I want my money back

I’d like to begin by blaming Dipta. I should have learnt long ago that no good can come of any plan that involves him, but clearly I’m a fool.  So I call up and say – “Let’s go for a movie, guys…” His voice drawls… “The only movie playing is Robot… ”  At exactly that point I should have hung up and ended the matter. But, I repeat, I am a fool.

Let the audience note that there were other films running. And there were plenty of other options like biryani at Karim’s or kebabs from Shamim. Or a walk down dusty mall road. Or simply lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling which might have been infinitely more fulfilling than what we ended up watching. His wife is a smarter woman than I because she begged off – Superstar Rajni is not her scene.

And as I’ve realised, not mine either. I quite enjoy the sunglasses flip and the finger pointing, mind it. I love the crazy stunts. But take away Rajni the hero and tell me that a robot is doing it and I really don’t care to see a man older than my father in inch thick make up, spewing silly lines like – Akal nahi, nickle hai. Rajni is meant to be Rajni. In sci-fi anything is possible so it is no great thrill if he runs alongside a speeding train and beats up 80 people with his left finger. It might as well have been Simbu, Madhavan, John Abraham or Tusshar Kapoor for all I care.

I have to admit I went there bubbling over with excitement, enthu cutlet that I am. The OA held on to my hand because I threatened to fall down the escalator in sheer eagerness. When the credits began I stood up and cheered as soon as his name rolled in. My four companions visibly blanched and tried to hunch down in their seats and disassociate themselves. When I entered I noticed that the foyer was full of people who spoke the four South Indian languages  and it seemed an evening full of promise and much celebration and noise. But sometime before Aishwarya entered and after the robot spoke, the joy decreased and the light in my eyes dimmed.  I also realised that the junta didn’t have as much enthu as they would have had in Chennai. No one screamed, no one threw money, no one launched themselves at the screen. Very disappointing. Eventually I gave up all pretense of enjoying the movie.  I’d only recommend it for the fancy sets for awe and the terrible costumes for a laugh.

A few thoughts

– Why did Ash do this movie – other than the money, that is. There can’t have been any creative satisfaction for her in the role she played. She fake smiled, fake cried and truly hammed. It was not her movie. It was not the role of a lifetime. She had to wear ridiculous costumes and dance to songs like Kilimanjaro and then go click click click, dedo bose… *shudder* How does she sleep at night and go out in public after this embarrassment? I’d be saving money for my kids’ therapy if I’d starred in the song. As for why Rajni did the film – I don’t claim to understand his choice in films, but if at 60 plus if I am still getting films designed for me (same goes for the Big B), I’d go along with any tomfoolery and not complain.

– Speaking of the songs. What was Rahman smoking? My ears have never been so assaulted. And to think I defended him even in the face of crap like Jai Ho (Yeah, I’m one of the few who doesn’t see what the deal with that song is). Will the real Rahman please stand up? The guy who did the music for Dilli 6 and Roja.  I’ve never understood why songs in translation are so stilted. Why can’t they just write new lyrics without stumbling over their tongues and killing poetry? Mohit, Mohit, Mohit.. why did you agree to sing that crappy Neutron Electron number and how did your accent change? I’m going to have to pretend this didn’t happen if we want this relationship to last. Just don’t do it again.

-In translation, the dialogues and humour suck. Wait, let me re-phrase that. I thought it sucked in general, but the Tamil gags lost all meaning to our group other than this guy and me. I am inclined to agree with Dipta. Humour is very different across the country and the audience that finds Golmaal funny will not be amused by TVs being plucked off the wall and flung to the floor. But then neither did the hajaar people sharing that hall with me.

– Again, to agree with a point Dipta made, there is some cultural baggage and perhaps my loss here is that I don’t have any association with Rajni. On the other hand I don’t have it with the Big B either. I’d really rather not watch 60% of the films he’s done in the last 10 years.

Sigh. I could go on. But I don’t believe the movie is worth my time and energy. Go read Dipta’s post instead. Let me end with a line Dipta threw at us as we walked out – After this movie, Shankar should be dismantled.

