A very Merry X’mas was had

… a couple of days ago when Tambi aka THE Mad Sibling was in India for a quick short visit. And of course the parents and cousins came rushing to my place to spend those 1.5 days with him. But it just came and went so fast that as I told my mother – I don’t feel sated. It’s like a meal ending midway.

He was here barely two months ago and the kids are now old enough to remember him. Which is why the Bean went running into his arms with a scream of happiness. And the Brat just walked up to him, climbed into his lap with his Dino book and began to talk as though continuing a conversation.

We spent the entire time just chatting, eating Christmas cake, drinking, and playing guitar and singing carols. We also put up our Christmas tree and wait for it… distributed our gifts too! Yes, we’ve already done X’mas. At this rate we should be celebrating New Year’s today.Β It made great sense to do it that way since he was here with his suitcase bulging with gifts, we were here waiting with armloads of gifts for Baby Button. Besides, every family has a noisy person (moi!) and a person who keeps the family together (Tambi). And with both under the same roof, its always a good time to celebrate. So what difference does it make if its not the 25th of December, huh? Who got the memo from God saying Jesus was born on that day?

In keeping with tradition we put gifts for Baby Button under the tree (anyone remember my X’mas post when I was expecting the Bean?). A pleasant evening was spent with my dad wearing Ma’s red fleece and an orange woollen cap, distributing the gifts. The Brat and Bean were supposed to be Santa’s helpers but the Brat after opening his first gift, a book on animals (what else?!) climbed into the pappassan behind G’pa and began to read. When Santa offered him his next gift he replied distractedly, Thank you, but you can give it to Bean.

We did what I often complain about – set up the laptop and skyped my SIL far away in the US. And let her join in the chaos, putting on our new clothes and modelling for her. I took great pleasure in showing off my new black knee length boots with two inch heels – gift from the OA, thank you very much! And yes, the knee is healing so I’m strutting around in heels once in a while. I got the OA the most awesome bomber jacket that the family is making fun of as being too shiny. Me? I think they’re jealous that he’s hot and they’re not. The poor man keeps pointing at his grey hair and asking me if I don’t think he is too old for it. And oh – the horrible brother says it reminds him of the scene where Chandler and Joey get friendship bracelets and Chandler is too decent to tell Joey what he really feels about it.

The next afternoon was a big poori-subzi picnic lunch out in our complex lawns. I miss the old house where we merely walked out with our plates and sat in the balcony. Here it was a project – collect rugs, picnic basket, food, water, napkins, beer concealed in tea flasks… We lay around in the sun soaking up the warmth while the babies ran around exploring. Here’s the Bean with a ladybug she found in the grass.

Here’s the tree going up.. Nani, G’pa and the Bean.

The Bean methodically hangs everything she can lay her hands on, on the very same branch until the tree almost tips over. Then proceeds to sulk as we move things around to balance it out.

Then takes a stuffed snowman to her little reading nook under the staircase and reads to it, much to our amusement. Clearly we were no longer worth mixing with.

Grandfather and granddaughter fell asleep on the couch while the rest of us chatted.

G’pa singing to us from the balcony….

Some glimpses of the X’mas feeling..

And thank you those of you who sent me special gifts for my tree. You know who you are….

Christmas is all about spreading the joy and so the Jagannath from my tree (thank you Art!) and a little bauble that says Baby’s First Christmas, have been packed away carefully in Tambi’s suitcase. They go to share some Christmas love on his tree as they prepare to become a little family.

In other news, the Bean has been sitting in Nani’s lap and learning to knit – Baby Button, when you wear the sweater, know that your sister knitted a line of rubbish for you. Wear it in good health and with pride.


71 thoughts on “A very Merry X’mas was had

  1. Merry chirstmas and a hope Baby Button has the bestest life ahead πŸ™‚ … Best Christmas gift is already on wa y.. it’s a pure bliss to see your sibling’s kid .. I learnt it this Christmas too πŸ™‚

  2. love the balcony with uncle playing guitar and those lovely plants smiling cheerfully…

    u know, this is what living each moment and making the most of it means! glad i read u..

    having said all that- now, house tour please! πŸ˜€

  3. Merry Merry X-Mas such a feel good post..wow so lucky you got to spend it with your Tambi..so nice of him to have come down again..

    Blue Sweater..so baby button a boy???? Sorry to break the bubble but just happened to notice.

    Because here it is strictly pink/purple if we know it is a girl..blue if it is a boy…for my first one I opted not to know the gender…so I got all neutral colors for my baby in the shower:))

    Please feel free not to publish:))

  4. Lovely! How nice that you were able to see Tambi right before Christmas! Delhi winters and a picnic outside – and poori-subzi – I want!!

  5. That was a very lovely account of your celebrations !!
    So this happened on Dec 10th … right ? I remember you commenting that Christmas tree was going to be set up on the 10th πŸ™‚

    And Thambi made 2 trips to India just few months apart … lucky !
    Merry Christmas to you and family !!

  6. MUCH love n laughter! and ya…who is to say what should be celebrated when..right?!

    N of course there will be more celebration and festivity right thru’ New Years πŸ™‚

  7. Lovely lovely post!! My daughter also decorates the tree and keeps moving the ornaments over and over. Perfectionist me used to rearrange late at night but now I have realized to let things be – an imperfectly decorated tree which is the pride and joy of my baby is true Xmas cheer to me πŸ™‚

  8. Aww.. A very Merry Xmas to you all! I do remember when you were looking forward to Bean being born. You were back home and the family had congregated to sing under a tree outside? Yes?
    Wishing you the best of memories with Baby Button in the new year.

