Welcome Baby Button

The thing with not being the woman who is delivering, is that the emotions are no longer straightforward. When I was having a baby, my last agonised thought was, “Lord deliver me from this pain…”

But when Tambi called to say that the SIL was in labour, I burst into tears. I laughed, I cried, I chewed my nails and eventually ran out of emotions. He did suggest that we go to sleep as it was almost midnight in India, but I couldn’t sleep. I called up my mother and cried. When she hung up on me I called up Cousins K and J (who also cried on the phone – we did a bit of a duet) who promptly insisted that I call them back the moment Baby Button pops out. Then I sat on the floor and cried some more while the OA rubbed my back and gently suggested that I go next month to see Baby Button.

‘I won’t go without you…” I blubbered unattractively through tears and snot.

“I’m flattered that you’d even pretend that I am more important than your brother and his baby,” teased the OA, “but go…”

We’ll see. You see now it doesn’t matter. I wanted to hold him in my arms the moment his parents and grandparents had their fill. I wanted to look at him and touch him and know for real that it was him.

I sat up all night and Facebooked while the OA watched a match, none of us willing to sleep. I mailed her every hour until I was sure she’d log on post labour and block my email id. Finally I shut off the PC and prayed to God for an easy delivery for the SIL.  She called me up and chatted cheerfully from the labour room, once the epidural was put in. In keeping with my reputation I sobbed on the phone and then realising I was being of no use to her said goodbye.

A friend asked me on chat what the big deal was, you know, I was only becoming an aunt. Only becoming an aunt? At 32 I am already an aunt to many kids. This is not my first shot at aunthood. But this is more than the excitement of becoming an aunt. No matter how many nephews and nieces I have, nothing can take away from the preciousness of my brother’s child. This is as close as it will ever get to having a third child.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, my brother means the world to me and I am very fond of my SIL. We’re very different people who have learnt to find commonalities and as she went into labour, I felt my stomach clench. I realised I was panicking for her and really, really worried. How you feel about a person only hits you when you know they are in some sort of need. I was up half the night just praying (yes, you always turn to God in your times of need and tend to forget Him when you get what you want) that the labour would go easy for her, that she recovered easily, that the baby was healthy. As luck would have it, I fell asleep just before she delivered!

Anyhow, Baby Button is here (yayyyy!!!) and I realised something new. My SIL and I were related by marriage, but now we’re related by blood too. That little baby carries her blood and mine. It’s a strange and new bond and in the last few hours I’ve dealt with the overwhelming realisation that these are two new very precious relationships I’ve suddenly got.

In all this excitement of the baby getting here, I almost forgot to tell you that I was walking out of my apartment in the morning and the janitors  were washing our lobby with soap and water (you can see where this is going, can’t you?). The lift was stuck three floors below so I decided to limp down. Of course I slid down an entire flight and since my knee is too weak, I just let go and went down the stairs, bumping down the edge on my butt, my tailbone finding each stair on its descent.

By the time I reached the landing I was confused. There was this pain from my tailbone right up my spine to my head. Perhaps I’d hit my head? But no. Apparently I’d bounced along so hard that the jarring had hit me right to the base of my head. Eventually the nausea and giddiness cleared and I got up and dragged myself home. It was the fire exit so there was no one around to help me. The driver was on leave. The OA was 3 hours away in a meeting. So I went to sleep. Apologies to all who called and didn’t get me. I was out of it. I didn’t want to take painkillers, called a doctor friend who was on call and said I might have fractured my tailbone so I should come in. I couldn’t of course. I am unable to walk or anything this morning but its not a fracture. I am just very sore and  bruised black and blue all down my arms, legs, back and what not. I told the SIL she couldn’t have found a more loving SIL. To keep her company in labour I suffered in pain for as many hours – sympathy you see.

With the US junta sleeping, the rest of us in India called each other all day. Isn’t he beautiful? Doesn’t he have lovely hair? Have you seen his bright eyes? Naturally we can’t bore the rest of the world with how fantastic we think he is, so our phones have been ringing all day, just talking to each other. The kids have been thrilled that their baby brother has arrived in America. It’s amazing how accepting kids are, of any theory you give them.

Oh, and before I forget the stats, he was 6 pounds and 7 ounces, born at about 7 pm, 25th January ( 5 am, IST, 26th Jan!). And measures 21 inches in height. And oh.. he has my brother’s eyes, nose and artistic fingers. But most of all, he looks just like the Brat – that can’t be a good thing! Thats it for tonight folks. We’ve just had a baby and a fall and need our sleep.


