It is hard to make a man jealous

.. if when you shimmy out, dressed to the nines and toss a careless “Baby, I’m off to have coffee with the ex, see you around,” over your shoulder, his only reply is “Take an umbrella, it looks like rain” without even looking up from his damn newspaper.


I’m all dressed up to head out for dinner and he raises an eyebrow at my new blouse – “When did you pick this up. It’s new.”

I am shitting bricks because as usual I overspent on my credit card so  I go with offence as the best defence –  “It’s a gift from my secret lover.”

“Funny how,” he says… “your lover buys you stuff and our bank balance reduces… ”

I rack my brains to come up with something other than the truth which is, that I am shopping like it’s going out of fashion – “Well that’s because I need to buy him something in return, don’t I?”

Brilliant response, don’t you agree? But damnit, can I never sneak anything new past old eagle eye?


29 thoughts on “It is hard to make a man jealous

  1. The OA is great I say!I am yet to come across a man who remembers anything from his wife’s wardrobe. You are getting ‘noticed’! That’s something to say after years of marriage!

  2. “Well that’s because I need to buy him something in return, don’t I?” wow how did you come up with that…That’s super hillarious…

  3. Hehe.. This was funny! I feel my husband trusts me so much that he just doesn’t bother to enquire. And I end up feeling neglected and uncared for 😦

  4. LOL! Interesting what the man doth choose to notice. Shopping is such a high, isn’t it? I’ve acquired more jewelry this past week than I have in the last year. Oooh, such fun! :mrgreen:

  5. Ha! us women..I’m sure if he hadn’t noticed it..this post would be about how he did not even notice that u were wearing something new and mabbe they would have been called BAT eyes instead of eagle eyes?

  6. MM,

    I wish he WOULD notice when I wear someting new! Forget sneaking – I can strut around in the latest fashion and he barely registers it!

  7. You have a gem MM , I tell you.
    Here for any piece of clothing(new or old does not matter), there is only one comment:
    “This is the one I bought for you?”
    And yes, excellent response.

  8. Lovely, lovely 🙂 May your relationship(s) stay that way forever!! U r yet to post the responses I guess… none here I can see!

  9. ROFL!

    But how can you complain! I and all the women of the world complain the opposite. Seriously my husband is always clueless. 😛

  10. oh MM! the Man is also of the too-secure-to-care variety and while i appreciate it most of the time, a little bit possessiveness goes a long way in making one feel wanted! agreed?! agreed?!!

    and oh! before i forget- that was one witty comeback! 😀

  11. 😀 😀 I remember this 😀

    And about the bank balance.. Sigh! My last credit card bill is shocking the living daylights out of me. And while I am the one who will eventually pay the last penny on it, I am super ashamed sharing its numbers with anyone I know. It’s that disgustingly steep. And I don’t even know how I am going to pay back, and surprisingly, I am only worried about people and friends finding out, not collection agents.

    I am rambling, of course 😛

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