This and That


It’s raining and the Brat is quietly looking out. Rain in the hills is always awe-inspiring. I ask him what is fascinating him and he says in an awed voice – The lightning scribbles.

After a while the Bean points out that it is no longer raining. Merely ‘grizzling’.

Dear God, please don’t let anyone correct them.


The Bean calls out to me – Mama, would you come and take a look at the size of this spider?!!!

I run down ready to whack the spider with something if she’s scared.

She’s crouched on her haunches, watching it weave a web.

“Shall I whack it?” I ask, brandishing a duster.

No, I want to keep it as a pet, like the fish in the bowl!!

Err.. okay then.

And that ladies and gentlemen is why in my otherwise spotless house we have a spider lazily sipping Long Island Tea.


The Bean draws a picture of the family. Brat, Mama and herself. I look at the family of three and ask – where is Dada?

She looks at me with a don’t-you-know-anything-at-all look on her face.

He’s in your stomach, of course!

Ye Gods and little fishes, I may not be a great teacher, but what the hell are they teaching her in school?  Or should I just be hitting the gym?


The Brat drags all his toys to my bedroom while I’m working, not really noticing how much he’s bringing in.

Once he’s done, he looks around with genuine concern and disgust and says “Mama! What a mess your room is. Why don’t you tidy it up.”

??! WTF!?


5 thoughts on “This and That

  1. pure genius!

    *says a silent prayer*
    Dear God, no matter how old the Brat and Bean get, please let always be as sensitive to things around them as they are now.

  2. LOL!

    I have been trying to tell you something for a while but I never get to type a full sentence. So before something comes up – I had a GIRL!! She is two week old today.

  3. I so want to get wet in a ‘grizzle’… and I agree, you’ll so miss this lil words of wisdom once they outgrow them!!!

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