Dilli Haat

* Dear Bijoli Grill

Would you mind opening up a branch in Gurgaon. There is a little girl here who hungers for mishti doi and going all the way to Dilli Haat for it isn’t always easy.

Thanking you,


* Huddling under an inadequate garden umbrella while the unusually harsh Delhi monsoons rage around you, eating steaming hot chicken momos at Dilli Haat, is the cosiest thing ever. Β Ever.

* Two kids with straws and mugs of fruit beer can cause more destruction than nuclear war. Don’t believe me? You ain’t seen mine in action. Brandishing them like swords, spraying water and juice all over the place and poking their parents in the eye, shoving them into their noses and ears.

*Heard – Brat saying – Why are you saying, don’t touch the dogs, don’t touch the dogs? Doggies only bite if you hurt them. If you pet them they will love you back.”

*Seen – Brat helping the waiters lock up the stall, hand out menus, and struggle to lift chairs and pile them up. He finally promised to come back when he was older so that he could help the waiters.

*Heard – Bean saying, “I’m not a waiter. I am an eater.”

54 thoughts on “Dilli Haat

  1. Awwwww @ the Brat and Bean. Such adorable kids!! πŸ™‚

    Looks like you are enjoying life again!! Cheers to that!! πŸ˜€

  2. This is the sort of post that makes me miss Delhi. It contains momos, fruit beer and Dilli Haat. 😦

    Oh, and when Bijoli Grill listens to you, I’m going to attack too and land up there for some fish fry. I lurrrrrrrveeeeee!

    Hugs to the animal-lover and the eater πŸ™‚

  3. MM i dont have kids (Am not married either)..but wen i do have kids i wud really want them to be like Bean and Brat! πŸ™‚ i find Brat and Bean and their ‘isms’ totally adorable!! Keep them coming..


  4. “Eater” – huh – definitely my kind!

    P.S. Easy recipe for misti doi – one cup condensed milk, one cup yoghurt and one cup evaporated milk. Stir well and bake for 15 mins at 350 F. Cool and place in fridge to set overnight.

  5. It’s so amazing to see their personalities reflect everywhere.

    ‘I’m not a waiter. I am a eater’ ROFL.

    We take my kids to a buffet which is free for kids on teusdays. It’s perfect for them as they are very picky and they can try different varieties.

  6. Dear MM,

    You make me so very very nostalgic for dilli haat. Had left Delhi about 4 years back, but even today can see, touch and smell the yummy momos. 😦

    The funny thing is that I used to stay close by that area, and even remember the area used to be a HUGE drain before they made it what it is…

    Aaah well that is me for my trip down the memory lane. Your story of the brat and bean is a really cute one.

    Please do keep writing.


  7. another post/mention of Dilli haat, I am off this blog!

    oh well, whose lose? mine..alright I will stay!

    I so miss Dilli Haat, momos the whole ambience. we used to hang out there a lot the very first year it opened. Southex was another past time..specially papdi chaat from that corner bengali sweet shop( they used to add a handful of juicy anaarseeds to chaat..heavenly. and then sightseeing ..the sight being ‘handsome guys’

    Miss many things about delhi..my first home away from home.
    note: totally hear you on kids playing with straws

  8. There’s a Bijoli Grill the Food Chowk in DLF Place (next to Select Citywalk). And while your there you might as well check out the clothes too. I’v been mall hopping this weekend and liked the stuff there the best. There’s Chemistry & Vero Moda there. Need I say more?

  9. β€œI’m not a waiter. I am an eater.”
    Been to Kingdom of Dreams? It’s er expensive but I’ve heard great reviews. I’l go this weekend and give you the expert review. πŸ˜€

  10. LOL
    Can I adopt yours? Please! Also we do get amazing momos here very nearby and the husband is a fan.

    My two and half old is in a ‘NO’ phase and when I told him I dont want another no out of him he came up with ‘nahan’. No kidding!.

  11. Hey MM! I love Dilli Haat. No trip to home (Delhi) is complete without an evening of shopping and momos & fruit beer at Dilli Haat. Love shopping for jewelery and chappals there and lots of home decor.

    Brat and Bean and are pretty clear in their minds about what they want πŸ™‚

  12. ROFL, I adore your kids!

    And re: mishti doi, I guess it’s worth it to try and make some at home – Delhi milk is awesome! Here’s a recipe, you can find more with one Google – http://bengalicuisine.net/2009/08/04/mishti-doi/

    If you get an earthen vessel to set it in, that absorbs the excess water and gives it a thicker consistency.
    Also, instead of adding the ready yoghurt(“shaaja” in Bangla) to the mixture, smear it well on the sides of the container before setting.
    The trick to getting the cream on top, apparently, is to pour the milk mixture from a height.

    Never tried it myself, but I know people who do it and it’s yummy!

    Well, better than having to run to Dilli Haat every time, na?

  13. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I am not a waiter am an eater..now that takes the cake..can’t stop laughing. Your posts make my mornings is office bearable..truly !!! πŸ™‚

  14. Good to see you back! Hope you had a great birthday. A lot of fans of your home and your garden (like me) are waiting to get a sneak peek of your beautiful home. Are they photo ready? Please don’t say no… I’ve been waiting to copy some ideas πŸ˜‰ for my new home.

  15. I love Bijoli Grill!!! I have a deep connection a the place, my annaprashan food was catered by them :))) Oh the Bean is such a delightful a line-a-minute-firecracker! But the Brat is such a heart stealer, you are raising such a wonderful little boy πŸ™‚

  16. The brat promising to come back and help when he’s older kinda reminds me of my brother πŸ™‚ when he was a kid he had super ambitions like wanting to be a mail man, then an engine driver, followed by a bus driver and finally a film actor coz he thought they didn’t have to study!!

  17. How cute MM ! belated wishes to you..been away, but love all the post, that is the best part of being away..to have so many to read all at once πŸ™‚

    Love !

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