Mama, give me some money

… says the Bean.

MM: “And why do you need money?”

Bean “I have to give it to Subhash bhaiyya (the driver). He’s trying to kill me.”

MM & OA: ????????????????

Like I said – this girl will be the death of us. And she’s not yet three… *Groan*


Brat: Mama, do you know why a chameleon changes colour?

MM: Why?

Brat: Because it swallowed a rainbow.

MM: !!!

PS: Yes, I am lazy, over worked and digging out drafts that were written one and a half years ago. Bear with me.


18 thoughts on “Mama, give me some money

  1. Glad you clarified the 1.5 years thing. My space time continuum got confused for a bit when you said “not yet three”.. I’m most capable of imagining kids are a certain age so more so 😀

    But where does she get these ideas? Subhash bhaiyya is trying to kill her? 😀 I’d so like to talk to this little imp.. she cracks me up so!!

  2. OMG- The chameleon swallowed a Rainbow !!! this is just so well thought .. I wonder why we can never think like this.
    And I love the B & B.

  3. Chemeleon swallowed a rainbow…the best imagination, I have ever heard!

    Money for Subhash Bhaiyya…height of imagination!

    You have one handful of kids! I can understand you don’t have time!

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