Because you’re all going to watch cricket today

… I’m not wasting my time and effort writing a post. Instead I leave you with some food for thought. Sportswriter Dileep Premachandran’s piece that is actually bigger than the game. Enjoy.


For all the preggies out there, as well as those who plan to have babies, here’s a brilliant piece by Arvind on the importance of eating healthy while pregnant.  Read it here. I wish I’d read this when I was expecting the Brat and Bean. Maybe my knees wouldn’t have given way.


55 thoughts on “Because you’re all going to watch cricket today

  1. Loved the cricket post and linked to it on FB. Hope some of my friends see sense. I’m shocked that people still see an India-Pak match as The Match or war or whatever. I am over that rivalry, and frankly, see Australia as more worthy of hate in cricket at least. But clearly noone else in India agrees. Did you notice that the comments on the article were all moderate, except for one Indian guy? Clearly out there news sites don’t attract only the most rabid minds.

    The food article didn’t like so much. Maybe because I got too much gyan on what to eat out here. I don’t agree with a couple of his points also – i think in the modern diet we get enough fat without looking for it and Indian women tend to pile on the pounds during pregnancy which can cause gestational diabetes. Also, the pcos and fat correlation – thought it was the other way round because many of my friends who have pcos are advised to lose weight by cutting down fat.

    • I think the difference is that he suggests good fat as opposed to the crap we pick up from over processed food. I agree that a lot of women tend to pile on the pounds, not just Indian women. As for PCOS, not everyone is overweight – I have PCOS and was rabidly underweight – 43 kilos. I was advised to put on weight during both my pregnancies because I just kept losing weight!

          • No man, Chinese women remain disturbing slim till like the last trimester. They were very concerned about my weight here – but then I was above the international standard. Someone posted on my blog that in Singapore they tend to watch Indian women and their weight more carefully because of the danger of gestational diabestes, that’s why I mentioned Indian women specifically.

            • Also, thought the ‘NO TO FORMULA’ thing was a bit dramatic. Yes, breastmilk is ideally the best and women shouldtry as hard as they can to breastfeed. But there are situations where this is not possible. My son had refluxissuesand I went seriously mental trying to figure out what in my diet could be causing it. I persisted with breastfeeding because of exactly this ‘NO TO FORMULA’ brigade but not sure that everyone wouldn’t have been better off with me just switching to formula. There were mums who shared with me that their babies were doing much better on formula but I couldn’t bring myself to shift. Moreover, many of us grew up solely fed on formula and are quite ok.

            • That is their natural tendency too. Nothing to do with watching their diet alone. I don’t think we have a higher rate of GD although this is something we should ask around and confirm, I guess.

    • The “fat is bad for you” is a huge misconception that all of us are subject to. There is no study that backs this up, yet it is followed blindly. The study that started this is by Ancel Keys who fed rabbits a diet high in fat (via animal products) which raised their cholesterol levels. But rabbits are herbivores, and when the same study was repeated for dogs (an omnivore), it did not produce the same result. But due to improper investigation all around, this is taken as fact. It is something that has become hard to dislodge, except when you look all around and see everyone’s getting fat/unfit.
      PCOS and fat correlation – see above. losing weight by cutting down fat = misconception.

    • MM,
      Its true that Indian women are more suseptible to GD – I got it during the 28th week and then when I was upset about it the doc said that its more common in Indian women than anywhere else especially if there is a history of diabetics in the family. And I hadnt even put on the expected weight during pregnancy – 6 kgs more at the time of delivery.
      Couldnt add the reply at the end of the discussion so leaving it here.

  2. Nice post, the first one.
    Sharing the second one with friends. A friend delivered her third baby last week. Two others announced their 3rd pregnancy and another friend, her second. LOTS of babies coming up, in my world 😀

  3. not fair. husband won’t talk to me coz he wants to watch cricket. Infact nobody is going to talk to me coz they are going to watch cricket. And no post from you too. even you’re not talking to me coz you want to watch cricket :(.

  4. so where does your loyalty lie MM..long ago i was once thrown out of the hostel TV room for supporting PAK ( a match they incidently won)
    PS:there are hidden dangers of posting this comment today on ur blog 🙂

      • I doubt that would happen..usually there is a reserve day for the same and then the whole drama will be replayed again tomorrow beside by the time these people declare a rainy day , it would already be past midnight..

  5. Hmm, the match starts at 2.30…we can still read your blog until then you know 😛

    You thought this to be an excuse for a ‘link’ post??? Lazy MM!!!!

  6. What? No post from you too?! What will us non-cricket-fans do now!!

    Ah well, I think I’ll just go watch my friends(not the match, NO!).. and watch their antics during the match… and, for some more, pretend to support the Pakistani team. Now, much entertainment that will be 🙂

    Oh… and, another good read about the Ind-Pak clash. –

    • you’re a man after my own heart. i love irritating fans by telling them that Pakistan will win. Doesnt really make a difference to my life either way. i wish people would remember that its just a game and not war.

    • i have to dig up this post i wrote five years ago about the world cup hysteria. i got stoned on it 😀 its nice to some support this year – maybe its time to pull out the post.

