Winter baby

I slip on her pale green stockings and pull on a hot pink pullover over her chocolate brown skirt. As I reach for her hair she screws up her eyes tight and says – ‘No! I don’t want to tie it up so tight. I want an Alice band.’

So an Alice band it is. As I pick up the sturdy little sneakers her little voice pipes up again – “No! I want to wear my pink boots.”

I curse the day I bought those boots.

MM: “But you will run around in school and the sneakers will be more comfortable. Didn’t you say your toes hurt in the boots?”

Bean: “But they’re not hurting right now..” she says with a logic that appeals only to her own 3 year old mind.

Whatever, I shrug. Wear them and cry all day. See if I care. It’s early morning and I’m picking my battles. One more day of toe-aching and she’ll jolly well wear her sneakers to school (or does vanity above discomfort start so early?!). As of now she only admires her legs in the pink boots and says “I’m a rockster, mama..” “Rockstar, I automatically correct her, wondering where she picked that up from.

She walks out the door waving to me. I sigh in pleasure. Dressing a daughter is the ultimate pleasure. She wears everything you didn’t get to wear in your misbegotten youth. Β And come winter, my daughter is my pride and joy, in her fur lined jackets, short skirts, stockings and boots. Her fine hair hanging around her vibrant little face in a cloud of silk. She’s growing up so fast, I think to myself. She has an opinion on her clothes, she tells me off if I push her too far and she knows her mind so well. She is slowly learning to take care of herself, be it feeding herself or dressing herself. She puts away her toys when told to and can be reasoned with on major issues. What is it about second children and daughters that makes them grow up so fast?

The day goes by and come afternoon, a little prone figure is carried in fast asleep. The perky cheekiness and audacity of the morning has given way to drool running down the corner of a little pink mouth, the eyelids fluttering as they see some ‘rockster’ dream, no doubt. Β The pretty pink boots are scuffed and mud splattered and the lovely stockings that I have so painstakingly begged family to get from abroad are filthy and ripped at the knee. I sigh as I regretfully peel them off her feet – stubby pink toes that don’t look like they were squashed too badly. I slip her under the blanket and tuck her in. Her soft cheeks smell of spit and strawberry jam and her long eyelashes lie across them like lace. Maybe she’s not grown up all that fast after all. Maybe she’ll be my little baby just a little while longer. Maybe I’ll play dress up with my doll for one more year.


76 thoughts on “Winter baby

  1. Lovely…I can so relate to this…pretty most same scenario with my 3 YO who is the older one though:) Love the way you described it…touched a chord…

    Just to let you know really really enjoy your posts every morning in this part of the world…

    Regular Reader occasional de-lurker


  2. I just put my own baby to sleep. The naked trees outside are dancing furiously, drunk on the fall breeze. My son dressed in his Dr. Seuss full sleeve shirt, and hot red pants curled into my body and under his heavy blanket, his face streaked with rays filtering through the curtain. He will soon push me away, ask me to stop slobbering him with kisses, and yet for this one afternoon, he is all mine, his tiny hand around my neck, clutching at my hair. A lot of your posts remind me of the Bob Dylan number

  3. Hi Mad Momma,

    Delurking at last!! Loved your post. My daughter was born a couple of months ago and I cant get enough of her and I think she is growing too fast already. I love dressing her up and now a days I spend more time coordinating her outfit than mine :)))

    I say enjoy while this phase till it lasts!!!!


  4. Awww…that was so cute. There truly is so much joy in dressing up little girls. You dress up so beautifully yourself – it is no surprise that she wants to do the same.

    But when mine wants to ‘dress-up’ – it shocks me. i am horrified all the time at the girly girl i have begotten. But it is still a lot of fun to see her very definitive opinions on what she wants to wear, when (usually. NOT when i’m already rushed and she’ll dig her feet in and refuse to budge on her completely inappropriate choice).

    Even if it is 30 clips and slides on her mottai head.

  5. aaaaaaaaaah! My daughter is similar age.. turning threein jan… and she is teh same way. Surprisingly her snow boots are Pink as well πŸ™‚ Just this morning, she said… I love my boots… cowboy style.. thats the America in her.. hehe..
    Girls are precious angels…….aaah! She tells me, i like your nails red not blue (like they currently are)…ahh. I think i will do a separate post on this as well. . just inspired!

  6. my first winter with a doll!! im loving it and yes a 3 month old has no choice but to give into my fancies of hot pink leggings and little skirts and jackets. the three yr old monkey im raising has such fixed wardrobe choices of his own that im strongly reminded we have secnod children only to feel that power over tiny humans again. πŸ˜€

  7. Awwww. Babies are the best kind of dress-up dolls! Three is still a baby (at least in my world!). I still think of my six year old as a baby. (Don’t get technical on me yaar, you know what I mean!) πŸ™‚

    • @Sraikh: did you say no make it 3-4 R is 2.5 and wants to wear the same baggy pant and torn T shirt to school…how do you dress up a kid like her!
      @MM: can I be honest and say I am jealous that Bean lets you dress her up πŸ™‚

    • Agree with sraikh. I dare not argue with the daughter anymore…still remember all the criticism from my mom (which I still get)…and wish she’d let me figure out my own style early on.