And oh, Dipta? To make up for this, you owe me dinner at Karim’s. Pay up right now.

Edited to add: Here’s another review I loved . And another related piece by Memsaab story.

106 thoughts on “I want my money back

  1. I am a regular reader of your posts. I usually don’t and can’t finish reading anything online. Because I hate computers..but your posts are so My-type-ramblings that I always come back to your blog to read your article.
    Great write!

  2. LOL – you brave woman! No force on earth would make me watch a Rajni movie! 🙂 I think you need to like Shankar’s movies before you can like this one….since I HATED the two Shankar movies I’ve seen, all the more reason for me to stay far far away… As for Aish – come on, at 6 crores, you think she cares how silly she looked?

    Plus having a Shankar movie on your resume is a plus in certain parts of the country!


  3. I am so glad I gave this movie a miss – the first Rajini movie that I haven’t watched in theater for as far as I can remember – as this never piqued my interest and I am not sure why. May be it was the botox Rajini or plastic Ash or OTT Shankar or “Sun Pictures”, who seem to rule all aspects of TN. *sigh*

    As to why Ms.Rai acted in this movie, I guess it was the money + Shankar – Rajini combo that tilted it for her. If I am paid 6 crores to act dumb, hell, I might just do it 🙂 That said, except for a handful, most Indian movies expect the heroines to be dumb and most of our illustrious actresses play along with it…

      • Ah the costumes…you know the local MDS designers were all bummed that the contract went to Mr. Manish Malhotra! Me, I thought the ostrich costume was sheer genius – how-to-make-a costume-of-minimal-cloth 101 lesson!

        • Meh… they needn’t worry. I am sure they’ll get the next one. MM’s never going to live down the shame so i doubt he’ll take on another of these. he’ll stick to punjabi kudis and pretty chiffons

      • I saw some of the promo vidoes and found her costume quite ridiculous. I don’t know how anyone can look at it with a straight face, leave alone wear it 🙂 To top it, these were show-cased in rediff site, as part of the movie promo, to sing paens about the desinger. *Looking around for a wall to bang her head*

      • dude! she did it coz none of her movie fared well at the BO! but give Rajini movie a go , it makes her life and she boast of a super – duper hit in her resume…arrrrrgh! i so hate her! i so hate Rajini to have paired up with her!

        but for the other things you havementioned! no logic only magic when it comes to Rajini’s movie…you are talking to a staunch Rajini worshipper 🙂 so beware lady!

        and this movie is by far the best non-rajini movie..sans any ‘punch’ dialogues..but still dude! this is Rajini we are talking about…before i strike you off my friends list 🙂 let us do a good rajini post..vokey ? okey? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK :)))))

        *waits for MM’s response*

        • baby, i love you. but even for you, i cant say iliked it. i mean even you admit it didnt have any punch dialogues. the man is ageing and the makeup cant hide it any longer. i’m no ageist, but then he needs to be playing an older character.

          • oh! i was just kidding…can u believe this is only movie which i have not watched it fDFS..coz of Aishwarya in it…the thing is TN folks will NEVER accept him as an aging balding old man…they will self immolate..u know…but to be fair to the man..he never asks for such roles…just that people automatically assumes he is the protagnist…did u see the youtube video that is doing its rounds how he puts himself down and says thank you to aishwarya for acting along side this aging man?

  4. There is so much content and essence that gets lost in translation when a film is remade in another language.
    Watch the Tamil version and you will see the difference.It was not a masterpiece but the Tamil version was very enjoyable. Ditto with Raavan and Raavanan.

  5. Umm. I know I might be missing the whole point here.


    I’ve never seen a movie in which Ash could “act”. Give me Konkona Sen any day, thank you.

    Hope you get your dinner at Karim’s. 🙂

    • neither have i. but at least she could have done us a favour, shut up, and looked pretty. Here she dashed my last hope to the floor by wearing the most outrageous costumes and dancing like a monkey on hot bricks.

