A different matter altogether

NOTE: This post is a year old. Was written on Dec 2009 when the Bean was 2.5 years old. Yes, I’m busy with something again and can’t put up fresh posts. Will tell you after its all over.

It’s a late winter afternoon and I am struggling to put them into bed for a nap.Β  They’re looking for excuses to hop out of bed. The Brat brings up what he considers a crisis – “My lips are chapped.”

“Oh alright” I snap, grabbing a tub of Vaseline and slathering it over his lips.

This sounds like a brainwave to the Bean who is slipping out of bed to go get my chapstick. She loves pretending its her “lipstip”. I grab her by the scruff of her neck, tuck her back in, slather some Vaseline on her lips and tell her to shut her eyes.

She glares at me and defiantly turns around and rubs the Vaseline into my pillow “I don’t love you Mamma”. I groan inwardly, ignore her and get off the bed to get back to work, tossing a careless “You don’t need to love me, you need to just sleep and let me get some work done,” at her.

“Mamma, come here,” says her highness.

MM: Why?

Beanie: I want to sleep in your lap

MM: But you just said you don’t love me

A moment to think it over and she responds “I don’t love you. But I love your lap.”

Nice. Compartmentalisation. She should be a man.


14 thoughts on “A different matter altogether

  1. LOL!

    Mine (4y old) threatened to walk out of the house last week. Both husband and I took the mug of milk from her hand and asked her to proceed. She wails and takes the mug back and said she won’t go. Drama Queen!

  2. hehehe… smarty. where did she get her smartness from? (Since i am asking you this question, guess it should be obvious i dont think it is u… πŸ˜‰ )

  3. LOL – my 3 year old threated us last night that she will leave us! Imagine that for a girl who is like velcro to mommy! So her papa said ok go on…and opened the door. She quickly grabbed both her chocolates and pretended to ignore him πŸ™‚

  4. I see, not much has changed in the last one year πŸ˜€

    This also reminds me of that youtube video in which the kid tells the mom very cutely – “I love you mama, but I don’t like you all the time.”

  5. How cute!!! My older one also loves her “lipstick” chapstick πŸ™‚ though yest she colored her lips in with a marker!

    Did the brat insist on sleeping with u when the beanie was really really small?? I have an infant and my four year old is driving me crazy waking me up in the middle of the night wanting to drink milk and sleep by Mommy 😦

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