No more oily hair

When I was about 16 I read some book (can’t remember which one) and the protagonist kept wanting to have handfuls of gorgeous Paul Mitchell hair. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out who Paul Mitchell was – a hair stylist? a photographer?

I only got to know when a Mallu flatmate’s father got her bags full of Paul Mitchell from Dubai. He would come to visit them once a year or so and bring enough stock to last a lifetime. Now this girl was really no benchmark because she anyway had handfuls of thick, jet black, shiny Mallu curls. If I didn’t love her so much, I’d hate her for her hair. She did offer to let me use it but my dank, oily, fine hair just wouldn’t fare well with the shampoo for dry hair he’d brought her so I reluctantly turned her kind offer down.

Over the years family came from abroad and I didn’t ever feel like asking someone to carry big bottles of shampoo. Then my brother went off and I figured this was one person I could pester, but then the Bean came along and I had to ask him to carry Aveeno for her eczema so it didn’t seem right to burden the poor boy any further.

Around this time a bunch of websites began to ship to India and life became better. No longer do you have to harass unsuspecting relatives into carrying bags of makeup and haircare for you. One such option is StrawberryNET. With a wide variety of make up and skincare brands, you can place an order for just about anything you want and have it home delivered. I logged on to buy my precious Paul Mitchell finally, only to get completely distracted by all the other options available to me. And I finally ended up picking up the Phytovolume Volumizing Shampoo. Now anyone who reads this blog knows that I have PCOS and one of the associated symptoms is a very oily scalp. I mostly end up either using a gentle shampoo everyday  – which results in limp, lacklustre hair. Or then a shampoo for oily hair – and most Indian ones end up drying out the tips too, leaving your hair looking voluminous but strawlike at the ends.

I used this one for a week before I decided to write about it and I have to say it makes my hair look lovely. Considering my hair is not one of my assets, this is quite an achievement! It keeps the oil off my scalp and well distributed down the shaft. I am rather pleased with my discovery and plan to order it again. My only problem with the delivery (which was within a week) is that the bottle was damaged. I am thankful it was a metal body and so there was no loss to the product.

Anyway, the good folks at StrawberryNET have decided to give all Mad Momma readers a special discount if you click through my blog to them and make a purchase. If you would like to, click right here and avail of that discount.

They ship all over the world for free although there is a surcharge of 10% on fragrance only orders. However if fragrances are added with any skincare, makeup or haircare products, then the shipping is free. They have more than 30,000 products of 200 and more brands. They also have new promotions every fortnight, wherein they sell certain products at huge discounts. They have a  “Buy more save more” discount. This is a special volume discount – when you buy 2 items you get 1% extra discount, and when you buy 6 items or more you get 5% discount. Along with this you can also get up to 10% discount, with their Loyalty Program. You’ll start getting loyalty discount from your second order itself; on your second order you’ll get extra 1% discount and on your 20th order( future orders) you’ll get, extra 10% discount.

So off you go…


51 thoughts on “No more oily hair

  1. Spring Collection by Judith Krantz is one book where there is a lot of Paul Mitchell hair. Is this the book you read?

  2. and onions pay kitna discount miley ga?

    I am a bit miffed about family/friends abroad being made redundant now. You know we take our “donor agency” status very seriously.

  3. Hey this post was god sent!!! I have absolutely limp hair and am desperately looking for a new shampoo .. I use BIG by lush which is good but dries out your hair I hope the shampoo youve mentioned doesn’t do that.

  4. Wow – this is a cool site! Thanks for sharing, and I can’t help but comment…

    You have TRULY arrived if people are asking you to endorse their site 🙂 Way to go!

  5. MM..lovely offer for ur readers..I’m moving to the US in a few months so its of no use to me right now. let me know if you need anything, ill surely get it when I return for holidays 🙂
    BTW do u happen to know of any Indian-in-US mommy blogs or networks? I have loads of questions and concerns since I need to look for daycare etc for my baby once I land there so any help from similar moms would be helpful.

