Mumbai boys randomly arrested in a pub

Days after I posted about the cops in Haryana taking bribes from truckers and then harassing us because the OA had the gumption to object, I came across something worse. At least in our case they harassed us for interfering. But this incident needs to be taken far more seriously than what happened to us.

Some nights ago, a group of young men was picked up by the local police from a bar in Andheri East, Mumbai. The reason given to them for their detainment was that the bar they were drinking at did not have a license to serve alcohol. The youths were released from police custody only the next morning, after people in high places intervened. Read the above linked account of the night by Arun S Ravi.

And worse, the blogger I linked up to, Aditya Mehta has blogged about drunken cops dancing outside a bar in Andheri. I’m quite horrified by the whole thing.

Bombay is supposed to be a better, safer place and at this point you don’t want to waste time on silly arguments over which city is safer or better. This is the time to take stock of where this country is headed if the last safe bastion has cops summarily sweeping young men into jail.

I don’t know if we can send pink chaddis or light candles to object to something like this. But I do know that someone needs to take this seriously. Who? How? Any answers?


6 thoughts on “Mumbai boys randomly arrested in a pub

  1. its high time we should be wondering as to what is happening to this country. it is nothing new that the public servants actually deserve a stricter monitoring from the public, the way we actually do with our house helps.
    incidents like this appear almost daily in newspaper and become stale news the next day. the answer as to what can be done, lies in the entire incident itself. unity amongst the public can make a difference in actually dealing with the situation. blogs, TV news channels can spread the incident and insult them. the country and the cops cannot be changed in one day but over the period of time definitely they can be.

  2. Saw this yesterday and was going to link it to previous post. Like minds, I guess! That’s why I feel nowhere in India is really safe. There’s always the possibility of getting caught up in these Kafkaesque situations when one is simply trying to get on with life peacefully and lawfully.

  3. Hey MM, was horrified reading your earlier post and didn’t comment because it left me thinking…..what could be done to stop such abuse of power? Haven’t found an answer yet and it’s depressing!

  4. This is not pleasant. and easier said than done. But you are right someone needs to speak up. we need some people out there who are better than the crap we have here….

    very thought provoking and these are not pleasant thoughts

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