  6. The whole world is divided into two parts – Rajni fans and the rest. You my dear (no offence) fall into the latter category as your review suggests.

    Pliss to read this review, which echoes my thoughts brilliantly. I couldn’t have said it better.


    Rajni the villain of 80’s is back with a bang in this movie. I’m sorry you couldn’t appreciate the movie for what it’s worth. It may be not be a Oscar worthy drama, but 200% entertainment for a true Rajni ‘fan’ it definitely is!!

    PS: I thought Aishwarya looked lovely in this movie, as a pleasant change.

    • oh none taken! I didnt mind his movies years ago when it was a bit of a laugh. but now i guess, since there’s none of that emotional angle to it, he’s just an ageing actor in a movie that to my mind fell flat. so i’m very happy falling into the non-fan category. 🙂 As I said, I went to watch it for what the film was worth – not because I was harking back to the 80s villain. and that is where it failed me because i’m a new audience. Aishwarya looked pretty – there is no other way she can look.i just felt bad for her having to play the role she did with a man twice her age and dressing up in freakish costumes. i thought she’d moved past that stage ….

  7. Rajini’s movies are to be watched in packed halls with crazy fans – otherwise its very difficult to enjoy them (unless one is his fan). Definitely a waste of money to watch ’em in a theatre full of shaant audience.

    I am no fan of his movies and cant watch them on a DVD ever. But I make it a point to watch all his movies first-day whistling every time he comes on the screen (I can do the lafhanga whistle -while most guys around cant – HA :P), cheering with all other crazy fans – just ‘cos its so much fun. We live in the US and the audience was a truckload of junta who ensured the whole dancing in front of the screen, garlands,screaming undying love et all.I dont remember most of the scenes because it was not the movie, but the experience the mattered ( tamil version) .

    I dont understand this phenomena , havent seen any other movie star have this kind of effect on the masses (at 60!) and am just so amazed. I am a Maharashtrian and been trying to pull in my relatives to experience it ( but they just turn up their noses !)

    Btw, Aishwarya was the real Robot in the movie..aaargh!

  8. i disagree
    I think this is movie, after a long line of punch-dialogue-spewing mindless movies,this movie made use of Rajni’s acting skills-
    Especially the second half. I loved the “villian” Rajni’s menacing laugh/ dialog delivery. It reminded me of the old movies ( if you have seen his initial ones)- that Alex Pandian walk..
    I could go on.. but maybe the difference between you ( and other hindi version viewers) and me – is that I grew up watching Rajni movies. Infact, for my 3rd bday, when my daddy asked me what I wanted.. I told him that I wanted a “rajni padam” at home. So, that’s what he did- he rented a projector screened “anbulla Rajnikanth” for me and my friends 🙂

  9. nonononononononoooooooo… you should have seen the tamil one. i was wondering how the tamil ‘nickel’ line would translate in hindi. apparently very badly. but it was funny in tamil — he says ‘nakkal illa, nickel’ (nakkal means sarcasm).
    ash is horrible. but rajni rocks… didn’t you like chitti the villian?
    in case you haven’t guessed yet, i love the man. i enjoy his films. and you must watch this in tamil.
    ps: congrats on quitting your job. **envy**

  10. Oh well.. I am glad you feel the same! The end was such a drag and the SFX gave me a headache. Yes, the animation and stuff was good, but a lot of it was unnecessary and overdone, especially in the end.

    I think the concept of the movie had very good potential, but somewhere in the midst of the forced humour, action and SFX, the story line was lost. I feel surprised almost all the people I spoke to have loved the movie..

    • well the problem is that it was so hyped that even though a couple of people i met said they hated it, i thought it was worth a shot. now my money too has gone towards declaring the darn film a hit when i had to handcuff myself to the seat to make it through

  11. i stood my ground and gave it a miss, despite the whole world around me jumping up and down with excitement to go see it.
    im so glad i did!

    the whole hype and drama over rajni cannot and should not override the lack of a decent story/plot and his co-actresses complete inability to act or pull off her role! its jus plain unfair to viewers!

