Mar gaya re Osama

So it’s too big a piece of news to not talk/blog about. Let’s start with – what were you doing today when you heard the news? I was working. Most boring.

But I want to know more. What interesting pieces have you read on this today? What conspiracy theories? Is he really dead? What do you think of the timing? Tell me everything. Give me links you’ve read. This is big.


65 thoughts on “Mar gaya re Osama

  1. hehe! I was getting ready for bed, in my jammies with my laptop on the bed with me, looking for any Sunday Surprises on Facebook! I saw something that came through, turned on CNN watched Pres. Obama’s speech.

    1) I think he is really dead. They wouldn’t have made such a statement so lightly if it wasn’t true.
    2) The timing, I cannot really comment on. They said Pres. Obama knew last September that Osama might be hiding in that house but I am guessing it took them this long to plan everything out and really make sure.
    3) I really believe that the Pakistani Govt. either didn’t know until after everything happened or knew very very close to the actual incident.
    4)I am glad that he wasn’t found in the Hills/Caves but in a town! It is just hard for me take in the claim that the Pak. Govt. had no clue that Osama was hiding there!

  2. I find it all a little dubious! I guess I am a cynic and won’t believe it till I see some pictures! But as odd as it is, I can’t help remember the face of the actor who played the part in “tere bin laden” ROFL

  3. I was cooking (Dinner PST)
    – sea burial done, since Islam requires to be buried within 24 hrs.
    – DNA done and confirmed that is him
    – photos taken, but not published.
    – His youngest wife, in the same mansion, confirmed that it is him.
    – Mostly the incident took place last week, but did not want any interupption with the royal wedding, so delayed the news.

  4. It was Sunday nite for us..just turned the TV to watch Amazing Race and saw the Breaking News:)) So at home doing nothing I would say

    And the first thing I said to Hubby was how do they it was him….

    So have yet to catch up on all the news


  5. Well, I turned on the TV at 9pm Sunday (US Pacific time) to watch Desperate Housewives and caught the breaking news. My program got postphoned to 10pm. Yes, I am lame like that πŸ™‚

  6. While everyone is rejoicing the death of Osama I am afraid some relevant questions will be forgotten

    1. How was it possible for Osama to hide in Pakistan in a Mansion of all places for so long?

    2. How come Pakistan govt made sweeping statements that Osama was not in Pakistan?

    3. What suddenly changed? How can US intelligence get information about hideouts in Pakistan and Pakistani intelligence stay naive?

    4. Will US continue to give billions of dollars aid to Pakistan?

    Btw…when I heard the news I was cooking Daal Makhini

      • as a pakistan the only questions in my mind are, will there be more bomb blasts in pakistan? will US invade pakistan to fight the war TTP has declared on PK?

  7. I dont care if that bleddy bastard is dead or alive and dont remember what I was doing..but I know what I was doing sept 11,2001…chatting with a dear friend sashi over project deliverables when he mentioned that it would take a phenominal happening to chanhge the project deadline…and half hour after, he died in the attack….

  8. I was putting my baby to sleep in the bedroom when the husband shouted ‘Obama is dead!’ from the living room.

    I must have left the half-sleeping baby in the crib with a ‘What??’ before hurrying down to watch the complete videos online ( whatever available @ that time). Heard the baby wake up and cry..and just let her be for the next few mins.

    Bad Mom? Well, not everyday do they kill OBL , do they? πŸ˜€

  9. πŸ™‚ Got the news when I was working as well. Sunday eve – I was working to catch up on some stuff – checked bbc – when the live news started. Couldn’t believe my ears! I read about the raid/burial/the whole year of effort this morning. I think they should put up some kind of pictorial evidence. Otherwise it does feel unbelievable.

    • there, there.. its okay. i have lots of single girls and boys reading me ( you included). I think its a ridiculous notion to imagine that only moms will read mommy blogs. don’t we connect over all sorts of topics?

      thanks for the article. its a useful one.

  10. Blackberry.

    Next second, shrugged and wondered if it really mattered.

    Osama dead will just create more Osama’s… better to bridge the ignorance and hatred on all sides. Within Muslims and between Muslims and the rest of the world.

    Of course, these were thoughts that kept popping up throughout the day. People are more than blinded by media, or prefer to be part of the majority mob. Sadly. I keep thinking of the victims, and I am not referring to those that died Sept 11, 2001. It’s all those that died after this…Thousands of soldiers dead, millions of muslims dead, countries destabilized… all for one man? Or for show of power?

