Getting started – 12.04.2006

Here’s the first post. All those who commented on old posts and remember them, say aye!



Getting started

Starting a blog is a little like a first timer on a nudist beach. You step in gingerly with arms crossed modestly across your chest and your knees trembling. But with each baby step you get used to the idea of being naked and vulnerable and your flaws are no longer as glaring. Soon you become a part of the community. From logging away in a little journal for the last almost 17 years to this little blog… its a huge leap … and I hope I keep coming back. Wish me luck.


20 thoughts on “Getting started – 12.04.2006

  1. Aye! 🙂 My brother sicced me onto your blog first – said it was an entertaining one to read – Brat was under a year old – went back and read all your old posts then. 🙂

  2. what is this? I never knew you would go the American TV hiatus route…as in there is break in transmission now go watch Season 2 kay episodes. Arey, write new posts for us, dosti ki hai nibhani tau padeygi…glares….

  3. Aye! It has been 4 years! MM, you are part of our life. It seems I know brat, bean, OA so well as if I meet them daily 🙂

  4. Hi MM

    It just felt great to read your first post. It couldn’t have come up at a better time. Today me and my friend started our first blog and made the first post!! And after that /I did my routine visit to your blog and see your first post:) Motivating I must say.. A long journey does indeed start with baby steps:) Hope to be a part of the blogging world

  5. Babe, you sound exactly as I felt you would in your very first post! Great to be able to read posts from your olde bloge. Someone we both know told me that it used to be a very different kind of blog, and am looking forward to reading it.

  6. Aye! I read it on your old blog. I think i started reading your blog in 2007. And since then it’s become a part of my life. I don’t comment much – mostly because i don’t have much to add – but love love love reading you 🙂

  7. Hi MM.. I actually began reading you in September 2006 :)… and have read all your old posts.. but will be lovely to see them again 🙂

    do write new posts too.. u guys have become so much a part of my life..


  8. Looks like my previous comment got lost.

    But in summary, Yipppe!, looking forward to read them ol’ posts ‘coz i hadn’t gotten a chance to in the past!

  9. just stumbled upon your blog and started reading mostly ‘coz your blog-make Mad Momma interested me 🙂 went back n read your first blog and loved what u wrote…kinda indentified with the feeling expressed so simply yet beautifully…will read on 🙂

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