So much to say

…..that I’m going to keep it short.

Height of sibling rivalry: The Bean bawling loud and long, ‘But he just put a bandaid yesterday. Why doesn’t my turn ever come?’

Height of love for a grandparent: The Bean tells her father that she wants to shave her head. The OA asks why. The Bean responds, ‘Because I want to look like G’pa.’

Height ofΒ bargaining:Β The Brat asking for an extra hour of television, ‘Can I watch a cartoon? No? Animal Planet? No? Well, how about some news at least?’


It’s a strange world our kids inhabit where they know what a khurpi as well as a Kindle is. A couple of days into the iPad and they know what they’re doing with it. Clearly depriving them of technology all this while didn’t damage them permanently. I hide it away and they don’t miss it or even ask for it. Nice. Let’s see how long this lasts. Thankfully the Brat still asks for the garden from the old house and the Bean wants to go to school to water the seedling she planted before the summer holidays began.


The Brat waking a sleeping Bean: Ma, I’ll kiss her so that she wakes up smiling.

The Bean waking a sleeping Brat: Let’s rub some cake on his face, shall we?!


How I know the Brat is a bigger influence on the Bean than I am. The Bean tells me, ‘Ma, A said that she is a good girl and I am a gandi (bad) girl.

Me: What? I hope you told her that $%#^#%^

Bean: No, I told her that she is good, I am good, everyone is good.

Errr, yes. Β Clearly everyone but your mother, is good!


Cousin J to the energetic Bean bouncing off her jet-lagged grandfather’s prone form, ‘Bean, stop jumping on his bum, he’s your grandfather!

Bean – Because he is my grandfather I can jump on his bum if I want to.

Anyone care to argue that logic?


The doll G’pa and Nani gifted the Bean has taken over our home. I was handed the doll and told, “I’m going to office, you take care of my baby.” Ye Gods, is this what the future holds in store for me? Taking care of my grandchildren after rearing my own? What am I doing wrong?

Thankfully the maama (aka the Brat) came to the rescue and took the baby for a walk in the stroller so that I could go back to my excuse for a job.


The piece de resistance – A jet lagged Nani falls asleep mid-lullaby and the Brat nudges her awake and asks with deep concern – “Nani, are you buffering too?”

Yes, now you give the standing ovation you’ve been holding back πŸ˜‰

59 thoughts on “So much to say

  1. OMG!! I am so tickled! MM what a lovely post..and khurpi and Kindle was super good. You are raising them so well. I just started writing my rashan ka list in Hindi, and am loving the graceful strokes. I earlier wrote a letter to my parents in Hindi, after years!! I was so at loss for words, just plain simple haal chaal is all I could manage 😦

    Thanks for the laughs!

  2. Lol… **standing ovation and incessant screams of encore**

    U wait…ur bachas are going to grow up and ask u to pay them for using them as fodder for entertainment on ur blog and in ur life. Rest Assured that we will be willing to share the payments πŸ™‚ Muah to the babies!

    PS: whats khurpi?

  3. lol.. ‘buffering’ , ‘news at least’…
    What a cute bunch! You please take good care of her baby (doll) ok?

  4. Can I please have them? I cant tell you how much I love the B’s. They are so so so so awesome. And fun. And sensitive. And naughty. And smart. And hilarious. And buffering? Now tell me, will you ever feel my Brat doesnt have a sense of humour? huh!!! I’m scared of saying anything about Beanie cos I feel she’s gonna stick her face out of the screen and give me a smartass answer πŸ˜›

    Ok, am back to chanting. Can i have them can i have them can i have them 😦

  5. Hi MM,

    Lovely post… I love these small tidbits you write about the kids.
    “Buffering” takes the cake…
    A nice picture of 2 kids together would have made the post even better (get the hint ? πŸ™‚

  6. Ha ha…too good MM! Bean is so naughty and I can see all the traits of a typical younger one in the family.

    • I forgot to mention…it took me a minute to understand Brat’s comment on buffering …guess I am getting really old now. Simply love his innocence.