  12. I am wondering if they had only said “Aishwarya IN and AS Robot”, the problem would have got solved.
    Expectations would have been lower and we may have actually enjoyed the film!

  13. i think it lost its fizz when translated… even the telugu version was so lame…i saw it in tamil tho… the villain rajni was just too cool! and the line in tamil was “nakkal illai, idhu nickel” so yeah the punch was out of the dialogues…if i was paid 6 crs, i’d set aside a few for children’s therapy and suck it in! so there… you now know that i loved it!

  14. Rajni is not my type, too. But we might go see Endhiran sometime soon, just for the sake of the hubby. He LOVES his style. 😛

    I don’t know about Delhi, but the prices here for Endhiran were so outrageously priced. Now they’ve come down to about 200 per head or so.

  15. These movies are for the masses and unfortunately I don’t like what the masses like!…the loud dramatic theater style acting just gives me the creeps!…me no go for sure!…:)

  16. WOW!!! You brave woman…you paid money and watched Rajini & Ash!!!!!!!
    Despite all the fan following he has i simply can’t get myself to watch his movies. Why can’t people age gracefully ?? (This includes Big B also)

    • well atleast the Big B plays an old man in his movies. This guy – well, as you said, i wish he’d just age gracefully. On a large screen the make up and wig are just so obvious that you cringe.

  17. LOL

    After two and half years I finally got a chance to enter a cinema hall this weekend. I was dizzy with excitement! I lived on popcorn and ice tea for a day and watched two movies and still managed to avoid Robot!!

  18. I found the movie total torture, I feel I should have walked out of it, but stayed just to give hubby company 😦

    I went for the movie totally enthu, having heard the hype, and it was my first Rajni theater experience, and such a let down.

    Don’t even get me started on Ash. Her role could not be more ridiculous! The song khilimanjaro – what was the point of such humiliation?

        • ROFL!!! I learn something new everyday. So what about people like me and my brats? Do you realise that with bengali, garhwali, tamil and konkani genes they are the best example of why we have to find a word that encapsulates the lot!?

          So did you enjoy the movie, Inba?

          • Throw in your Chinese roots and make it ‘Panchamritam’. Yummy!

            I’m no Rajini (the Amits call him Rajni) fan but LOVED Endhiran for its Sankaresque excesses and brilliant dialogues. Me thinks dubbing is a crime. The nakkal-nickel bit brought the roof down here. Akal-nickel is so lame.

            • exactly. it was a true waste of time
              now we have to spell it differently too? gah. I just read Blogeswari’s review and she’s spelled it both ways so i’m further confused 🙂

  19. You’re right about the train sequence and other such sequences.
    Making the robot skate down the rails is no big deal.
    The movie certainly doesn’t qualify as unique just because it’s about a robot like that.
    And die-hard Rajni fans don’t get anything out of it.
    Good movies are not simply about creating a fictional character and saying it can do a zillion things. Rather, if they can portray something that’s seemingly ordinary, in an extraordinary way, that would make the movie truly different.

    • precisely. its not like i have a prob with a certain type of cinema. i was mystified for this exact reason. for rajni fans this is not THE rajni. its a robot doing robot things. thanks for understanding what i meant!

  20. And I read that Ash was paid Rs. 6 crores for that role, apparently the highest for a female actor in Indian cinema. What role? Lol.

    I wonder if the bunch who worked so hard on the graphics really got what they deserved.. for it was graphics that carried the movie on its shoulders

  21. Apparently Ash didnt want to do Robot and kept shying away from signing the dotted line. But they got the big guns (Big B) in and she couldnt say no. Such a good daughter in law you know

    • darling, what would i do without you and Dipta for bolly trivia? although i find this even more painful now. who wants to see their DIL with a man their own age? and dancing around in an ostrich costume. i’d feel like an ass if i had to wear it for a fancy dress competition let alone on a big screen! but then no one is paying me 6 cr for it. that might make all the difference.

