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It’s been a while since we helped anyone around here and I am hoping some of you with a little cash to spare will be able to send it this way. Even a thousand rupees will go a long way. I also have the letter from AIIMS that the charity has sent  along as proof. I can forward it to any of you who are willing to help. Let me know. Also, you can contact senior volunteer Prakash at 9910311502


Dear Donor,

We really appreciate your initiative to save a life of a child.

As per the discussion mentioned below are the details of the child (Master Rizwan) who is fighting for his life and death.

  • Master Rizwan 9 month child. His fathers name is Abid Hussan Ansari ( Village + Thana = Bahadurgunj, DistrictKishangunj ( BIHAR) . Rizwan was showed in AIIMS on 8/11/2010 when he was 9 month old. His consultant doctor are Dr Saurabh and Prof S S  kothari. He is being treated at AIIMS by Dr Sachin Talwar who is Associate professor. . His registration number at AIIMS is M.C.V No 23854/10.He is suffering from HEART DISEASE VSD C which requires Rs 55,000/- forVSD Closure as advised by Dr Sachin Talwar
  • · Rizwan’s father is daily wages labor and earns only Rs 100 to 150 /- per day.
  • · Considering the poor financial plight of the patient’s family, AIIMS (ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES) has request RELIEF to arrange financial assistance at the earliest as the patient requires early procedures ASAP. (Letter from AIIMS is attached).

Please send the cheque at below mentioned address. Cheque to be made in the name of Relief India


A- 369 Sector – 19 Near MAX hospital.

Phone number: 0120 – 4245398,

Your contribution will definitely make you feel proud that you are saving the life of child.

Please revert for any support and clarification.

You can also login to our website




34 thoughts on “Give a little…

  1. dear mm pl ask them to publish bank a/c details so that we can do direct transfer – mailing a chq from abroad will take time. thk u for the initiative.

  2. MM, could you find out if they have a facility for bank transfer, and if yes, the details for the same? I am traveling and wont be able to send a cheque for now but can immediately do a bank transfer. I also suspect it would be a preferred method for many others.

    • okay let me get back to them and find out. These NGO type places are notorious for making it really hard to get things done. I know they have their limitations though 😦 thanks for offering guys.

    • Ramya – the bank details are on the website. I think the only problem is that you can’t inform them about which child you’ve made the donation for. you’d have to send an email telling them that it is for Rizwan.

      • The link seems to be down – tried a couple of times today. Will try again tomorrow and then send them an email telling them I would like to support this particular child. Do keep us updated if you know more details MM. Thanks!

  3. Hello MM, I’ve been a silent reader of your blog since the last few months. Great blog !
    My son had VSD and was operated when he was 11 months old. He is now 3 and a boisterous and fun child. I would love to help out little Rizwan. Waiting for your update after you find out about the CC/bank transfer details.
    Love from a fellow Stephanian !

    • Hey Kasturi,
      I am so sorry to hear that.. and I am so glad to hear that he is fine now. You need to be so brave to deal with a child’s ill health. I am trying to get info out of them but it’s not easy. They’re used to a certain way of doing things – we gave cheques – and they will let me know about the direct transfers hopefully.
      Thanks again, fellow Stephanian (Which batch?)

      • Thanks MM,
        I think the courage comes from within when one is faced with adversities and have no option but to be. In our case, the fact that my son needs me to be strong kept me going. We are thankful that it was a curable (operable) problem and that we had the means/opportunities to get it rectified. I hope and pray that things go great for Rizvan.

        We might have bumped into eachother in college or cafe, I was in the batch of 97 Physics. Do you go back, to the alumni meet or otherwise ? I dragged my husband there a few years back – KNags and Nirulas hot chocolate fudge were the added attractions 🙂

        • Samarjit Patnaik’s batch? A batch senior to Freddie. And two senior to me. Yes, we just might have. You might have ragged me for all I know :p

          I went for the alum lunch year before last when our batch completed 10 years. You might be interested in this.
          A bunch of Stephanians get together every second Friday of the month, somewhere in South Delhi. Sadly I have other plans today or else I’d have gone. Also, no fun going if there is no one from your batch attending.

          • Freddie F ? Yes, a batch senior to theirs. Ragging and fatchas – it feels like a different life when I think of it now. Thanks for the link about the South Delhi meet-up. I might follow up when I’m in delhi next.

            I’ve been trying the direct transfer but not working yet. Will give it a couple more tries and then ask my family in delhi to send the cheque.

            Any plans to visit the bb in US ?

            Take care and love

            • ah.. now i’m racking my brain to remember more people from your batch. and i’m sorry about how tough it is – never did realise what online transfer would be like. God bless for helping. No chance of visiting BB till my passport is renewed – which I cannot do until i live in this house for a year. yes, my life is mess.

  4. Dear MM,
    Would like to donate and am waiting to hear more details about direct transfer. I went to the site and clicked on the link ‘Donate online’ but it’s giving some error.

    • yep – i’ve sent an email and will try the number again tomorrow. it was very simple for us locals to just drop off a cheque :-/ didnt think of how others would do it.

  5. Like the others above…I too would want details on how to transfer to a bank account.

    We contribute to the ‘March for Dimes’ initiative every year and did their walk as well this year..there is nothing more satisfactory than knowing that you could give a stranger a better life

  6. Hi MM – I would also like to do direct transfer as it is convenient for me. In case, it still doesnt work I will have to ask my parents in India to help me send a cheque to them. Appreciate your effort to help this kid .

  7. Hello MM,

    I love reading your blog, its great!!!
    I would be happy to be of any help, could you plz send the bank details so i can transfer money directly and also the email address where i can send the email mentioning that this is for Rizwan’s treatment.

  8. Thanks for posting this MM.

    If you or somebody else is able to figure out how to mention the little boy’s name while doing online transfer, please post a comment. thanks.

  9. Hi all
    Here are the details. Currently they are only treating Rizwan as an emergency case so any money received will go to him alone. If they have any excess money left, it goes to Relief Vidya Mandir, their school for underprivileged children.

    The IFSC codes etc to all the banks are given on the web page. All you have to do is make the transfer and then email them at They will then get back to you and inform you when they have received enough funds and the child is being operated at AIIMS. Donors are encouraged to go and meet the family for transparency as well as bonding reasons.

    You can call them on the numbers in the post above between 10.30 am and 5 pm from Monday to Friday. Hope this helps. Thank you all for reaching into your hearts (and pockets!) and helping. God bless.

  10. Thanks MM.. Did the donation part.. Must say that the website could do with some overhaul to make it easier.. I had to try 5 times to get thru.

    Is it necessary to email them? Just being lazy I guess, and I prefer to be anonymous as well..

  11. Sorry! getting back to you late on this. I tried the online donation but does not go thru. anyone successful in making an online donation ?

  12. Hi MM,

    I read your post just now. I hope that master Rizwan has been operated successfully and he is doing great.

    I was just thinking that will it not be better to donate the money directly to the AIIMS medical social service department (if that is possible) such that any surplus money can be used for other needy patients.

    I think that not every ‘needy’ patient at AIIMS is as fortunate as master Rizwan to get an aid/financial assistance but usually the treatment for such ‘needy’ patients gets delayed due to their incapability to arrange the funds in time;


    • True, but we do what we can. I’m only an individual and not an NGO so I don’t really know the larger scale way to go about this. You could choose to donate anywhere you want. We all can. This was just a suggestion

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