More trouble than they are worth

Nani and the TV wars continue. The Brat and Bean want the TV just when she wants to watch the news or the Commonwealth Games. They argue. The Brat decides to switch off the TV. The Bean goes one step further – “Dovey,” she calls out to her brother..”Just pull out the wire from the back…”

Yeah okay. Let’s all play with wires and electrocute ourselves, shall we?


G’pa has taken the car to the garage and the mechanic has it up on the hydraulic lift. All my life the brother and I have gone with my dad. My mum usually goes under the car to ensure that a decent job has been done and that is nothing new to the Mad Sibling or me. Garages are second home. Even though I don’t drive I am able to have a conversation with you on what that rattling sound in the engine might be. And so it’s of great importance to me that the babies also learn to be comfortable around the car since their father only drops and picks up the car without ever checking if all promised has been delivered.

And so it was that G’pa was at the garage with the Brat who wanted to go along for a ride. And while grandpa talked, the Brat wandered around with a bit of string that he was calling a snake. All was going well until a mechanic shouted and an ashen Brat came tearing back to G’pa and buried his face in his stomach. Apparently he’d pulled the lever on the hydraulic lift and the mechanic found that the car he was working on, shot up and out of his reach. Had the Brat turned it the other way the car would have come crashing down. Of course thanks to the wheels it would still not have touched the mechanic, but it shaved a few years off the mechanic’s as well as my dad’s life.

The Brat got a mouthful from everyone of course and went ashen – I doubt he’ll ever touch anything in a workshop again. But I just had to store this away for future reference. Maybe his wedding toast. What say?


And finally, I present to you, Cousin K being beaten to death. The Brat suggested it and smartly suggested that the Bean take the first shot. The Bean, being the Bean, went at him with all the fury of a little tornado, swirling arms and fists. The Brat jumped in once she incapacitated Cousin K who went down in a fit of giggles. That just got them madder. How dare he not take them seriously. The more they thrashed the more he laughed helplessly. Last heard, they were inviting G’pa to  dive off the bed and land on Cousin K’s 50 kilo frame. Serves him right –  I believe he started it by teasing them.


27 thoughts on “More trouble than they are worth

  1. oh my that mechanic incident is mighty scary!! the rust warli sheet we have too!!

    anush just recently managed to burn her elbow in the kitchen with her enthusiastic i will roll the roti routine

  2. ‘Dovey’ !!!!!
    awwwwww…..I love her.

    I want a girl!! I want!

    If I have a boy I will just give him up and try again! That’s it!

  3. LOLLLLLL!!!! ROFFFFFFFLLLL!!! I could NOT stop laughing at the garage incident MM! Poor Brat must be scared out of his wits! And yeah the mechanic and grampa would be too! Coz things could have just gone the other way and would be really bad. But I cannot stop laughing and visualizing the whole incident. Really worth saving it for his wedding toast 🙂

  4. ”Just pull out the wire from the back…”?? really?! To be able to think of THAT solution at that age is really something! You have a genius in the making..

    And err.. All the best 😛

  5. Dovey really??? I can’t believe it…Too cute!

    Ahhh i see ur comment on her copying u…u call him lovey dovey??? WOw…have never heard anyone call anyone by that name in real or cartoon life!!!

  6. You’re really mean, aren’t you? 1. They’re worth more than just this trouble. 2. No, you cannot use this incident for the wedding toast of your angelic son.

    And dude, your daughter is an Allahabadi gundi! Pint-sized atom bomb wonly.. lookit her squished under cousin K and the Brat, and still snarling!

  7. I do not like the title of your post…
    B & B are adorable.
    OK, so brat made a mistake.. They are still worth every bit of trouble and more.. 🙂

  8. Hahaha… “terribly” cute children!!!!

    u know..i’ve been in wrestling fights with tiny tots…gosh! The strength they have. My sister’s 2.5 year old would beg me to wrestle with him..n after a couple of wrestles..when I really was wounded n tired n so, refused to wrestle anymore he wld say “Please chitti. Okay, I’ll let u win except that’s not how a game is played .But for you..i will.”!!!!

    n aiyyyo poor Bratty….must hv gotten so scared..but I don’t think he’ll ever repeat that mistake! So ya, a good lesson learnt.

    Lol…Beanie is a Ms smarty-pants haan 🙂 Major planning n plotting she does! I think I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again…ur surely in for interesting days of parenting with this one 🙂

  9. OK, I DON’T like the title of this post. Seriously. 😦
    A wicked mommy like you deserves the gundi lil baby that the Bean is :D. I love her. And the Brat? Preciousness. Mmmmuah to the babies. They can’t get any cuter.

  10. still waiting for a road rage post…………

    how come things/persons do not annoy you anymore? some yoga thingi or you are at peace with yourself?

    I love your hate posts 🙂

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