Okay, now don’t all go at the same time, but I put up a post on the new site.

Space it out. That’s right. Five of you now. And the other five a little later.

Lets see if we can get through the night without it crashing 😦


17 thoughts on “Notice

  1. Hello from Australia,

    I love your blog, I have recently visited Delhi and think it is unbelieveable!

    We have two daughters and once they start to speak there is no stopping them.
    I’ll be back to visit again, I struggle with wordpress and the lack of google friend connect, but you sound like you have almost got it under control.

    Please drop over to our kid friendly blog when you have a minute.

  2. Ab itne fans banaye hai toh kuchh toh price pay karni padti hai na!!

    Tum bus likho MM, we don’t care what domain name u use.

    Love ya,

  3. crashed again!
    pls stay back here MM! This place is far better. Simple, warm and weloming.
    doesn’t even mind tons of visitors pouring in!!

    why did you have to shift btw???

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