You took my happy

I’m convincing the kids that the jujubes taken out of the fridge are too hard and no fun. That they must be left alone for a bit to soften up. The Brat glares at me and says, “Mama, you’re taking away my happy.”

Anyone get the song? Uh uh uh uh uh uh undo it! And no, it wasn’t me. I’d rather put out a fire with my face than I introduce my kids to Carrie Underwood! It was just an unfortunate coincidence and one we really laughed over.


A few days ago the Brat (gentle soul that he is) came up to me and asked me, “Mama, when I am nine years old, will you throw me out of our house?

Me: *horrified* Why would I do that?

Brat: Because of Aan.

To know what he meant, go across and read my book review of Aan on Saffron Tree.  It’s a stark reminder of how stories play on a child’s mind.


22 thoughts on “You took my happy

  1. it would be easier for me to introduce carrie underwood to my kids than some of the other artists. my daughter sings along pink’s new number ‘fuckin’ perfect’. she doesnt know any of the lyrics including the name of the song except for the first line of the chorus- ‘pretty, pretty please’ but everytime a station plays it, she wants me to up the volume so she can sing. Other day she quipped, mama, i love this song.
    now i love pink…she is one of my favorite artists but her songs, not suitable at all for small kids. i almost agreed with my little one how catchy her new song is until i heard it properly.

  2. Here I am.. sitting at work.. to find a place which can deliver raw milk ( so that I can make real paneer… coz my parents do not like what is served here).. no to mention that I am bypassing some laws ( UP walleh se or kya expects karoge)… and here you are.. sure these things bother you.. but on if you take it on a longer/broader term… would it really be an issue?..

    ek baar dono bachcho ko mere paas chhor do.. even for a week ( which you and OA would never do that).. uske baad sab theek ho jayega

    • no no.. i’m just pretending to be zen. these thingies 😉 really irritate me. I am constantly trying to improve on the way I speak and I get mad at the kids when they answer with a yeah instead of a yes.

    • Hey arun! Is there is a farmer’s market/any orchard market in your area – you get raw milk there!

      • Nope. got it delivered from PA.

        FYI, the Paneer didn’t came out good.. but the rabdi, khoya, kheer and dahi were of India quality. The milk was so good that my daughter refused to drink after first sip.. ‘what you got this from India??’

  3. aww, how sweet and sad that the brat took Aan’s story to heart; it’s a reminder that the line between “real world” and “story” is not as strong for kids as it is for us. (and a lesson on why one shouldn’t shush away childhood fears)

  4. Nikki stuffs the hard jujubes in her mouth anyway. Then she chews and chews and when she’s bored dumps them in some corner for some unwary soul to step, or worse, sit on the gooey lump. I now have custom printed jeans. With a colorful orange-purple-green jujube print imprinted on the right butt.

  5. off topic and pardon my ignorance why do jujubes need refrigeration ?? They keep well at room temp. Don’t they ??

  6. Hi MM!

    Sorry for taking this space, for being off topic and sorry to bother u. But plz wenever u have time, do head out to Have started a blog today, and one of the reasons for that is you. Don’t comment or read if u don’t wish to but just once plz pay a visit. I have mentioned abt u and plan to do a separate post on you as well. Don’t know for how long will I manage to blog, but since it’s my beginning, and u r such a great blogger, ur blessings will help. plz, plz wenever u can.

  7. i want jujubes…desi-wala… NOW! boo hoo ! I’m gonna call my ma to express my want! you tend to have the patience to wait for the chocolate/sweet…to thaw? I don’t. My refigerator always has some choc crepes, lindts and Rochers… i hardly ever have the patience to wait for them to thaw tho i know they’ll taste better that way. I can max wait for 10 seconds, i’m greedy that way.

    OMG! the impact on children…we can never quite see it coming!

  8. Oh Yes. I learnt it the hard way. We read a book called ‘Are you my mother’ in the Dr.Suess series when my daughter was less than 2. It is about a little bird looking for its mother. There was a big machine in that which would help the bird get to the nest, but the little bird was petrified seeing the big machine. My daughter obviously seeing through the eyes of the little bird developed a strong fear of big machines which to this day(she is almost 4) I am working with her to reduce that fear. 😦

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