122 thoughts on “Welcome Baby Button

  1. Congratulations “drama” athai…not for the fall (I really hope you get it checked out for that!) but for all the crying you did before baby came to the world

  2. Congrats MM. I remember the first time I held my brother’s kid 13 years ago. Incredible feeling. Baby button shares his b’day with my dad. My dad turned 75 on 25th.

  3. Congratulations, Mad Family – yet anudder member added! 🙂

    And take some painkillers woman! They won’t kill you! Just the pain…


  4. Heartiest congratulations to your family!!! You really do sound so cute…with all the shared excitement in India!!! Baby Button is surely cherished and loved!

  5. Congrats! Welcome to the world Baby Button!
    How are you? I had the same experience on carpeted stairs and couldn’t sit anywhere soft – the sofa, bed, it used to hurt like hell.The only place I was comfortable sitting was the potty! The doctor advised me to use a doughnut cushion for sometime. It took me three months to recover. I was warned that another incident like that will take me to surgery. I don’t mean to scare you MM but please do take care & have it checked. Wishing you faster healing.
    ( I don’t know where your brother lives, but if you are anywhere in the NorthEast of USA,can you pls let me know.Would love to meet you, if you are OK with it)

  6. La la la la…la la la la..la la la la… There is an addition to the Mad Family.. Baby button is here! More baby stories and baby pictures will follow soon.. La la la la…la la la la..la la la la

    N yikes!!!get well soon dahlin… ur arms are goin to have to hold and pamper another baby (hopefully soooooooooon!)

    Sorry for the technicality….but should have been 5:30 AM IST if it was 7 PM EST

    Sigh..i miss my sister’s babies.! The li’l adorable monsters !

  7. Congratulations Athai! Congratulations to the rest of your family too. Relived waiting for my niece to be born 3 yrs ago. 🙂 Interesting thought on how your niece connects you and your SIL. Never thought of it that way. Gotta call my SIL now. BTW Baby Button shares his birthday with my niece.

    Take care and see a doctor when you can please.

  8. Congraaats Athai…..a hearty welcome to Baby Button….congraats to your full family…baby news anytime anywhere is pretty exciting and makes me hyper too..

    I am so sorry about your fall…make sure you get an X-Ray to rule out anything..

    Take care and hope you get to make a trip to this part to see the kutti paapa..


  9. Welcome to the new baby! hope u r doing better, you might have been unconsciously trying to get hurt or trying have an ‘eventful’ day cos u couldn’t handle all the attention going to SIL? 🙂

  10. Congrats to the entire family! Baby Button is so adorable and I hope you are taking care of the back. You need all the energy to now run around your third baby now!

  11. Congratulations MM on becoming an athai…

    My best wishes to your thambi and sil…
    When I was pregnant with my second one, my sil too was with her first one.. My husband could not believe that i was more happy for them 🙂

  12. You are such a cartoon!! And your SIL is one patient woman, if I was in labor and someone else was crying, I would have screamed at that person 😉 hehe..

    Anyways Heartiest Congratulations!! My brother had a baby boy even before I had kids and I love him as much as my babies, he is and will always be my first baby 🙂

  13. Congrats on becoming “the aunt”. As someone said, you are truly the “drama” athai and I’m sure everybody who’s reading your post today will be glad that you’ve a brand new baby to focus on and more stories of the new one. I’m already imagining your post on the US trip and please get yourself checked before you go away to visit your nephew.

  14. Yay! Congratulations! The first baby of your sibling just has that magic aura! It’s a fabulous feeling. Don’t lose the opportunity to pamper him. Go – even if it means alone. It’s not like you are leaving the OA and kids here to go sight seeing/partying! And even though I am sure they will love him a lot – what you feel for him, no one else will.

  15. Congratulations! Welcome baby button.God bless you. I dont want to make you J but this reminded me when my nephew was born, I was with my sister (her husband was abroad). Oh It was wonderful seeing a new life entering this world first hand. I was deprived of this experience when my daughter was born since it was an emergency C-section! If and when I have my second one, I could experience this again as it would be a planned Csection! 🙂

  16. So you’ve brought a literal meaning to ‘head over heels…err knees’ with love? You madwoman…that baby is just lucky to have an aunt like you….congrats and HUGS!!! Take care.

  17. Congratulations MM for the much awaited little one. Can we see some photos pls?

    And take care sweety, get well soon. And pls change the line “But most of all, he looks just like the Brat – that can’t be a good thing!” Thats being unfair, the brat is a very adorable kid. I am sure Thambi mama and mami will agree that they would be more than happy if their son is anyway like our loving and adorable Brat.

    and yeah, congratulations to the new parents.

