Beanisms of the day

Bean (after being read the riot act by her father): Mama, dada hurt my feelings.

Said father looked more hurt than the offspring.

On the other hand: She can communicate. She is in touch with her emotions. She takes offence easily. My work here is done – I have created a woman!


MM in an attempt to clothe offspring without talking about issues like shame: Beanie, put on your pants. Stop running around nangu-pangu. What if a birdie comes and pecks your bum?

Bean considers the scenario and then responds earnestly: Then I’ll just say ‘ouch’.

Gah. New tactics required!


26 thoughts on “Beanisms of the day

  1. Darling Beanie..would love to know what she becomes when she grows up.

    On an unrelated first born is extremely talkitive. When he was moving out of prep to I std his teacher said, “P please come and visit me when you grow up would love to see what you have become” His response.. “But will be old and dead by then” 😀 😀 The lady took it in good sprit and told me when i went for the final PTA.

  2. LOL! I use the same tactics (avoiding the shame bit) and it’s ants and “germies” who come-a-biting. Thankfully, it works! whew! (and she heaves a huge sigh of relief for the little mercies god has granted her!)

  3. u know cute as this is, it made me think how important it is to do stuff that is age appropriate. imagine a grown up saying stuff like “then i’ll just say ouch” ? we’d call them silly, but if a kid says it, we find it adorable. 🙂

  4. Lol! Beanie baby is a darling. i guess it’s a phase with most kids – i can’t admonish/chide mine without getting a “I’m sad,” accompanied by a pouty face! And I, too, get him to dress with “bugs will come bite your bum” line! 🙂

  5. Now, that sounds like a good idea…
    “What if a birdie comes and pecks your bum?” Will ask my sis to try it on my neice who just refuses to keep her pants on… 🙂

  6. How cute! I remember an aunt of mine once asked me for my dress (“Teri dress kitni sundar hai….mujhe de de…”) and I told her it would be too short for her and her undies would show (having recently learnt the don’t-show-your-undies funda)!

  7. How about “wear your pants or your bum will fall off!” Vanity should work where reason doesn’t….it did with me. And you can fulfill your life’s mission of scaring the crap out of the lil ones.

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