Cheater cheater

Edited to add – this post was written in September 2009 and forgotten! Conversations, cheating and insults have grown more complicated in the two years that have gone by since.

So the OA and his brats play a game where they ‘insult’ each other by calling each other animal and bird names.

OA: You… wombat

Brat: You caterpillar

Bean: You elephant (What else?!)

OA: You eel

Brat: You pigeon

Bean: You amanello (She means armadillo)

Brat: You wolf

And so it goes on 45 minutes while I struggle to get some work done, turning around and once in a while throwing in a few insults of my own – You Kangaroo,Β  or you platypus!

And then suddenly the OA who thinks he is playing with kids and no one is really listening to him, goes: You clam chowder!

Without missing a beat or looking up from my PC I say: You cheat!

The OA collapses under the weight of his conscience and two children who throw themselves on him and beat the crap out of him for cheating. The truth shall prevail πŸ˜€


This nugget is from the present.

Cousin J asks generally, What have Dipta bhaiya and Tina didi named the baby?

Maid answers – Drishti. Bangali hai (in an attempt to explain why the name is an unfamiliar one to her)

The Bean pipes up – Bangali nahi, bachcha hai.

I love the clarity of thought kids have πŸ˜€


Reason # 2348 for loving the Brat.

The Brat banging on the toilet door, “Mama, mama? hurry up and come out. I’ve come to hug you and love you.”


29 thoughts on “Cheater cheater

  1. Hey what a nice idea for a game with kids! n darn I don’t know some of the animals u guys are callin out.

    So matter of fact kids are na! n welcome to the world baby Drishti !

    Aww..want to hug u n love u! Did the mama come running out?!

  2. “clam chowder” ha ha ha…

    And, 45 mins of naming animals?!! I don’t think I know enough animal names to last 10 mins. You are raising rocket scientists!!!

  3. One day the kids will thank you for capturing these moments for them. I thank you now for the general ‘all is right with the world’ feeling that your posts give me.

  4. the last one was soooo adorable!

    i try this almost daily on my husband, but instead of saying soooo adorable, his response usually is “Cant I even take a dump in peace?”

  5. I think I am the only ignorant fool here who had to google for ‘clam chowder’.

    Love Bean’s clarification on Baby….I feel we have a lot to learn from kids.

  6. Your son makes my heart crumble like apple pie. What a child. Really. What a child. I’m sending him 10,000 kisses and squeezes, to be doled out at your discretion.

  7. Hi!!! have been sneaking pretty frequently in here now…so thought I should for once get over my laziness and type this out πŸ™‚ I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I DO I DO I DO !!! I am all of,err…well..pretty young and you know how we are, dont you? But you make me earn for the companionship,love and a family of my own..thats something na? is to me.

    and I love Brat. I am something like him myself in disposition, but I pretend to be very Bean-y πŸ™‚ The combination rocks !!Stop panicking, they will love you and OA, and like I understand what my parents mean to me, today, I am sure B&B will…sooner, given the smartasses they are!!

    Lots of love, take care of the knee and write more frequently, please?

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