  22. Oh no. I loved the movie. I agree Aish looks horrid – why did she have to wear so much makeup and that Kiliminjaro song was so OTT.

    But Rajni – well I’m an unabashed fan – son of the soil, style, comedy, his dignity outside etc etc.

    And I’m amazed that at 60 he’s so fit ! Forget the makeup etc he is anyways not a good looker..

    This is a cultural thing for sure. That, plus the language. Although the nakkal nickel gag didn’t work for me, atleast it didn’t make me gag 🙂

    • See I agree with all the Rajni bits – son of the soil, comedy, dignity…
      but it seemed like none of those mattered in this movie – and this was about the movie, not him.
      i dont mind non-good lookers. thats why i married the OA :p but the makeup,wig etc were irritants on a big screen when its in your face.
      finally, as i said, this movie was about a robot who could do anything. which entirely defeats the point of a rajni movie where they show him as a mindblowing action hero.

    • Poppy, you and me! behenaa behenna :)i tis his dignity and down to earth mannerisms that made me his biggest fan…but this movie..it was a master piece for Indian standards…so i rest my case

  23. “The robot does everything”-well that’s precisely the point and a totally genius move by a director who respects the intelligence of his audience. The logic flaying, punch dialogue spewing,sunglass flipping Rajini is but a stupid condescending stereotype created especially by the North Indian media- by silly columnists who know nothing about the man and his body of work and try to understand why a seemingly dark and unattractive ageing man can have the charm and charisma he does. The movie itself is intelligently made and every action of the robot including how he skates on the rail has a scientific basis (scanning ISBN codes, the Robot evaluation and the algorithmic formations in the end). All credit to the brilliant writer/engineer Sujatha. Even the “neutron electron” song I think is brilliantly written. It is meant to be the outpourings of love from a scientist so steeped in his work that he has no time for his lady. Sorry for the rant. But I think you lost a lot in translation.

    • i’m sure he has a great body of work but i’m merely talking about this film. the only people who fell in love with the film are those who already think he is great. a film should be good/entertaining regardless of who sees it – if i watch a film star without his body of work i should still be able to say he is great and not have to hark back to something he did in the 80s. otherwise its mere star power which there is no denying.

      to me there was no real attraction other than the graphics. which i gave due credit to. the gags are lost in hindi. the song might be brilliant in tamil but in translation as you rightly said – the lyrics are lost and become gibberish. the music wasn’t great. the talking mosquito scene made me want to cry – i cant believe a director who respects the intelligence of his audience would come up with that! also, I’m sure the original has its own flavour, but this is what the hindi version came across as and thats all i can say about it.

      everyone has a right to a POV without another creating a conspiracy theory over north indian media stereotypes. it is a little ridiculous to expect everyone to like what you emotionally engage with. i’d not call it a south indian media conspiracy if they didnt laud Paa or Mohabbatein. One has got to be able to take constructive criticism and opinion for what it is. Naturally the perspective will be different to yours. this is the kind of statement that ends up flaming the comment space and i dont appreciate it in the least bit. it is also sad that no one seems to have a sense of humour and everything becomes a cause for offence.

      • You have misunderstood me. I never said that you have to be familiar with his work to appreciate this movie. Your like or dislike of this movie is your personal choice and is none of my business. But you did mention that you were disappointed because you expected a Rajini movie to have more punch dialogues and finger pointing and my point was about that. That is the stereotype. While the man is certainly known for it, there is usually more to his movies. I hate to be partisan but it is a fact and no conspiracy theory that there were a lot of poorly researched articles (I can post links but am refraining as I am not for creating any comment space wars) in the pre- Enthiran hype which were poorly researched and borderline derogatory talking about him being talentless and all style. If only the had watched a few of his movies. I was only expressing my opinion on those. Your point about Paa or Mohabbatein doesn’t make any sense as there are have been people reviewing Hindi movies for decades down south and the Hindi movie industry has a pan-India audience.

