Taking a little too literally

the hindi phrase – Sar pe chadha ke rakhna. The literal translation would be sitting on your head and it means allowing someone to walk all over you. That would pretty much define the Bean’s relationship with her father. She does just as she pleases and this is him trying to work from home one Sunday. She not only sat on his shoulders while he worked, she eventually spread a snotty (ugh!) handkerchief over his head. That is the final straw, I said to myself, and now he’s going to read her the riot act. But then she leaned over, hugged his snotty-handkerchief-covered-face and said, “I love you, daddy. You’re my favourite boy.”

Man, but she plays him like a violin.

75 thoughts on “Taking a little too literally

  1. Get used to it.. this is generally the story of most middle class UP-ites. My sister had all the fun while growing up ( I was always targetted.. and still am by my dad) and now my daughter .. just toys with me.. to the extent, that one day the wify exclaimed that she should learn from her!!

    Ask OA about it.. and I think he’ll agree, that both the parties know who is taking advantage.. yet nobody feels guilty 🙂

  2. Tell me about it. Exactly what happens here. KG says “Daddy is my best boy”! 🙂 But then if I give her a sad face she says, you are my best girl mamma!

  3. Am going all Awww!! staring at that picture on my screen and tilting my head to get a better glimpse.

    I should capture the moment like you here when my 8 month old craws fast towards her Appa early in the morning who is standing on his head doing his yogasana..and then tries to stand up holding his nose and mouth as support. He doesn’t utter a word ..what concentration et all ( just like OA’s yogic concentration on his work here.. guessing :D)

  4. Beautiful pic and as usual captured so well!

    Btw, can I digress and ask you a question? Those blinds are beautiful! Is the pink portion cloth? And do you get an issue with moisture in the air causing the blinds to smell? I have a pair of blinds that literally cause the room to stink during the rainy days.

    • ask away – i got the blinds made out of single bed sheets that i was no longer using. and no the blinds dont smell because they open on to the main balcony. the OA and I rarely use an AC so the rooms are open and aired out very often.

  5. The desk that OA is using..is it a part of the loot that came from Allahabad ???
    That’s a nice way to work..without working up your back and neck.

    And..the Beanie…so makes me want a girl…… 😦 😦

  6. I love the desk too! Will look out for one like that.

    Love the scarlet pillowcase. I avoid red in the kids’ bedclothes and pajamas, since red is supposed to be a stimulating colour. But I think for adults, the er…invigorating effect might not be a bad idea 😛

  7. YET another post where it is *Totally* pointless keeping a count on the Awwws…
    While I am at it – let me add to the count… Awwww… Bean and Brat are so Adorable MM.

    P.S: Sorry to be Missing here SOOOO long… But I graduate in December (YAAYYY ! ) and will hopefully been done with the most taxing period of my life! 😉 😛

  8. The desk brings back memories. It used to be called ‘Karnam Petti’ in the Karaikudi area. In age old days was used by the accountants/clerks as desk. They used to come with drawers & a nook on top for ink bottles & pens. Dad had a couple of them made for me & my brother – without the drawers.
    The foldable legs is a great idea!

    Girls Do have thier way with Dads!

    I will also sign the home tour petition. Please!Home tour Please!

    • i dont know where you live, but Monika seems to have seen one in b’lore fabindia. house tour will happen soon. i promised GB, so i will leave it to her to lead the way once i am done!

  9. chooo chweet…Men.. always get played by the women in their life.. 1st its the wifey and then the daughter takes over…when she gets married he will cry more than u.. thats what my dad told me…

  10. Lovely, lovely Bean! (It gets lovelier due to your words. But the Bean still leads her Mad Momma by a several million in her loveliness. :P)

    And what’s a synonym for awwwwwwwww? Damn, where’s the thesaurus when you need one?!


  11. Awwwwwwwwwwww! the little munchkin!!!! I can so relate to the bean here. My daddy bestest!

    (Don’t have a daughter 😦 , so can’t relate to the mommy viewpoint)

    • i am. he keeps saying he loves me. when he remembers, that is. and if he walks by, he’ll kiss my back or then come and hold my face and kiss my eyelids and forehead. strange child 🙂

      • MM, having been the daddy’s girl all my life.. something I realised is that.. in your 20s your mom becomes your best friend.. it somehow happens.. the mother daugther relationship takes a new meaning then.. and I started understanding my mom more after that.. So wait for Bean to hit her 20s and she would be running to ma’s comfort for everything and also would someday tell you all teary eyed how much she loves you..

  12. Very cute 🙂
    I can so understand the father daughter thing.
    But I have a son who is such a papa’s boy and has no time for kisses and hugs for his mother when he would rather be roughing it out with his father 😦

  13. Hi,
    I am a long time reader of your blog but I have never commented before. After reading this post I had to delurk. It was very beautiful and touching and I felt as if I was with you all time enjoying this magical reunion. I lost both my parents when I was a child. So I have always gone through life watching other families as an outsider. I like your blog for the fact that you invite people into your life so generously and I have always felt that it would be so nice to have such a loving family who are still so close to each other. Sorry for the maudlin sentiments but I just wanted to let you know that this post did bring a lump in my throat for what could have been. You have a gift for writing. All the best to you in life.

    • Dear Usha,
      I’m so touched by your note – its far from maudlin. We as a family have good and bad day so if I sell you a happy family picture, please know, its not complete. I just choose not to focus on the negative in this blog because I want my kids or even myself to be able to look back on the happy moments some day. Welcome to the blog and I hope to see more of you

  14. awwww. she is adorable 🙂
    and i love the desk too. i saw it at bangalore fab india too and drooled over it. think i should just go ahead and buy it. 🙂

  15. forgot to add – you have a talent for taking so many faceless and back view photographs, that convey exactly what you want them to convey in your post 🙂

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