The tooth fairy?

The Brat was always a bad teether. My old blog was full of stories of painful teething. My pain while he teethed, that is. He’d get fever, cry, whine, puke, refuse to eat and I’d be exhausted and sleepless and cranky by the end of it. Let me start with the first tooth. He was four months old and we were visiting this man’s wife Tina(what? he was incidental to the visit) when the good natured, gurgly Brat began to throw up wildly and his temperature began to rise. He’s teething, I said to Tina, who not knowing much about babies in those days, went with my diagnosis. Anyway, we needed a pediatrician and she found us one and we rushed to him.

The man told me that the Brat had put something dirty in his mouth. Considering the Brat had been entirely breastfed since the day he was born, that threw serious doubts on my err… personal hygiene. I told the pediatrician that family history is vitally important in such matters and my brother, the mad sibling, aka Tambi also teethed at a mere three months. The Brat was born without a soft spot, the bones having knitted together in utero. Basically we have a lot of calcium in the family (except, clearly, around my knee region). Anyhow, after telling me that young mothers who read too many baby books and surf the internet are a menace to the medical community he sent me on my way with a prescription that was a druggist’s dream.

I did what any young mother does in a dilemma – I called my mum. And she agreed that it sounded like teething, to hell with the dear doctor. So to hell with the doctor it was. I went with the my gut and fed the Brat, steeling myself to the puking and crying. Sure enough, on the train home, we opened the Brat’s mouth and his first little tooth had cut and was shining through the gum. The OA who until then had carefully avoided commenting on my disobeying the doctor and insisting that my family did things in its own way was rather grateful that I was right for once. And I, was just grateful that the trauma had come to an end.

Oh, I didn’t realise what lay ahead – nursing a four month old with teeth – Β I had no option but to suffer the biting. The rest of the teeth were equally traumatic but I knew what to expect and weathered the storm.

The next shocker the Brat gave us was at about 12 months. He spent four days again feverish, puking and crying while the doctor gave us medication for food poisoning. It had been a while since he’d teethed of course and I didn’t remember the last time. This time he produced 4 premolars at one shot and naturally his system didn’t take it very well. Neither did I. I was a wreck by the time we were done with it.

So when at age six his first tooth got shaky, I felt my knees begin to shake too. I knew what lay ahead. Yes, fever, loss of appetite and general crankiness. It’s probably what led to the scene at his birthday as well as the days ahead. The more the tooth wiggled, the crankier my dear son and heir grew. He wouldn’t eat because his tooth was hurting. He wouldn’t smile because his tooth was hurting. He needed to do exactly what he wanted to do else his tooth would ache mysteriously. And it breaks this doting mother’s heart to admit this, but man, he is as much a crybaby in matters of health as every other man. His father thinks the common cold calls for quiet, quarantine and coddling. And I have patience with neither.

And annoying though it was, there was this other side of me that refused to believe that my son was losing his milk teeth. It was too soon. I mean, it was just yesterday that the mite teethed for God’s sake! I lay awake nights wondering what the last bit would be. Would I need to help him yank it out? Would it happen in school? What would he do when it fell out? Who would console him? What would I do with the tooth? Should I wrap it in cotton and put it away with the bit of cord I have preserved? And what amount should the tooth fairy leave him?

I was getting the Bean ready for school when I heard some commotion. The entire family was down on their knees around the bathroom sink, digging in, opening up the elbow joint, all sorts. Apparently fate knowing the fond mother’s crazy need to commemorate took the matter out of my hands. And his tooth fell out while brushing and went down the sink. Instead of the tooth fairy, the sink fairy took it.

I mourned the loss of his tooth – I mean the real loss of it. And then figured it was probably for the best. One less thing for me to get emotional over! And oh, finally an end to the moaning and Β groaning!



34 thoughts on “The tooth fairy?

  1. Do kids start losing their milk teeth so soon? It’s like he is officially a big kid now. I’m sure I’ll get emotional when my son loses his πŸ™‚

  2. Hush, it is the plumber who is the sink fairy and they cost more than the tooth fairy so count yourself lucky that no fairies were summoned!

  3. Yes,mine started losing it at 5+ and they started falling one after the other and her jaw had innumerable gaps for some time.Some of those tooth took a year to come back.

  4. I so understand your worrying over what to do with the tooth !!! When my first tooth fell off, my grandpa made sure it made its way into a rat/mongoose/mouse hole, as they supposedly have small,sharp,well lined teeth. Well, i dont know who made the damned hole, but my teeth are nothing like they should have been going with the theory πŸ˜€

    Lots of love to the brave brat !! I still remember the pain of a shaky tooth !