      • Sure, we are ready to wait. And yeah tell them they have half the world waiting out here to see their precious kid. 🙂

        And yeah we understand if they dont want to share it.

  18. Congrats, MM. This ia a baby we’ve all been waiting for ever since you wrote about your SIL being pregnant. And would it make any sense to you if I said that this is just how I visualised you reacting?:)
    Take care with that bump.

  19. We didn’t even have a phone when my older nephew was born, thirty something years ago. But I do remember going around with a goofy grin, and gazing endlessly at each set of photographs that came in the post. And falling immensely in love with him when we first saw him at about 11 months, and how tearful we all were when they had to go.
    He’s married now!
    I truly loved this post- especially this line: “My SIL and I were related by marriage, but now we’re related by blood too. That little baby carries her blood and mine”.
    My brother is no more, but my SIL and I are closer than ever, despite the physical distance. We are family, and always will be.
    Now why am I all teary-eyed?
    God bless Baby Button and all his family.
    I hope your bruises and aches and pains are better now.

  20. Congratulations to your bro and SIL AND of course to the MadAunty and family…… 🙂
    My sister’s daughter(who is 2 yrs now) is miles away from me in UK and I yearn for her ……….. *sigh*. I can understand what you are going through.
    One consolation is that I held her 10 minutes after she was born :).

  21. congratulations to Tambi, SIL and the entire mad family! Hopefully your bump is nothing serious and all of you will remember this day only for the happiness it brought to your family.

  22. Congratulations MM to you and yours.

    Do check out the fall. I fell once in the exact same manner as you described, but the stairs were carpeted and there was no fracture, but the torn ligaments caused as much pain. So take care.

  23. Well lets get some order around here…to begin with ….YAY!!! I’m so glad for all the happiness in the mad family…second, please take care of urself gurl…what’s this with you and all these falls… nevertheless, happy days are here again…:)

  24. Yay yay yay.. Congrats…..
    And glad to know it wasn’t a fracture. You take care and start packing for the US trip.

    • I’ll be there. don’t worry. I want to see your husband’s face when you’re cussing him out and crushing his fingers to a pulp. These are the simple pleasures in my life 😀

  25. Yay…baby button is here!!! And i never thot of the blood connection that comes between in-laws when a baby is born…Hmmm interesting

    Ok MM..i think i might just have found a more accident prone person than me…Considering i just went shopping which just cut my foot and i just got eight stitches!!!

    While u just went down the steps and just fell down…

    Sigh…dont ppl know steps are dangerous!!

    One more name to consider for aunt – “Mema” = sounds like mama with a difference…U knwo diversify and use a Mallu word.

  26. Congratulations to the Mad family…including dada-dadi…so happy for you all….like you,I too get anxious for any new mother..and will bend backwards fussing and pampering…I hope sil and baby both doing well and not to forget the new daddy too!

    Here is a verse to bless the new parents and grandparents:

    Matthew 18:10
    “Beware that you don’t look down on any of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels are always in the presence of my heavenly Father”

    And a song to celebrate baby button’s safe arrival:

    Creator of all things

    To you we offer inexpressible thanks

    For this, our greatest blessing

    And our greatest joy

    Keep watch over this little one

    And provide, in all who love him

    An example worthy

    Of your love for us

    Help us to spread before him

    A canvas of support and care

    That one day he may paint upon it

    A future only he can dream

    Help us to be

    The people we strive to be

    And help us to see your face

    In each other,

    And in all things,
    Blessed be!

    And finally the Johnson family’s prayer for your new nephew, all the way from Doo-bai:

    “Dear Baby Button, with all our hopes and dreams for your future, we celebrate your being. May you always feel the love that surrounds you. May your days be filled with wonder and your nights be gentle. May your years on this earth be blessed with strength, health and wisdom. May the love you are be the power forever guiding your light on this earth. May God bless and keep you. And may your days be good and long upon this earth.”

  27. Congratulations MM! And big virtual hug for Baby Button, the new mum and the Bua!!!

    That indeed was a bad fall. Did you manage to get yourself checked???

  28. YAY! Congrats MM, Brother of MM and SIL! 🙂 I will be in a similar state whenever any of my siblings or cousins have a baby! So, can totally relate to your excitement and happiness! 🙂 May God bless Baby Button with good health and a long and happy life!

  29. Welcome to the world Baby Button and hope you get to see your mad aunt and your darling cousins soon, you have no idea what a treat is in store for you little one 🙂

    Congrats MM your excitement and love is palpable. Hope you and Baby Button get to meet each other real soon.