        • Tried google but it throws up too many options and I don’t know which ones are good enough.
          Thanks Poonam. I’m moving to the Bay Area in CA (July/Aug timeframe) so would really appreciate any pointers to daycares/baby shops/virtual-hand-holding thru mommy blogs 🙂

            • You are? Wow! I do visit your blog on and off I think I’ll go there and post my email id! Thanks for offering to help

  6. Luckily I am off to the US for a week. Will buy this one. I have lovely hair, but the scalp is an oil well. In case I haven’t bored you with this joke already… I invite the George Bushes of the world to stop pilfering the Middle East and dig in my scalp.

  7. “Anyway, the good folks at StrawberryNET have decided to give all Mad Momma readers a special discount if you click through my blog to them and make a purchase”

    for a split second there, you sounded like Oprah!
    with your ever expanding readership and fans all over, you r one heck of a famous gal!gud for you.

      • Hey MM! Can you help me too? I have typical mallu curly hair that gets dry and frizzy. So I used to get my husband to buy L’Oreal Elvive Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz shampoo, conditioner and serum from Dubai on his travels. My last bottle is about to get over. I have never had anything work well on my hair until I found this one. Am wondering if anything can work better than L’Oreal?

  8. Hey Raam.. Chanel products? Can I confirm/report to our legal department?

    Coz they are pretty choosy about this stuff.. also your buyers will know if they are authentic thing..

  9. Always gotta be careful with websites like this. A lot of times, the perfumes (especially) and shampoos are not authentic and watered down.

  10. Just as I was losing hope of ever finding a shampoo that manages frizz, fortifies, moisturizes, combats dandruff, adds shine, protects from sun my curly and south Indian types hair, I come across this: Phytopanama+ Intelligent Shampoo
    Maybe this is the one I need to use?? 😀

  11. Hi MM,

    I have been reading your blog for sometime now, your writing is so evocative and unfettered.
    I have hair similar to yours, greasy roots, limp ends and frizzy to boot (I have PCOS too). But washing it everyday as I too used to is also the cause for this as it over dries the hair which in turn makes it over produce oil to compensate.
    So what worked for me is to slowly reduce the frequency of washing, bear with greasy hair for a day or two, use baby powder to suck up the oil if it gets really bad and within a few weeks the hair adjusts to normal oil production. Now I wash my hair twice a week and it stays fine, what I do have to do to make it last though is use any volumizer or mousse at the roots and do a quick blow dry, that is it and it stays for 3 days, if I air dry hair it gets greasy fast.
    The lady in this blog describes it well


    • thank you! see, I tried the baby powder thing – then i tried compact powder too. i just ended up looking like what i was – a mad woman with powder on her oily head. i am sure there is a knack to doing this. let me go read this blog and figure it out. thank you again.. muchly

      • okay so i read it – awesome. let me try it. sounds like waaay too much work for someone with two kids, plus its heavily dependent on dryers – i dont use a hair dryer unless i am in a crisis. but thanks a ton. loved the blog.

        • glad to know you liked it! I have a 15 month baby too and work full time so any routine which takes more than 5 mins is not for me and I hate hair dryers too, the lady in the blog does quite a bit of styling everyday and she has longer hair. I just spend 5-7 mins blow drying mine just making sure the hair on the scalp dries out completely (I have shoulder length hair) after washing it every 3 days and this saves me tons of time in the long run and my hair is definitely in better shape, I got lazy and stopped doing this but just had to end up washing it every day which was more work

    • chop it short and get someone to oil it. its not the oil that helps – its the massage that comes with it that really helps. i know its tough there, but do you have a desi friend who wouldnt mind doing it? you oil her hair and return the favour.

  12. Seems like a super cool site..After some bad experiences at sites like Fashion and You, was put off online shopping for a long time..
    Were you charged any customs tax (considering they are shipping from abroad)?

  13. I have tried dozens of different conditioners but the Hydrate Conditioner from Shielo Hair succeeds them all. I have found that many conditioners can leave your hair looking a little greasy and worn down, especially if you have thin hair like me. However, after using the Hydrate Vibrancy Conditioner I feel as though I have just stepped out of a hair salon to get my hair professionally treated. It always leaves my hair with more body & shine and it smells great too! You can truely tell the difference after using it just one time.

  14. Ok. Hairs not frizzy but quite dry. Pantene pro-v works like a charm. Despite banglores hair sucking water. No really. It’s sucking off, nay inhaling my kale ghane tresses. But pliss to try.

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