Because apparently I haven’t shed enough tears

… in the last 36 hours.

Please stand up for the National Anthem.



19 thoughts on “Because apparently I haven’t shed enough tears

      • Tears just welled up… On the contrary, as part of my ob, we had organised for a 2 day program for Women. on the 2nd day after all celeb was thru’ for the National Anthem, only half of the crowd was in attention. The rest, were walking towards exit. Children were having fun. These people should see this.

  1. What is it? Pls tell me what is it. Apparently whatever you have added to the post does not show up in my office network and I am dying to know what is it.

    And my home computer has broken down. So pls pls pls tell me

      • hmmm… now i am impatient to see it. will ensure the PC gets repaired this weekend.

        Hey you know what. I went to a shop to buy a drum for my son, and I saw a globe there. What a coincidence. Looks like its pretty common in Mumbai (this was a small shop that had some general toys and few books).
        Would you let me buy it for the Brat and Bean pls? I will courier it to you.

        That can be a gift from me to them (2 kids whom I have started loving through the blog). If you will agree to it, pls send me your address to my email id and I promise I wont divulge it. And you need not even tell me your name, will courier it by Brat’s name (atleast need to know that).

        PLS PLS PLS PLS…………

        • LOL! No thank you babe. I really appreciate your offer but I’ve been asking around and I hope to get it here itself. it will be such a big bulky thing for you to send.
          Thanks again 🙂

        • Deepti,
          Only way to know MM’s address is keep track when she’s in your city and and then if your paths cross you should be in a position to identify her (imagine ths odds of this happening in a city like mumbai):)

  2. can’t see it from work – but just thinking about the national anthem makes my eyes well up.And my hubby wonders why I must herd the family to flag hoisting twice a year only to end up blubbering like an idiot. And take such great pride in my son’s perfect “Jai he”.

  3. Damn thing doesn’t open at office…Dying to see it thougj

    if u want to cry some more – was watching reruns of Jai Jawan on NDTV…and the messages from the families will surely help the water levels of the Yamuna .now you know how i spent yesterday

  4. I just knew, I’ll find this video here today. Y’day when d hubby saw me crying on this one, he was like – as if the anthem was not enuf to make you cry…Man, how can the heart and eyes not well up… words fail to thread into a coherent sentence whenever I hear the anthem and this one is just- ‘my heart will just burst with pride moment’…

  5. Really overwhelmed after seeing it. Tears welled up in my eyes. It reminded me of a contest we had organised in school for special children like them to draw and colour to depict the national anthem. It was a very enriching experience.

  6. Moved to tears…indeed it is the most beautiful rendition of national anthem. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video MM.

  7. Hey MM ! Beautiful Rendition Indeed… And definitely a tear-emotion-inducing one.. I just saw it last night after I was back here in the states.. My eyes welled up.. and thats rare… !!

    Was busy for a week or so ! Back now and will catch up on all the posts n comment ! 🙂

    P.S: Congrats on Baby Button u proud proud Atha ! 😛 (telugu for Aunt — I havent read the associated post – but the heading was enuf to understand.. cudnt wait to wish u here itself 😛 )

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