        • but that is because i’ve SEEN him do those things. its got nothing to do with media stereotypes! And there may be more to his movies but I can only speak of what I’ve seen. That is the point of a regular person’s perspective as opposed to a proper review. While i am sure its important to watch his body of work if you want to comment on his body of work, i dont see why one should watch a body of work if you feel he is a poor actor in a particular film. I dont know why my point makes no sense because all I said was that if one doesnt agree with your opinion of a film or an actor you cant call it a regional bias conspiracy. You’ve got to accept it as their POV and leave it at that

  24. LOL fun read 🙂 And a refreshing perspective too. Think I’ll avoid this one and just watch one of his old movies where I’ll get my fill of flamboyant dialogue 😀 Btw what’s your take on Sivaji? Haven’t seen that one either but love some of the dialogue snippets I’ve heard, full paisa vasool they were!

  25. Really?! U know in the recent past the only Rajni movie..that I thought was decent…was Endhiran! I am no Rajni fan/hater… I think the last movie of his that I really enjoyed was padayappa ( can see that one , many times over)..but after that hvn’t seen most of his movies. N then I saw Sivaji…imagine..when I was on a vacation in Toronto ..all for the husband..and I didn’t like the movie a wee bit… I wished that he would stop acting n left ppl till had some respect for him. I have a big issue too..with these stars not acting their age.

    So when the hubby wanted to drive down to Boston( 3 hrs one way) to watch Robot…I went along just for company..expecting the worst..(mabbe that made the movie better for me?)..n cribbing about the cost of the movie ticket ( This movie had increased rates compared to other desi movies) but I kinda liked it at the end.. NOTE : not loved it, but thot it was alrite…and sooooooo much better compared to Sivaji !

    I have an issue with anything translated/dubbed..music, movies ‘et all. The original almost alwez is better. so I never watch Hindi versions of tamil movies, or Hindi versions of English movies . I’m so glad I know tamil..’coz I feel Rahman’s music is soooooooooo much better in Tamil.

    But ya..this movie’s music had nothing that will make one think that the music is from the master! Wasn’t impressed at all with the music.

    As for Ash…I generally can’t stand that woman. I hate it that just her being “Ms World” and later, part of Big B family has made her so much ‘In-Demand’. She sucks. Period.

    N the mosquito scene..what the hec was that about?!?! %^&*$#@ !!! seriously!

    I loved the graphics in the end though…where the robots form all those shapes… I just wish they hadn’t stretched it for THAT long!

    • Totally agree the thing about Shivaji.. we got dragged along by my dad who had to *watch* the movie and came back with a head ache.. what with Shriya (younger than his daughters I guess) coming in all that minimal or almost nothing outfits and Rajini going on and on about Tamil culture and tamil women and praising her character in the movie as an embodiment of it (really with all those outfits).. The only thing that worked for me in Shivaji was his negative twist towards the end..

      Give me a Padayappa or Badsha anyday..

      I havent watched Endhiran yet (should be the only tamilian to have commited that crime :D) so cannot comment on it.. But I completed agree with every word that VJC has said.. its just a movie and the hype around it is just unwarranted.. Gasp.. 6 crs to Aish for this??? I dont know what these tamil directors see in her..

      MM, you are totally entitled to your opinion on the movie.. It is just that you know.. as a personal example for me as a tamilian to see a tamil movie breaking some records world over is very emotional and when someone’s criticism (esp from a blogger I value) takes it away from me.. I am sad 🙂 .. and sometimes we just can’t handle that and we tend to argue.. Tell us what the Brat has been upto these days..

      • LOl! Brat is busy reading, reading, reading…

        I am touched that you value my opinion but sometimes it will differ i guess. And I think a lot of the record breaking has more to do with hype than actual worth of a film. that bothers me hugely. it means the little guys barely stand a chance.

        • Totally Totally.. The things that are happening in tamil industry right now.. makes an ardent follower like me very sad.. its all about money and political power..