  7. Awww…stories like these really start making me want to have kids πŸ˜›
    I need to go read something less aww-inducing now so my ovaries don’t start berating me again πŸ˜›

  8. hehehe… just loved it. Loved the “why doesnt my turn come” arguement.

    And what a contrast you have in your kids. Brat wanting to kiss and wake the bean and Beanie dear wanting to rub cake on him… lol.

  9. ah!..I guess this is best age for B & B. Many of the scenes are way too familiar to kids C & C close in age to urs…specialliy the waking up one..bro will wake her up with a hug so she does not start the day whining..sister on other hand “let’s pour a bucket of water on his face”. she is picking up lot of good things from much gentle matured bro..but man, she makes all that her way!

    If Bean and my daughter C ever meet, before they bring the sky down.. we both will shave our hair off, wrap a safron cloth and head off to Kasimadam!!

    tha nk you sharing the lovely notes! God bless your kids MM!

  10. Yaar, the bandaid logic was not uncalled for. I am so for it :)…
    Seriously gurl get your act together or else you’ll be very soon taking finishing lessons from the lil’ ones…

  11. You saved the best for the last, is it? ‘Buffering’ is it? hehehe πŸ˜€ and what was Nani’s response – that would’ve definitely woken her up from her sleep!

  12. I am laughing out alound in my cabin πŸ™‚
    The last one is a masterpiece!
    I was surprized to learn that my 4 year old has taught himself to download free games on my smartphone. And then he told me – “Mommy its 16 MB. Too huge!” πŸ˜€

  13. Spent an hour in some horrid traffic trying to reach office half day and I read this πŸ™‚ Thank you for bringing my mood back to normal…Thanks brat n bean πŸ™‚

  14. I love let’s-rub-some-cake-on-his-face idea. But then she comes up the the everyone-is-good line….and I’m confused. Err….let’s stick to our true colors, shall we?

  15. A standing ovation it is, to the Bean and the Brat! They are true entertainers. Such confidence, such charm, and such brilliance. If only we all could have kids without putting in the amazing and painstaking efforts that you did to make them the way they are.

  16. You said it girl – he deserves a standing ovation for that perfect line! Buffering! πŸ™‚ You knew it was a classic the moment you heard it I am sure!
    I am still not letting B buy the i-pad. I just don’t want to deal with one more thing. As it is KG plays with her teacher’s i-pad at school every day for 10 min. And am sure these two will fight like crazy for turns on the i-pad. Hey – you never told me they actually fight?! Sibling rivalry between Brat and Bean is new to me!
    What doll is this – Bean and KG are so alike in how boisterous they are – if Bean likes this doll I should get something like that for KG – may be she will also take to it! Now that she is going to turn four! For age three when I got her a doll she showed zero interest. Although she and KB used to take that poor doll for a walk in the stroller and scare the hell out of it by racing and running and ramming it against the wall at the end of it!

    • πŸ™‚ They do fight often, but it’s very easily diffused with a little distraction. Actually this was less about rivalry (but I couldn’t think of the right word) and more about her loving bandaids. It’s just that she hasn’t had a chance in the recent past and he’s been going through a lot of knee scraping etc!
      I too refused to let the OA buy an iPad but my parents got this for him for his birthday. Perhaps this is God’s way of testing us as a family and seeing if a little technology makes us go back on everything we believe? I say that in utter seriousness because I know bringing more distractions into the house will definitely create a challenge.
      and OH.MY.GOD. Brat and Bean are doing the EXACT same thing. Taking the doll for a walk in the stroller and ramming it into the wall.
      *falls on Noon’s shoulder and laughs till she cries*
      Geez, did we ever imagine our girls would end up being as alike as our boys?!

