypocrite πŸ˜‰ take lottts of pics please πŸ˜€

  7. So where are u off to ?? πŸ™‚ I will wait for that post. May you have a fun filled holiday. Just in case the kids are prone to ear ache in the flight carry chewing gums πŸ™‚

  8. WTH! Summer break?! It’s already raining everyday in this part of the world.

    Ah! The green monster of jelousy is slowly raising its ugly head up….Well, never mind.

    Congratulations…enjoy your vacation…destination and the journey….hope you get to meet the handsomest pilot ever πŸ˜‰

  9. Wow! Enjoy your holiday! πŸ™‚
    LOL @ we would have wings if we were meant to fly. Good logic. I sometimes think that way, too. I love both flights and road trips. However, we have done only short road trips and constant driving might not be our thing. Yet to try it out, though. Train journeys – I love them if they are up to 12-15 hours. More than that, and I start cribbing. Bangalore to Ahmedabad is a 36-hour train journey, and I would need to take a leave of 15 days from work to travel there by train and stay for a decent length of time. So we always end up choosing a flight.

  10. Have a fab vacation! Look forward to the travel tales when you’re back! Also a way of living vicariously thru you since my husband never takes us anywhere! Okay, so I said the last one out loud hoping for some effect, but now P has just disappeared into the loo with his book. Hmph.

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