      • actually i thank my mom for any sense of style i have and shudder at the outfits i picked out myself. there’s a bunch of pics I should burn – all in outfits of my own choosing. and i look at other kids dressed by their mothers in those days and they look awful. i wish i’d stuck to the clothes ma picked. even now we pick up similar sarees and her collection of handloom stuff is enviable.

      • I was horrible. My mom would have all the best salwaar suits and I would wear the simple cotton to EVERY SINGLE INDIAN EVENT, we were invited to. My mum would fight and argue with me.
        And the rest of the desis thought my mom had only one pair of salwaar.

        Thats why I dont argue with the girls. Whatever they want to wear. And if they want to wear shorts in winter and I remind them once about the temp and they refuse to listen. The freeze for all I care!

  8. 😦 crying for the daughter i will never have. I always wanted a daughter and have a son (not that i dont love hime πŸ˜‰ ). I can never buy such things for my child. I hate the limited options you have for male children.

    BTW just read she is on sale. I am the first one to ask for her. So can i get her pls. Pls pls pretty pls???

  9. awww. that is so cute. beanie is a rockster indeed :).
    when my daughter was born – the doctor put this covered in goo alien on my tummy and said – congrats its a girl. i can never forget that moment. that the one thing i’d dreamed of since i was 13 had come true.
    i spend a full 5 minutes in front of wardrobe every day – deciding how to dress her up. dying to put clips in her hair but its so soft and fine i don’t want to hurt it. my little baby angel doll πŸ™‚

  10. I hear you. Twice over. Altho’ I can get used not having to deal with YET another torn pair of stockings

    -RM [Depositing my paycheck at the altar of the stocking gods]

  11. I dont have a daughter and winter has ceased to exist in Bangalore. So here is my wish list a daughter and wintry mornings.

  12. This post had such a dreamlike, enchanted tone to it… like a fairy tale. a little hazy, a little cool, a little warm. God bless your love.

  13. 1.β€œBut they’re not hurting right now..” she says with a logic that appeals only to her own 3 year old mind – I am 27 and I still do that! Style over comfort, on a number of days. My bag always has that tube of cream and a pack of band- aids, for all kinds of β€˜uncomfortable footwear emergencies’.
    2.So you said it’s about the timing, did you? Haha, lady, I am so totally going to take you up on this one
    3.You should have a statutory warning to these posts. I don’t like my uterus doing double flips, early in the mornings, like this! Quite literally, tummy- aching nice, in Her Majesty’s own words πŸ™‚

  14. Heheh, so very cool. Hot pink with chocolate brown IS a great combination. My kids seem doomed, man. They better get their own dressing sense early on, or they’ll believe that trackpants are the official attire for all events. Till they get booed in college, of course.

  15. Lovely post πŸ™‚ I love dressing up my daughter too and she’s still too little to know her own mind when it comes to picking out her clothes. Now only if she would let me touch her hair and put all those pretty clips on 😦 ‘ME COMB!’ is the unending refrain these days and post the self combing sessions the hair looks like a tornado visited it.

  16. I have children similar in age to yours – elder son and younger 4 yr old daughter. I can so relate to what all you say. My daughter wants to put 6-7 clips in her hair most days…that too herself …its a rainbow in her hair most days.

  17. ohh MM you could be writing about a scene from Aadyaland!!Li’l girls are precious..really..a pain sometimes,especially,when u tie their hair a little tight or too high..but you can’t get enough of them..

  18. I’m going out to buy the exact same outfit right now!
    And I’m so sending you those stocking in every possible colour the next time somebody from your hood is in this neck of the woods. I have purple and red…I NEED grey and hot pink…

  19. Lovely! I know exactly what you mean about the joys of dressing up your daughter. As a child I couldn’t care less what I wore…strangely as a mom, I take such care in dressing up my 1 year old girl! As for my son….I was shocked recently when the 5 year old told me that he wanted his hair long in the front so that he could spike it up “for parties”! I think the first time I wanted to change my hairstyle was when I was in the 12th or something!

    • wow ! i hav a 5-yr old boy who “spikes” his hair for parties too!! ( combination of oil and water apparently does the trick – no gel allowed ! ) and i love dressing up my 1 yr old girl too !! πŸ˜€

  20. What fun to read about baby girls…I must confess I wanted a girl only for such vain reasons you know but that never happened. Anyways, these days even boys have some really smart choices for them so dressing up Yohaan has been fun too although not as much as it would have been for a girl im sure.
    I now know what is to be bought for bean as prezzies. Hmm stockings here are lovely. Will def pick up some and bring over next time i am in india. btw, what does this mean ‘now, i can haz color coordination’. What is haz?? I have no idea…

    Beautiful post MM.

  21. lovely MM….we need to hold on to our daughters, stop them from growing so fast.

    they are so adorable now, kids at this age…feel like bottling them up forever.

    when are you decorating your house for christmas? please post pictures as soon as you do…love to see them.

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