        • And the Brat is reading.. aww.. what is he reading these days.. I remember that picture where he was sitting in their area with a book sprawled over his leg.. Cuteness that it..

    • Oh and.. totally agree about dubbed movies.. Dil Se did not work as Uyire for me.. and for most people.. because I could not relate to SRK or Manisha or Preity Zinta playing North Indian, NE? and mallu characters and speak tamil to each other.. But it was a brilliant movie (acc to me)..

      Though SRK was a pan India star.. His movie works for me as long as he doesnt try lip sync to Sujatha’s dialogies.. I guess Mani learnt from his experience and made Ayutha Ezhuthu separately..

      ***runs away before MM notices that her comment space is turned into someone’s rant on movies***

  26. An overrated movie for sure. Iam a tamilan and i watched the tamil version. Here in Tamilnadu people are messmerised to tell that Endhiran was too good. All the media including the english papers have been given ads and bribes to write good reviews. Rajni was forced to give talks on this movie which he has never done it before (just because the producers had a bigger clout over him). The fools are the people. After all it is a movie (After all). They back to back the showed the craziness of the fans in Sun TV and created more craziness. Tamilnadu is getting engulfed in movie frenzy like never before. People are made to sit before TV and forget all the misigivings of this current government which is plundering them. Now they are talking about Endhiran II. They will do a movie launch premiere and people will talk about this in Sun TV for sure for three weekends. The fools are the people. My point is after all it is a movie.

  27. You hate translated lyrics? what are you? A robot???
    I hereby submit this lil ditty –

    “telephone dhun mein hansane vaali
    melbourne machhali machalane vaali
    digital mein sur hai taraasha
    madonna hai ya natasha

    zaakir hussain tabala tu hai kya
    sona sona tera chamake ruup salona
    sona sona cellular phone tum to ho na
    computer ko le kar bramha ne rachaaya kya”

    Now, pray what do have to say for yourself in the face of such awesomeness? muahahahaha…
    And Manyu told you he gets the tamil gags? I hope his acting was better than Aishwarya’s.

    • and this is exactly the kind of nonsense we’ve been subjected to for years. why cant they take the tune and make new lyrics i ask you? and if this is a translation – what on earth were the tamil guys thinking when they called a telephone ring musical??
      well manyu and i were the only ones rolling eyes and harking back to what the original might have been. shall tell him you have high opinion of his tamil.

      • well, lets just say he kept any tamil “skills” he had a secret while we went to J school in chennai.
        What I remember are the puns and I bet he let loose during Robot. Too tempting, too easy.
        Btw, you totally sold me on robot. Talking mosquitos, the sheer poetry of Neutron Electron and the ongoing contest between Ash & the robot on whos more plastic? Sounds awesome(ly bad).

        • 🙂 well considering the only other Tam around was me, he won hands down! in Madras, I think he and I would both just shut up and use sign language
          and dude, if you’re into S&M, go ahead.

          • wait, am i the only one who loves the “so bad they are good” genre of movies? The genre lorded over by the likes of mithunda and rajini saar? Its stuff like raavan that makes me cry.

            • see i thought i loved it. but this one just drove me nuts. as i said – maybe different company was required. maybe 1.5 hours should have been chopped out. but go, see for youself. just dont say i didnt warn you because i’m not buying you dinner to make up for it

      • but this song is equally terrible in tamil!! it has lost very little in translation, thats because it has very little in it to begin with… izz okay..it *is* complete gibberish!!

  28. Now go see Dabangg. Because I don’t have the courage to. And then write something as funny as this 😛

    Btw “She fake smiled, fake cried and truly hammed”. *yawwwwn* What’s new? 😛 I hate Ash, and only because she is so fake. On screen and off screen.

    • actually i did. full paisa vasool. now he did all that I expected Rajni to… and because he’s younger and fitter it worked. even his hamming worked. on the other hand i didn’t go there expecting to see anything great (I cant stand Salman) so it was a pleasant surprise.