      • Am totally kicked by this – that they are doing the EXACT same thing! Unbelievable to me! Just too funny.
        Yeah – I think once the novelty wears off may be they will not care so much for the i-pad. Don’t let them get on angry birds – God, I hate that game – I see kids playing it non stop – addddicted to it – my friend says she tells her husband to take the i-pad to work because her kid just sneaks into the room when she is busy and quietly plays angry birds! Scares me to think 90% of the kids will know how to play angry birds and my kids won’t have a clue – but am dreading the day when they will also get their hands on that game! Even the parents say it is addictive!
        KG is now getting influenced a little by a few girls in the class – she and KB fight over this – KB says to her – what do princesses do, KG? They just twirl around and dance. They don’t fight the bad guys like Ben 10 or Spiderman. KG fights back saying, no, princesses are nice! They are kind! Mamma!!! THey fight the bad guys too right?!

        • My mother is totally hooked on angry birds. Me, I can’t imagine how someone thought of killing pigs with birds. And to think of my gentle animal loving son playing it -just freaks me out. But he’s seen it and I am sure will soon learn to play it. I wonder how to fight such stuff and then sometimes I just give up.

        • If either of you find a better character certificate for the princesses, please do share. Other than Belle from Beauty and the Beast, none of the others display any strength other than sweet singing voices and pretty faces and undying love. Snow White accepts stuff from a stranger!…eats it!!…after being warned by the dwarfs not to!!!
          I tend to agree about the superheroes…at least they save the world from bad people.

  17. I almost felt cheated of a post ( having read all of this on FB already) but .. Buffering!!!!!! OMG!! OMG!! That sure made up for it.. :-))))

    • Ditto, Jayati. I almost speed read everything and then I read the buffering one and fell over, laughing. And the fact that the Brat said it (in all seriousness, I am sure), makes it equal parts adorable and funny. πŸ˜€

  18. Hahaha! So funny and so cute. This must be such a fun age – so much charm and cuteness and entertainment!

    My sis-in-law is going to have a baby next month. I cant want for the boring first few months to get over (where she’ll sleep and cry and poop all the time, I suppose) so that the baby gets to be fun.

  19. Angry Birds – We LOVE it πŸ™‚ it requires skill, concentration, good tactics and timing. Just saying.

    Do update on your Kindle experience. I am trying to move over to the dark side they say it has cookies.

    Love the post. Adore the kids. Kisses for you.

  20. LOL this is classic stuff and it deserves nothing less that a standing ovation! Oh btw I have a baby’s baby too to take care of 😦 And the current penchant involves ‘cleaning’ up the doll who poops every 5 minutes, and bathing her with Nikki and getting her to sit on the potty.

  21. Mad Momma – Hi I am one of your silent readers. Ever since I discovered your blog some months ago I have been visiting it everyday. One night I sat up till 3 AM reading your blog. I love everything that the Brat and Bean say πŸ™‚

  22. Those definitely put a smile onmy face to start the day!

    Our girls are reaching the stage of telling those jokes that play on the obvious and the exact meaning of words.

    Question: “Ok – so you’re driving this bus around town. First you pick up 3 passengers, then at the next stop – 2 get on, and 1 gets off; at the next stop 3 get off and 6 get on; then at the last stop 5 get off and 2 get on. …… What colour are the drivers eyes?”

    Answer: “Whatever the colour your eyes are – remember you’re driving the bus!”

    When our daughter first heard this joke – the adult telling it made lots of stops, with lots of people getting on and off, to try to confuse her – but unfortunately he wasn’t paying attention – and she stopped him in the middle (having followed along carefully the number of passengers) and told him there were now minus people on the bus as more had got off than on!!)

    What jokes are your kids into now? Is it fun to hear these silly jokes again? Do you remember them?

    (Also, i wrote a long comment on your last post,which I thought was awaiting moderation)- It didn’t seem to make it. Maybe google was going crazy that day!!)

    • Hey Jill,
      It’s amazing to watch kids take control of their vocabulary and play with words, isn’t it?!
      As for the comments, I think they go into spam because you add your url at the bottom. I’ve just fished both of these out from the bottom of the spam barrel!
      It’s lovely to hear from you, so keep stopping by.

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