Postal fraud

So my friend recently sent out this mail that I wanted to share with you all. It’s worse than the usual emails offering you 1 crore from an African account. I hope it is of some help.


Dear All,
I had an interesting experience today that I thought may benefit some of you if I shared it.

So here goes:

A few months ago, I registered a company and now work with various suppliers for a variety of items ranging from terracotta pots to handmade paper notebooks.

I was traveling for a while and a friend was staying at home/ office, whilst there, he received a VP article receipt from the post office in the name of my company stating that a courier had arrived and that I had to pay 2184/- (all charges included) to collect it.
My friend was in a hurry and didn’t have the time to go to the post office and so left the receipt with the money and called another friend to do the needful, which thankfully never happened (bless friends for not doing things in time 🙂

I returned to find that the courier had been sent by a Mega book co based in Delhi, I knew I hadn’t ordered anything from such a supplier and so I called my partner who is the only other employee (yes, we literally are a ‘small’ company) and he had no idea about it either and so we turned to the only other form of information today – the internet.

Turns out that the Mega book co has been pulling this fraud for a while now, they get a bunch of addresses from the registrars office and then mail out junk books which people more often than not accept (especially companies with more employees who aren’t aware of what has been ordered and not)
So most people pay the 2000 odd rupees before realising that they have been tricked.

I found this listed in the consumer complaints website

I’m surprised though that nothing has been done as yet.
and as for me, I guess I’ll just skip the visit to the post office, unless someone has any other suggestions on how I could help stop this. I still have the receipt for the parcel.



10 thoughts on “Postal fraud

      • Isn’t it beautiful !! No one could have said it as it is….so brutally yet compassionately honest. Reading this piece made me feel so proud about my motherland…for all her greatness and all her shortcomings.

        N the bit about “ being properly Indian is in your DNA”… so true na?!

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