  29. MM!
    What a shocker that you are Rajni fan! I am thrilled! I love his movies altho I am tired of watching him as a hero anymore. I wish he would retire and let me keep the golden memories of Raakhama kaiya thattu!
    Btw are u Tamilian? I am suprised to see Simbu mentioned in your post! Hubby is a big fan of him!

  30. I actually liked Endhiran. I watched the tamil version, not the hindi one. And though I don’t really understand the language, I really liked the movie.
    Part of it was because it wasn’t Rajni-the man, doing all of those stunts. It was so much more believable and fun when it was the robot (not to mention Rajnikanth looked incredibly young and good for his age!).
    And the last 20 minutes of the movie were simply awesome… perhaps Rajnikanth-Sankar combo is the only combo in Indian cinema who could pull this off. On anyone else, it would seem really far fetched.
    Maybe you should’ve watched the tamil version, because the songs did sound a little more Rahman-ish. And the theatre I was in… last minute tickets at a theatre, not a multiplex. Plenty of whistles

  31. Well apart from being the costliest ever movie and the most successful one to date, consider this: It is a well made SFX movie.

    Ofcourse this movie would NOT be possible without the assistance of a plethora of folks who feature in the credits at the very end of the movie.

    We have seen Terminator and enjoyed the SFX, how about the same if made in India ?

    This is what i have always observed: When a movie is literally dubbed to a different language, humor SOUNDS quite silly and its interpretation lost.

    Consider a normal mumbai slang like ‘ek chai paani maar ke dena’ – Try translating the same to one’s local language, wouldn’t that sound rather silly ?

    One should watch the movie in the ORIGINAL, Can’t help if one doesn’t understand the movie in tamil though. I feel the slang should be appropriately rephrased rather than LITERALLY translated.

    We all have seen what movies are released in bollywood, kollywood, sandalwood, how about a Sci-Fiction indian movie for a change ?

    I can understand, we can’t imagine a balding Rajni looking different and younger – well that’s because the masses have grown up seeing Rajni during the younger days and still feel he’s a hot sell and want to see him young. Why would anyone go to see a balding Rajnikant ?

    I am not a Rajni fan, and this was my first. I felt this movie to be good, different from the rest of the movies which are on the humurous, romantical side.

    There were a few scenes which was quite unwarranted and unrealistic but hey its a Sci-Fiction movie !

    Why would Aishwarya act in this movie ? Well the simple reason would be:
    1. Firstly its a movie made by Shankar.
    2. Secondly a Rajni movie always sells.
    3. Thirdly this movie would be dubbed in Hindi as well and will be seen by Mumbaikars.
    4. Lastly do we need to reason why Aishwarya would be preferred to any other heroine 🙂

    But i do agree to your point, her acting skills are not great – but this applies across movies and not just this.

    I would have preferred to watch this movie in a non-INOX or non-PVR kind, as i didn’t see to many people whitling or going GA-GA.

    Those were my views, and everyone has his or her perception.

  32. oh, just back from the movie – the Tamil version of it. The first part was an absolute entertainer! The second half, though, was a masala, though Graphics was good.
    Ash anyway wasn’t right for that role. It wasn’t a Rajini movie, either.
    The humour was ofcourse very good in the Tamil version. For the throwing-down-the-TV part, I agree the translation would have sucked, but I repeat, the Tamil version of it did bring a laugh in most people!
    And yeah, it wasn’t probably typical of ARR to make songs like that, but it did seem like a Shankar movie.

    And by-the-way, I always use ‘Thamizh’ to make sure it is pronounced right. If the English version of the name of the language alone could be so misspelt and mispronounced, I can image how bad translation of the humour track of the movie could be!

    • sure. see, what most people dont get is that this is my opinion of the hindi movie. i have nothing to say to the tamil version although i still dont think my personal sensibilities extend to seeing Rajnikanth as a young man in that much make up and wig

  33. Pingback: Endhiran « The Ride I Enjoy ..

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