      • I know!! mine look so chamku chamku but only I know the pain of cold water and gulab jamun. i read your dentist wala post earlier, and I was saying to myself “haso mat beta, ye din jaldi aane wala hai” 😦

        on second thoughts (evil grin), a scared hubby is worth everything hihihahahaha πŸ˜€

  5. Have a nerve wrecking or lets say jaw breaking story when I lost my first tooth. Think I was about 5. When the tooth started shaking, I dint let anyone come within 100m radius around me. So, one fine day my parents packed me off and our loyal ‘ humara bajaj’ deposited us at the dentist’s place. God knows why, he advised a blood test. There was a mini battle to take a drop of blood. I was so freaked out by then that I refused to let the doc come near me. Kept on jumping around, also I had seen the injection and overheard the conversation about it finding its way to my gums. Got a resounding slap from the father. Still no go.
    Amidst all this confusion, I was strapped and the doc pulled out —– the wrong tooth…
    Bloody **** . I was numb, could hear my mom’s voice choking…the doc was aghast… but then I was promptly made to sit and the right one was pulled out…So there I was, looking like a mouse for so many days with two milk teeth missing…
    I hardly remember the incident, but my mom still shivers at the thought… I can so feel your pain with the brat losing the first one…
    Like Sumana, I also duly deposited mine at the rat’s hole and am blessed with razor sharp teeth now. The hubby has a decent respect for them and thinks many times over before inviting a wrath.

    • what? what? what? oh my GOD. that is the WORST bloody story I have ever heard. I wish you’d go back and bite the damn dentist.
      My brother’s milk teeth wouldnt fall and his permanent teeth came out behind the milk teeth. we had to go and get the two stubborn milk teeth pulled out of course. i will never forget the pain on his face when he came out minus those two.

      • Please don’t bite the dentist, these stories never end well. And I know because I punched one, albeit accidentally. I was 5 and he asked me to be really still and said it would NOT hurt and then proceeded to yank out my first ever shaky tooth with a ferocity reserved for Guantanamo bay inmates. I flailed, yes I was a flailer back in the day, my arms in protest and caught him square in the jaw. He put me on a blacklist and I could never go back there so my poor mother was stuck with the task, waging 19 seperate epic battles over my stubborn over-calcified teeth. He must’ve been a really influential man in the dental circles because my parents never tried to take me to another one and soon after we had to leave town (though that probably had something to do with my father’s new job). So yeah, voilence against dentists is probably a bad idea.

        • I’m inclined to believe its less to do with his job and more to do with your violent streak. You know, you really should see a therapist for that temper of yours :p

  6. My son lost his first milk tooth at the ripe age of 5. It was the last day of his LKG class and we took him to McD – he bit into a burger and grinned with one tooth less . He just swallowed it !!! I calmly asked the family not to draw attention to the toothless grin and ran out like a mad woman dialling the paed on the mobile.

  7. Apparently boys lose them a bit earlier, and the later baby teeth erupted, the later they will fall, as per a couple of my dentists. True for Div anyway, baby teeth started at 15 months, and permanent teeth at 6.5. And yeah, most of Div’s new teeth have come before her old ones fell out, so we hardly had windows, but several double teeth! Never got them pulled tho’…let Nature take its course!

    We’ve had so much fun with the Tooth Fairy…she (or he, to be gender neutral πŸ˜› ) leaves a letter each time. So it’s not really abt the token ten rupees, but we have a collection of letters now commemorating each tooth fall. I’m as emotional as you are! I’ve preserved all her teeth. Can’t let go of even my baby’s teeth πŸ™‚

    Lookit that cute lil’ window. Congrats Mommy! And LOL at sink fairy and Aneela’s wise consolation! Hugs!

  8. Now who says these are fairies? But I remember eating kacha guava to expedite the falling of my shaky tooth! Worked like a charm every time!

  9. Ow. So many things were running in my head as I was reading this post.
    First, parenting IS a tough job. This is one of your posts that clearly says so. Honestly speaking, it scared me a bit. There are so many challenges every single day – right from teething to puking to loose motions to fever to what not. I can say this post opened up my eyes to parenting a little bit more.

    Secondly. You are so emotional. Thinking so much about the Brat’s first lost tooth. πŸ™‚ Tooth fairy and all. πŸ˜€ Cute! I doubt I would have thought so much. When I lost my teeth, my mom and me would dig a small hole in our backyard and bury the teeth in there.

    Thirdly. Teething early. One of my cousin’s wives had a baby (girl) who teethed around 4 months or so. The doc told her she had eaten way too much calcium during her pregnancy.

    Fourthly. There are so many milestones to be recorded with children. From his first smile to his first tooth to his first saying ‘Ma’. It should be a lovely experience, I’m sure. Kinda compensates for all the worries and nightmares.

    • LOL! this is the first post that made you think of me as emotional? didnt you realise that i run an entire blog journaling their growing years. That should tell you all you need to know πŸ˜‰

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