  7. Oooh Dexter! Wasn’t it terrible when his grandfather got shot by the midget in season 5. I’m still really upset about it.
    I think I’ll watch the match after all…

  8. Not watching cricket, can’t do it here and don’t care to 🙂

    I think the anti-vegan mother article is a bit alarmist. It sounds to me the bulk to the reason is lack of education of good diet period. If Vitamin A and B12 are issues, tons of regular veggie sources for A. B12 is harder but not just vegans, regular old vegetarians too. B12 deficiencies can be avoided if at least folic acid is taken care of, again part of a good veggie+fruit diet. None of these are supplements – if you are vegan or vegetarian, you absolutely should be eating a good diet with these nutrient rich veggies. Heck, no matter who you are, you should be. I think supplements are an easy way out sometimes for people to think they can skip eating healthy food.
    It saddens me that these moms didn’t take the time to understand what they should be eating to support their child or how their diet would affect their health.

    • I tried to clear this up in my article and would like to repeat it here. Folic acid is not the same as folate. Folic acid is converted (very inefficiently) to folate. So, you need to eat folate, and not folic acid. So – I have to contradict your statement B12 deficiency cannot be avoided by taking folic acid. And vegetarians/vegans – have to supplement if they are not eating enough animal products.

      • OK – folate then, not folic acid. I guess I have to ask then why this is not happening more often. Tons of vegetarians have babies and often don’t even know about things such as B12 deficiency. My parents’ lot was an educated one but still I can tell you they didn’t know. They ate healthy diets but did not supplement. I refuse to take 2 womens’ irresponsibility as a sound statistic.

        • Yes – our parents did not supplement but the amount of crap available at that time was a lot less than it is now. That’s a big deal. And of course, you shouldn’t take 2 people who had B12 deficiency – that’s not the point at all. But that doesn’t mean vegetarians/vegans are not deficient

          That’s just 3 studies. You can go to pubmed and find lots of others.

          The point is – there is gonna be a marked improvement in your baby’s life. It is your call if you want to figure it out or say “our parents did it, we turned out fine”

          • Arvind, I think you’re reading a little too much into what I said. I didn’t say supplements are bad – I said only supplements don’t work. Exactly my point – there are other factors that contribute to ill health like the crap available nowadays. I don’t doubt at all that vegetarians can be B12 deficient. My point merely is that linking infant mortality to a vegan diet alone is really careless and dangerous. When I was pregnant (I’m veg not vegan), I did not find any studies linking them but did talk about how to eat carefully and supplement. I also saw lots of studies linking bad meat, fish, sugar to birthing issues. So clearly it’s overall diet and every type has risks. My point is merely saying – these 2 women’s children died from their moms being vegan is uninformed and dangerous without understanding everything about their diet. There’s a huge difference between talking about deficiency and mortality – maybe correlation but not causation. For starters, these women allowed their children to languish and not gain weight for 11 months without seeing a doctor??? There’s a lot more to these women’s lives and the way they lived than being vegan alone. Hope you at least agree with that.

  9. Wha…? Okay, first you don’t like the Beatles, and THEN you don’t like cricket?! Next thing we know, you’ll admit that you don’t like music. Or flowers. And as we all know, people who dislike flowers and music (and Beatles and cricket) often turn out to be murderers. Ha! 😛

    • phew. in that case i just escaped. i like music (hence the Beatles don’t qualify). i LOU flowers. and as for cricket. i dont mind the boys playing it in a gully. i mind it when the whole country blindly gets led into acting like maniacs. *wonders if she should run for cover*

      • I am just going to pretend that you didn’t just insult the Beatles. Because I’m polite like that. Hmph.

        *walks off in a huff*

      • Hah – always suspected you were an alien, now it’s confirmed 😀 Doesn’t like cricket, the Beatles, food, and actually likes mashed potatoes! Alien all the way…

        M (giving you a hard time)

  10. the article on diet … like someone else said in comments already, i run like crazy from them now cuz u hear so much of it in media now. honestly, i haven’t changed my diet one bit – perhaps a conscious decision of ensuring consumption of protein and calcium in third trimester – and hope that nothing else would be required. pressure should be on women eating well in general and not on eating only during pregnancy. i find it really strange that women will work out a diet chart when pregnant and stick to it too but immediately after, they’d be back to white rice and pickle.

    plus i do believe that these diets for pregnant women are just additional pressure. as if being crazy whacky hormonal isn’t enough already. 😀

    And YAY INDIA WON!!!!! didn’t read the link u posted … BUT INDIA WONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!! lol

    • what i mean by pressure is that everytime i read something like this, i start questioning my eating habits immediately getting me all stressed whether i am doing enough for my child or whether i am hurting my body (like you mentioned). it’s just so unfair to make a woman feel guilty like that. 😦 even though, I know my diet is healthy, i still get worried. it’s natural i guess. u want the best for your child, and i do feel that these diet books for pregnant women are an excellent strategy to make a quick buck.

      eat healthy, darnit. it’s just as simple as that. and EAT. don’t be lazy like i am. :/ that’s my biggest guilt factor. i am too lazy to eat haha. so ya, eat healthy, get out in the sun, be active, exercise as much as you can (or the good doctor allows), be happy! i should write a 50,000 words on the same statement and earn some money too. 😀

  11. Hello again from Australia- interesting pregnancy food article. Everyone here speaks about asparagus as the wonder food during pregnany, for me balance is everything and listening to your body!

    I am escaping tomorrow to the great barrier reef for a day on a boat and snorkelling so won’t be around for blogging.

    Go India in the cricket and have a great weekend!!

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