      • That’s when I started reading you. You got to do a post asking your readers for the first ever post they ever remember reading of yours. I clearly remember the one I started with.

        – Life member of the MM gopuram building club πŸ˜‰

  9. hey who is your other friend from Aus? sydney 2010?
    lovely lovely post, you know the cheesy line Chand Jaldi Nikal Aaya Hai, well seriously aap ka eid ka chand tau bahut jaldi nikal aaya

    • Would you believe that its a reader who was in Aus on holiday and thought of me? She didnt want to invade my privacy and sent it through Kiran!

      And Aneela – thank you for my lovely chand ornament…

  10. Your “knee is heeling”? Fruedian slip, there!

    Merry Christmas, Mad Momma, and kisses to the babies. I’ll be in Delhi on Christmas Day – I’m very excited!

  11. aiyyo, how sweet… and i totally agree, festival and celebration is when the family is around. who cares what date it is…

    your tree is so adorable.

  12. Aawww beautiful post and pics of the family. Wish you and the mad family a lovely lovely year ahead!

    much love and wishes.

  13. Merry Christmas to you and your family, MM! That snub nose of the Bean’s that you keep talking about is so very prominent in pic #3. Totally darling! makes me want to press that part of the comp screen πŸ˜›

  14. Wow, MM. It must have been an awesome get-together. What a lovely start to Christmas, and the kids must be so excited to have celebrations a month long. I am thinking how you can have much more fun with family without the stress of checking the blackberry. God bless the Mad family!

  15. Merry Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family! Loved all the festivities and the enthusiasm each of you share to celebrate! Especially loved the pic with Bean putting up decorations on the tree. My lil N did exactly the same thing…put up all of it on one branch and sulked when we tried to re-balance it all πŸ™‚

  16. Awwww….such a sweet post! There’s something about festivities and families, right? My younger brother’s in the US too and I can totally relate to the ‘who-said-Christmas-can’t-be-celebrated-on-Dec-10’ sentiment πŸ™‚ Belated Christmas wishes and a happy new year!

    • okay so last year we had two angels so that both could hang one each on top of the tree. this year they almost killed each other and then unanimously decided that they’d get my dad to hang a star on top !!!! strange kids i’ve given birth to and no one to blame but myself.

  17. Lovely! and makes perfect sense too. my dad is a cop, we are never sure when he’ll be at home, so we always swap the festival dates to some date that’s less difficult to deal with.

    “Who got the memo from God saying Jesus was born on that day?” I love that line. Will come in handy when the husband goes for the 454th time that “I was born on THE 25th dec and do you see how cool that is? see? see? see?”.

    I loved the pics of bean with her nani and g’pa.Where’s brat in the pics?

    self appointed troll that annoys MM with requests for equal representation of the babies in the pics.

      • @usha : yeah, i know πŸ˜€ im just sour because I was supposed to be born on the 25th too, but I got up late as usual and arrived on the 29th Dec 😦

        And to add insult to the injury, the first of Jan is just so close by. aargh!

  18. well merry Xmas then and a happy new year..all in advance.
    god bless you all.

    btw, you know mitra kalita eh? small world-she is like a little sister to me. have you read her new book?

    there is something so sexy about a middle aged man strumming a guitar. sorry MM…your pops does look very handsome. please tell him i said so.

    • πŸ™‚ well i think he’s the world’s handsomest man, but i might be biased. As for Mitra – damn right I know her. How do you know her?! And I am waiting to pick up her book. Not read it yet.

      • Mitra’s parents and my inlaws are best buddies ..mitra and my hubby, all grew up together as second generation indians…we are pretty tight. i am waiting for amazon to carry her book. i read her first one and liked it very much.

        its funny how daughters view their dads eh? i think MY dad is the handsomest and no i am not being biased πŸ™‚ he is 82 but he still is as gorgeous as ever. people compliment him all the time-he loves the flattery!

        • so does mine, so does mine. i think he also thinks he’s the handsomest! πŸ˜‰
          gosh, I am great friends with Mitra’s inlaws in India. we met a lot before she moved back. another disappointed NRI there.

          • Gosh!! The world is so small.. My inlaws( Husband’s Aunt) know Mitra Kalita and family well and just mentioned her to me last week . And that I should pick up the book My Two Indias cos she has described Assam in it, my husband being an Assamese.

  19. Merry Xmas. What a cute post. Captured the christmas spirit so well! I felt like I was drinking eggnog while reading your post.

  20. Merry Christmas to the Mad Family! Lovely post! Can well imagine the excitement. Festival is all about family. Everthing else is flexible πŸ™‚

  21. Tho not a complete house tour, but lovely glimpses of your place, esp the balcony.
    May the whole of dec feel Christmassy and u guys enjoy the love & laughter with family.

  22. The tagline has changed and is lovely.

    MM, totally inspired by you, I have hatched a plan. My sister is away for a mini-break this weekend, and I plan to put up the Christmas tree at her place over the weekend. I think it will be a great surprise for the my niece to come back and open the door to a twinkling tree with all her beloved ornaments collected since the Christmas of 2007 – her year of birth.

    I can’t even come close to the perfection of your tree, but will try just for her whoop of joy. Rubbing my hands in excitement…

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