    As for Osama’s death… it was more of a ‘so what’ moment.

  11. I dont agree with some of the comments about this being not so important or that this is a “so what” moment. usually terrorists organization rely heavily on an inspirational figure or a leader. Taking a leader down can be huge to curbing (at least) one terrorist organization, much like the LTTE. It is certainly not a so what moment for the victims family.

    I think this is big and being an Obama supporter, I am mildly happy that this happened under his watch (I know it is silly, but hey)
    As for conspiration theories, yes there are a lot including one that wants to see the death certificate :). But I think it is for real and also that it happened when they said it happened. If it happened a week ago, how do you explain the twitter feeds?

  12. the thinker in me got all worried ki hey bhagwaan, ab reveneg lia toh kya hoga ?? though everyone in home was like “good riddance of bad rubbish” i kept wondering about the repercussion from the terrorist world..and just when that that wasnt enough US sends a travel alert to all its citizens 😦

    then our very own India does the same and announces high alert in india. explains why i tempted everyone at home for chicken sandwhich and iced tea if they stay home πŸ™‚

  13. i was at work, and someone BBMed the group and said ” Osama is out!” (as if he was playing cricket or something!!) and I read it was Obama! So I didn’t know what to think of it. Then others started writing in to that, talking abt Obama’s re-election and stuff, so I read again and realized that Osama was dead.

    Twitter has some extremely interesting reactions, from very sombre, now-what kind questions to making fun of the whole thing with “ab obama lukkha-chuppi kiske saath khelenge?”.

    I found this blog through the guy’s twitter account and found it very interesting:

  14. heard/saw it monday morning over my first cup of tea at office. first thoughts were – great, we’ll just have some new Osamas now, who will create some fresh nuisance to mark their territory. i was scared more than i was relieved.

  15. Believe it or not, I found out on facebook when someone wrote OBL is dead. I took me a second to figure out who OBL even was since it wasnt a commonly used abbreviation in my spehere of existence anyways.

    I was having my round 2 of morning chai after having dropped child to school and my first thought was cripes should i go back and pick him up or let it be- knowing our extremnmist elements here in Pakistan one just doesnt know what do expect, will they set the city on fire or will they plan a bigger attack and be mum right now.

    I have no idea what to believe. I sincerely believe our current govt is capable of anything- they are the worst kind of humans possible so for a hefty sum and a bangla in dubai he would have very well looked the other way.

    That aside, its too shrouded in dumb actions for me to believe its true. Why did Obama want the body rid of so quickly? What Islamic burial at sea tradition?? Never heard of that one. Saddams sons gory as hell pics were released for thew world to see following a 100 DNA tests- why not his? Its not everyday 25 million dollars are placed fore the life of a single man. I dont know. I dont trust my own govt yes, but I trust the americans less because there view of a war against terror is firmly lodged in time 10 years ago whereas the truth is that it has only grown uglier and more deadly since.

    I just wish for world peace. Pray and wish. Thats all i want. I dont care who all has to die as long as my children see world peace. inshallah.

    sorry for the rant here. i couldnt help it.

    • no no.. you’ve voiced what a lot of us were wondering. Why this speedy burial? where is the proof? why no pictures? what about the sovereignty of a state? was pakistan in the know or not? how come they and the US are contradicting each other in their statements? what is going on?

  16. I was prolly the last one to hear about it…. It was the 1st thing I read on my phone when I woke up on Monday morning (EST).

    Hmm… My immediate reaction to it was relief and woo hoo ! The post I’m writing on it is in draft. Mabbe I’m being daft..but I believe it. n I don’t u’stand how some ppl can scoff n be like β€˜ya, rite , u think terrorism has come to an end coz Osama is killed?” Hec no, I don’t ! But its surely a step towards it and I would rather soak up the half full cup , instead of whine about the half empty one !

  17. apparently the sea burial was because they didnt want to bury him in the ground where it becomes a shrine to other militants. heard it on npr today. kinda made sense in an otherwise mysterious story.

  18. “Let’s start with – what were you doing today when you heard the news? ”

    After dumping the body in sea, I just about finished taking shower when I heard the news.

    Yes Ma’m.. that’s…. Hic’ Hic’… me.., and I am still trying to figure out how to explain my absence to my wife..