    The fall sounds awful though, you poor poor thing!!! Sending happy and healing thoughts your way 🙂

  30. I have less than a month to go before the BFF delivers baby Choco (she is a girl), in faraway U.S.A and the excitement is threatening to kill me! 😀
    So happy for baby Button (yay, you chose my name- go ahead, call me ms.cheap thrills :D)- I hope he knows how much love from across the world, is coming his way. God bless you, baby doll.
    P.S: Are you planning a nice, summer trip to the US to go meet him? I might be headed that way, you want company? 🙂
    P.P.S: Have I ever told you that I always just assume you have some Mallu blood somewhere? Maavi is mallu for athai. Just saying.

    • Aunty R(what? you called yourself that!!), so yeah Aunty R, I dint have to check with MM if it’s you. You and your Mallu and Bong obsession 😆

        • I’m so confused…how do I not know these words…I’m as malayalee as they come. Maavi? Mema? what? what?
          Father’s elder sis is valiamma (big mum), or thats what I grew up believing. I’m guessing maavi/mema etc are from different regional dialects? I’m from Kochi and haven’t heard of no maavis and memas…they do sound rather cute though.
          Anyway, dude you are finally a real auntie! There I said it.
          And rest up that back…you have a long flight ahead of you.

            • I’m the real article. Cut me, and I’ll bleed coconut oil and charayam and then I’ll tuck my mundu above my undies (jai mohanlal!) and knock you silly for cutting me.

          • Intern, from what I know of Mallus, the terms used for various relatives is very different for diff religions. So while the Menons and the Nairs have their entire lexicon of terms, the Christians and Muslims have their own dictionary. This is my observation, could be incorrect. Maavi is what a lot of my Mallu Christian friends called their father’s sister, so maybe that is where it comes from?

  31. Congratulations proud aunt MM!! I can totally relate to the feeling.. And only becoming an aunt?? Oh my, I was giddy with excitement, anticipation and worried to death when my sister had her baby!

  32. Congratulations to you and your family! It is such a great feeling to welcome a baby into the family, I can feel the excitement once again through your post! Hope you feel better soon.

  33. I know I already drove you mad with all my questions, that night when you were waiting for Baby Button to be born! But I wanted to record my welcome for him here as well. Welcome Baby Button 🙂 You’ve one smitten athai!

  34. Congratulations to You and the Thambi and the Whole Family ! 🙂

    God Bless you Baby Button — u now have the wishes of almost the entire Netizen Junta… Welcome to Mad Momma’s Family !! 🙂

    And take care MM — Nothing to dull the wonderous moment but please get urself checked up for that tail bone… Mom had some problems with it..

  35. Congratulations MM Pishimoni, on the arrival of Baby Button. So when are you hopping on the plane to get to this part of the world to meet you precious bhagne

    • Oh and I’m sorry about your fall. E had a fractured tailbone which was the mirth of all the interns at the hospital since he managed to actually break it into 2 pieces instead of a fracture and he recovered in just about 9 months, so i’m sure you’ll bounce back in a few days…

  36. Congratulations!! Hope Baby Button and his mom and dad are doing well! Hope you are recovering from your fall…do take care!

  37. Congratulations. That is way too much drama but I do relate to the sentiment of becoming an aunt. When my niece was born, I impulsively bought a very expensive air tkt (though we were both in the same country) and went to see her – taking a day off without telling my boss because i didn’t want to be turned down. It was a whole stealthy and expensive getaway i planned- and my sis- having just given birth – was pretty shocked to see me land up at their doorstep in the middle of all that craziness. 🙂 But i just couldn’t wait to see the little one and felt like i HAD to be atleast the 5th person to hold her, and not later than the 10th. 🙂

    • how does anyone decide what is way too much drama? 🙂 i wish it were the same country, i’d do the same. and i’m so glad your niece will have this lovely story of her aunt stowing away to see her!

  38. Oh God! when did you fall…. this was the accident you were mentioning to the person on the phone….. good lord…!!!!

    • yep. fell the day thakuma passed away. thats why i didnt mention it to you or ask you to come to the hospital with me. didnt mention it when we met either for obvious reasons…

  39. Anyhow, Baby Button is here (yayyyy!!!) and I realised something new. My SIL and I were related by marriage, but now we’re related by blood too.

    how beautifully put only if all sil’s realise it 🙂

    and gosh MM will u pls take care of urself. I thought I am accident prone but u beat me

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