Dear God,

Why does my daughter come back from school with her clothes looking like this …Β Am I meant for an early grave?

On the other hand the apple of my eye comes home looking as neat as he left and only wants to quietly sit down and read world maps and play with the globe. (Yes! We finally got one.)

For this blessing, Lord, I thank you. Maybe I will live after all.



63 thoughts on “Stereotypes

  1. LOL so cute πŸ˜€

    You know what? I think stereotypes do exist – NOT the girl-boy ones, but older sibling-younger sibling ones. In all the sibling jodis I know, the older ones are calm and serene, and the smaller ones are the rowdies πŸ™‚ My younger sister has always been super-brat and I’ve been the good one πŸ˜›

  2. LOL.. Brat the apple of your eye?? I was under the impression that Beanie was the child you always asked god for…

    May be i am wrong πŸ˜‰

  3. My clothes still look like Bean’s every day and The Man like the Brat’s. And the maid picks up our washing humming “kabhee kisee ko mukammal jahaan naheen milataa
    kahee jameen to kahee aasamaan naheen milataa” They should have used the song for Dhobhi Ghat rather than Ahista Ahista you know.

  4. Oh dont you worry…my mom managed my bro and me who were EXACTLY like this for over 29 years now! may be I should ask her to give you some tips..on how its totally true that the first borns are always prim and proper and the second borns like us despite being girls can create havoc…way to go beanie you are living up to the name of second borns! I am so proud of you πŸ™‚

  5. Long time lurker!
    I protest the younger and elder sibling stereotypes! The brother and me both were ( are) slobs πŸ™‚
    And what fun it is going to school and not getting dirty!
    Go Bean πŸ™‚

  6. my boy, the older one is quite, laid back and shy
    My girl is just the opposite of her brother, loud, boisterous, definitely not laid back!and can be a royal pain at times.

    btw, Mitra referenced you in her new book- in the chapter where she talks about the nighmarish Delhi school admissions process.

  7. I pray everyday for a son like the Brat. A lot of boys I know are destroy-everything-in-sight and don’t-let-parents-rest types!
    You are a lucky mommy! And I like girls like the Bean. Goody two-shoes doesn’t cut it for me when it comes to girls…hehe

  8. Was that ad for surf excel…”daag dhoondte rah jaaoge” wala-ad? The beanie’s clothes can surely be used for an ad if u manage to wash it clean.. Mabbe u can earn some money:)

    N man…I am the 2nd one…n since my time..i’ve heard the elders talk about how the elder sibling is always so much easier to manage than the younger one. We poor younger ones!

    PS: At home..i was the one who dirtied my clothes in no-time, lost pencils, ear-rings, name badges, belts etc all the time… while my sis never lost them. She had the same name badge for the 10 odd years while mom had to buy me a new one every year minimum πŸ˜€

  9. Arrre!! Awesome!!
    I used to be like that…not at her age though (which is worse if I was like that when I was older). I played in piles of mud and sand and returned home with black nails and mum always had to give me a good scrubbing. Now I am the opposite…even mum is surprised. SO – careful what you wish for – she may just turn into a clean freak πŸ™‚

  10. Apple indeed. Look at that picture. Chamathu payyan to the core. This is exactly the scene here. KG messes up things and KB is so tidy. Even KB’s books from his preschool days are in good condition despite reading them over and over. btw – I had sent you an email last month. Not sure if you saw it.
    Also – when are you posting photos of your new house? After you move to Madras?! πŸ™‚

  11. OK, this I need to know – How did she get color on the soles of her socks?? Or am I looking at the picture wrong?

    What you need is a nifty product called Spray and Wash – it gets even crayon out of clothing (and that is a persistent color) – it comes in a stick form – shall I send?

  12. I remember the Surf Excel ad “Daag acche hain”. I feel boys are the ones who are messy and don’t know how to keep things clean. This holds true even at later part of their age. Only few change in their attitude. Were as when girls grow they wish to maintian their things nicely. Your little daugher will start giving you lessons how to maintain things in future. πŸ™‚

  13. Just the other day I was at a party and this idiotic female was giving a lecture on how she is doing a great job preserving Indian culture blah blah and how her sister in law’s kids in India are so clueless blah blah…while R was sitting at the table coloring, and suddenly idiotic female goes – see, she is a girl, so she is sitting at the table quietly, nahin toh my boys are never still! I had already reached my limit with her “culture preservation lecture” and yeh sunke toh I wanted to get up and give her a tight slap! I wish you could have been there to say – Idiotic female, shut up, I have a boy and he also reads quietly…And R is an excellent swimmer at age four already!! And she jumps around fine and plays fine too #$$%^ Sigh…deep breaths, let it go Sonia….

  14. Ugh please. Daughters exist to spite their mothers. And the level of spite is directly proportional to how badly we wanted them. I swear she has a friend (boy) who runs to me, lets me cuddle him to the point it might be illegal and just sits in my lap. JUST SITS. do you know how RARE that is in my household. I basically walked up and down the plane for 12 hours straight on my Mumbai-NY flight. I asked my nanny to teach her to sit and she was all like ummm that can’t be taught at this age. and i was all WHY DO I PAY YOU and WHY CAN’T I HAVE A SWEET SQUISHY GIRL. i mean, not this one…the one i wanted when i was pregnant. I never thought I would say it but thank god for boys like the Brat.

