We’re all in it together

The adults are sitting around chatting and joking and talking up a storm. The babies have climbed up on the barstools and have set up a shop at the bar. On sale are plastic toys, bowls, charger cords and mobile phones – basically anything they could find. The currency is a bunch of gift cards. Every little while one of the adults gets up and goes up to the bar and makes Β a purchase. It keeps the babies busy and we can have a decent conversation. All is going well until my parents’ cook who has also stopped by to make a purchase exclaims, “Yeh toh bada ghotala hai…” and goes on to explain that the Brat sells an item and then Bean quietly goes around unnoticed, collecting the ‘sold’ items while we chat, and puts them back up for sale! The two little thieves are running a very successful business in collaboration.


Nani puts TV on for the babies. The Brat asks for a particular channel. Nani switches it and then says they can only watch for 20 minutes more after which she wants to catch the news. The Brat gets annoyed and picks up the remote in an attempt to take control. He doesn’t know what to do with it until the Bean says, “Quick give it here. I’ll put it under a pillow and sit on it so that she can’t take it.”

Sigh. What have I brought upon myself?


36 thoughts on “We’re all in it together

  1. Hahahaa…there there…now u call them babies, so then comes not so babies, then teenagers…lol…i can’t wait to continue to read the mad momma blog for the next 15 years at least!

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