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So many of you have mailed and asked if you could read the old blog. Well, I’m not opening it up any time soon but I am planning on dragging out and dusting a few old posts once in a while. I’m not very tech savvy and I’m trying to put it under a new page – see the top buttons – it says Ye Olde Bloge. I am going to try and figure out how to nest it so that the old posts only come under that tab. I’ve put up the page, now anyone kind enough to help me with the tech side?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Yaay im so happy your doing this! I wish I could help you with the tech side…but all I can do is read and enjoy the posts 🙂

  2. I might be able to help. Let me know if I understand your requirement correctly-

    You want to selectively get your posts from your themadmomma.blogspot.com site to the new page on this (themadmomma.wordpress.com) site. Is this a correct interpretation?

    • Yes and no. I am getting the posts in, but I am not importing them. Merely copying and pasting. But I want these posts to be available in the Ye Olde Bloge page. How do I add new posts to that page? Any idea?

      • okay, i want to help.

        what you see in the above blog( ie verne10.wordpress.com) as a separate page are particular posts are filed as a “category”. Some templates in wordpress allow for a particular category posts to be available under a separate page(like above)

        but the catch is this : these posts will also appear under your home page(ie the main page) and somehow I get the feeling that you don’t want that.

        second catch : feeds(via google reader for example) don’t work for “separate” pages, so if you update them, the only way the readers would know abt. it is if they have subscribed to THAT particular page.

        From what I understand, you want a separate page that has multiple posts from the old blog. you want the readers to be able to read and comment on them much like on the home page. If you can tell if I have understood it correctly, I’ll go around and see if there’s any way this can be done..

        • 1. help finally! phew!
          2. so then i need to change the template and lose a lot of the changes I made here?
          3. I don’t mind the posts ALSO appearing here, so long as I can find a way to show that they are old posts being recycled. Dont want people to see pics of a 7 month old brat and think we’ve gone back in time
          4. I dont care if people dont get feeds. thats their problem. i hate giving feeds of my posts anyway
          5. yes, i want exactly what you understood.
          6. if you werent already married, i’d propose out of sheer joy.

          • okay, now you can go to my blog, I created a test kind of thing for your blog there.

            These are the things I did:

            1) I wrote a dummy test post (the last one)
            2) I changed the template to yours.
            3) I added a new test category called “MM” and I filed that test post under the category “MM”.
            4) Then I pinned the menu to the top. so when you click on the top link called “MM”, you will be able to see all the posts that were filed under category “MM”

            I see one little glitch, but i think we can find a way around it. tell me if it looks fine now.

            so this way, we don’t have to lose the changes that you did with this template.

            ps : i want a ring studded with a large tacky solitaire.

  3. YAY!!!!!! I am so happy you are doing this. It was around the time you shut down the old blog i started reading themadmomma.

    Good to soak up on some flash back whenever i have some time 🙂

  4. Darn! Can’t provide any technical help, never owned my space @ wordpress.

    But then, you already have other links(like ‘about me’ and ‘cesarean stories’), How is setting up this link different from those? Eitherways Good luck with figuring this out!

    AND..thanks for sharing your old posts with us.

  5. Here’s how:

    1)Create a new category called “Ye Olde Bloge”
    (Found under “posts” in the left column of the dashboard. Posts-> categories)

    2) Now go to “appearance”(also found under left column of the dashboard). Click on “Menus”.

    3) Enter a menu name like “OldBlog”. Now click on “create menu” blue button.

    40 Now in the left, you will see three things to choose things from: “theme locations”, “custom links”, “pages”, “categories”.

    5) Tick the category called “ye Olde bloge” from the “category” menu. Click on “add to menu” white button.

    6) Now tick the pages called “about me”, “my badges”, “our cesarian stories” from the “pages” menu.click on “add to menu” white button.

    7) the new category and the already existing pages will come under the menu now.

    8) Now click on “save menu” blu button.

    9) Now in the left under “Theme locations”, under “Primary navigation”, choose the “OldBlog category”.

    We are done!

    10) so if you want a post from old blog, create a new post, paste the content AND categorise under “OldBlog”. It will automatically appear in the home page as well as the “Ye olde Bloge” page.

    I tested each of these steps. it will work fine, if it doesnt we’ll look at it again.

  6. You might have to create a separate “page” for that(like the about me or cesarian story page) and put the post there.

    Or you can repeat the same procedure that we did yesterday and create a new category called “OldBlogIntro” and tag this post with the category called “OldBlogIntro”. Then,import *only* this post there. That way, you’d have another static page on top.

    Another solution would be make “this” post a sticky post, so that this post will stay on top for a while(until you decide to not stick it up) and it’ll let people know how to get to the old blog posts..To make it sticky, you’ll have to open the post in the edit mode, and check “make this sticky” option..

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