    And for all those singing praises of first borns I will find you and kill you.

  15. My daughter’s daycare center has a disclaimer ” If your child comes home in dirty clothes, that means she had enjoyed herself a lot. Please dress them appropriately for all the messy activities they enjoy. “.
    The daycare lets them do all the stuff like playing with shaving cream, painting with hands and other sensory stuff. I plead with my daughter to get messy but she says “No amma. no dirty.” She is the first person to go when the teacher says clean up time.
    The joy of getting dirty while playing is awesome. I hope atleast my son can be like me. πŸ™‚ One who can enjoy getting messy.

  16. chuutki aisee hee hoti hain.. same was with my sister and same with my daughter.. wait till she starts argueing with you and OA.. and giving lots of ‘gyaan’ on everything.

    I started calling her ‘Taaiji’ when she turned 2.. she hates it whenever I use it but she knows that I have so many diffrent names for my kids.. I also call her ‘Pinni’, the north indian sweet, coz she is slightly dark in colour.. so far she thinks it is sweet.. coz she has never eaten that.. but I am looking forward to her reaction when she eats/sees it the first time.

    Enjoy these times.. coz it hurts whent the day you realize that the kids don’t need you.. even though every parent wants that day to come

  17. so um… am i showing my utter ignorance about kids here or does she not wear shoes at all?

    How’d she get her sockkkks so messed up?!

    Btw… I spend the entiiiiire day with an almost-one year old yesterday, and I’m SO exhausssted!I applaud .. APPLAUUUUD you and all the other moms out there for the energy you have! I mean… I love the lil thing… but by the end of the day I begggging her to go to sleep!

  18. I think its the first child, second child thing! While Ashu comes back from school spic and span, Antu comes even out of the bath covered in something or the other!! And same thing with sis and me!

    Btw, BIG Congrats on Baby Button! Awesome news!

  19. Dear God her clothes look EXACTLY like Nikki’s when she’s back from the park…its uncanny!! I did a double take when I saw them! Nikki also has sand pouring off her scalp and every other part of her little body after a trip to the sandpit if it makes you feel any better 😦 She even has it in her ears and tries her best to avoid the mater’s eagle eye and take a taste now and then. And I don’t even have a blessing like the Brat. For all I know my second child (if I ever have one) may be just like his/ her sister or worse! *Shudder*

  20. Nice!

    btw, wanted to check – does she pick her own clothes or do you? I see lots of pink and purple. The reason I ask is that my daughter currently doesn’t have any preference particularly for pink as we rarely dress her in very girl-centric clothes (nothing specific and no offense, I just don’t like the purple-pink combination, and we prefer blacks and whites and neutrals which are typically found in boys clothing alas!)but I could see how quickly she could get socialized in school at liking certain colors. Its just a group identification/signaling thing. So I wonder.

    I’m actually more okay with the whole “pink and princessy” thing (okay is the operative word, I don’t think I’ll whoop for joy at any point soon if my daughter starts all of that stuff) than I was before I had her, because I’ve realized that its the big battles (financial independence, not thinking you should suck at maths because you are a girl, not waiting for Mr. Big to come along and rescue you, not necessarily leading a particular life because you are female) that I should help her fight, but still… I wonder if the pink is just extraneous or a symbol of all of the bigger battles.

    Sorry for hijacking your very nice post btw. Globes rock!!!! As does dirt. I was the naughty, dirty, ink-stained second child (the nuns at school PERENIALLY complained and contrasted me with my neat-as-a-pin elder sister – sigh!).


    • No she doesn’t pick her clothes yet. I buy them as well as dress her. And as I mentioned, there are on nice clothes for kids. Frankly I wish my son had more options than grey, brown and blue. Just like you walk into a store and you will only see pinks and reds for a girl. And no, I dont want her to live in jeans. I’d like her to be more open to everything. So the Brat too wears kurtas and jeans. And she wears skirts, jeans, shorts… anything. And she sees me in jeans, sarees, shorts, skirts, tights, everything.

      No hijack of post at all. I wonder too…

  21. Happy to see mud on clothes, was just having a conversation last week about how kids think the mud is dirty, getting further and further away from nature.
    Btw given brat’s love for animals, I came across a group of wildlife conservationists in Blore who take kids on Nature camps in the jungle to improve their awareness of wildlife and basic education on man-animal conflicts.

  22. Go Beanie! I mean what are mommas meant to do? Yeah baby, they’re suppossed to mop and clean after you and that includes you too…You make me so proud baby, I suddenly remebered all the jamun ke dhabbe that my mom tried so hard to get off my frilly dress just coz my her daughter decided to plunder the neigbourhood jamun ka tree… and baby I lur…v, luv, luv the lavender sweatshirt with those lovely flowers…ur mom has a good taste πŸ™‚

  23. Daag achhe hain! πŸ™‚ Love you, Beanie, for being the brat! And the Brat, for being the softie and the sweetie!

    MM, you say one word to Beanie and I’ll give you real pain in your posterior! Grrr…

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