  19. Its quite funny how the Indian media is showing a doctored image of OBL and blatantly displays the image with a caption – potentially disturbing graphic image. WTH!

    The US has not released any images to the media here but the Indian media has a distinct image of the dead OBL?

    I am also truly annoyed at the US Govt. for still thinking of Pakistan as an ally. Didn’t they just find OBL right under their nose?

    Pakistan is like a spoiled child. Take away their “Ally Against Terror” tag and it starts throwing tantrums.

    They have some serious explaining to do but I don’t think they will.

    Oh, I was checking out TOI on my husband’s new toy – Motorola Xoom, when the news popped up.

  20. I do not believe it at all… everything sounds fishy:
    – Osama conveniently dies when elections are near
    – There is no proof- no photos or dead body
    – If Islamic tenets mean so much, why was Saddam’s body not buried at sea? Why was his hanging video taped?
    – How could USA have enter Pak air space without PAK not realizing it?
    – Osama was staying near the army and Pak was clueless?
    – There was firing for 40 mins and Pak army was unaware?
    – Was Obama tired of waging a war with 2 countries and withdrawing would mean USA is a failure and coward. Was this a clever way of ending the war?

    Even if pics are released, who knows what Osama looks like now? Wouldn’t a smart man cut his beard and get a makeover after newspapers released his pics?

    Sorry, I am not buying it. Will USA use this excuse to start a war with Pakistan?

  21. Just got back from grocery shopping and tuned in to watch the Amazing race when I saw that a breaking news announcement was on.

    Now there are so many theories floating around and pretty much many of those seem to be believable. But like others so many questions are on my mind…even if they were to post pics of his dead self, how authentic is it? Why all this rush to “throw” his body into the sea (I mean I get it that Islamic policy requires burying the dead within 24hrs), but why all the hush hush even afterwards. So many questions.

  22. First time commenting here. I was very happy when I saw the news about OBD death. It did give me immense joy and also the fact that if a person does this much evil, it is only better he dies than to get captured and give him a fair trial wasting even more tax payer’s money. The guilty was punished and justice was done, even though his death isnt going to change anything in the terror world. How I wish our govt could take such stern actions against the militants in Kashmir and not politicise the entire issue for selfish reasons. Just my 2 cents here πŸ™‚


  23. facebook πŸ™‚ sometimes it gives you important news. Surprisingly, i first thought of it as pure spam. Then it took unspamly proportions and I had to pay attention.

    btw, did you know, Hitler and Osama deaths were announced on the same day, May 1st. Scarily weird na?

  24. Tell you what…I was stunned when they interrupted the regular TV progs to broadcast Obama’s speech. I made myself a cuppa hot chocolate and sat glued to the TV, just seconds later I hear a funny noise. It was the husband snoring. Such is the effect of anything on my husband of mine.

  25. Though I also thought the same as to how come everything happened so suddenly and so smoothly, still I feel that it’s too big a thing to be lied about, or to concoct the whole story, or even to plan the timings. May be, such is politics that it’s hard to believe if things happen for the right reason at the right time. Or may be I am being too naive.
    And yes, I was on the way to office on Monday morning when I got the news. Immediately called up my dad to confirm, he hadn’t heard it till then, so he checked and confirmed. And as I knew, he sat all day in front of TV, with mom cribbing later, “how can you see the same news for 12 hours at a stretch?

  26. I was just about to start for work when I heard the news. Somehow, it seemed too sudden and too secretive to be true.

    A lot of links I read on FB and Twitter varied between these things:

    1. Maybe Osama is not really dead
    2. Yay! Osama is dead!
    3. Osama was killed the last week itself, but the death was concealed so as not to cause any obstacles for the Royal Wedding

    One of my friends sent me this link:!5797595/no-this-is-not-osamas-cadaver

  27. I had taken the Benj to the doc and came back and called my sis in the US. My bro-in-law picked up all super excited… he thought I was calling because of the news. Instead, that was the first I had heard of it. Weirdly, I was not so excited. I think it came too late – after two pointless wars had been started – and when Osama’s influence was waning anyway, except as a symbolic figure. Though I understand why the US had to go after him, and fair enough they killed him. Regarding conspiracies – I think they wouldn’t have fudged this one, it’s too big, and too many eyes watching. Burial at sea – they didn’t want a shrine created, and I’m glad he was disposed off with little fuss otherwise pictures/drama would have gone on endlessly. I’m glad it happened on Obama’s watch – hope this seals his reelection.

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