Bedtime stories

Edited to add: A forgotten draft dug out because I am too lazy to post today.

It’s always good to see an adult man cuddling  a stuffed purple elephant with a fluffly tail, otherwise known as a Heffalump, as he sleeps. [See the Bean’s pink arm on one side and the elephant on the other side of the OA’s face.]

Although how he and  Lumpy caught their forty winks is anybody’s guess. Specially after I saw the monsters jumping on his prone form. What? Sez who I should be rescuing him instead of clicking pictures?

  • I’ve learnt that I cannot sleep alone. Even in my sleep I scoot backwards, looking for the comforting warmth of a big, muscular chest. I don’t know how the owner of that chest feels though because it is usually followed by a disgruntled snort as my hair goes up unsuspecting nostrils.
  • Somedays however, the owner of those body parts is travelling and I have an equally pleasant option. Smaller, softer, more cuddly bodies that gravitate towards me in this case. They lie on either side of me, two small pairs of hands draped over me, pulling me in opposite directions, vying for  my attention and finally falling asleep. My favourite position? Curling up like a ball and pulling them against my stomach, pretending just for a little while more that they’re back inside there, full of hope  – not outside, creating havoc!
  • A hot water bottle placed inside your bed every winter night warms the feet as well as the heart and teaches little bratlets an important lesson in conserving electricity.
  • It’s always comforting to peep into the nursery at night and see your 4 year old pat his coughing 2.5 year old sister back to sleep. Always.
  • It’s also very amusing to watch a fat 5 year old head rest itself on a skinny 3.5 year old chest and watch TV on a particularly grey and cold rainy day. (Please note, the Bean has a cushion under her knees just like she’s seen me do – and the Brat’s fave excuse when he is not willing to walk is – My knees are paining. Yes, my bum knees are rather inspirational.)


55 thoughts on “Bedtime stories

  1. Men can sleep through atom bombs. Really.

    I like Brat’s empathy. Here empathy manifests as sympathetic fake coughs from the 4.11 year old for his violently coughing sis across the room. Which then converts into real coughs. Gah!

    What is the Heffalump’s fate, by the way? Relegated to the Commoner heap of soft toys? 😦

  2. oohh…! you give such lovely heart-choking, oh-so-sweet moments and images, all bundled up with so much warmth (nothing to do with the h.w.bottle though!;) and love, that it gives u this snuggly snuggly mood!! 🙂

  3. The OA reminds me of my favorite uncle. He would try to catch some sleep before going in for a surgery and we’d play four corners in the hall, tripping and falling over him so many times. He never once got disturbed.

    The last point was a total aww! you forgot to mention that she does it for him too 🙂

  4. and what is a sleep deprived mommy supposed to do when her man snores and a tiny 9 month old and sturdy 2.9 month old hands play pat-a-cake on her stomach tryin to hurt each other???

  5. LOL!!
    Men and their sleep shall never be parted…unless they want to, which is rarely the case.
    A very heart-warming post MM, and I so agree to that part about cuddling up the babies and pretending they are safe inside our tummies 😀 .

      • Not a gender thing 🙂 – I can, and have, slept soundly through carpenters banging away at the cupboard in the room and twin boys (6 months) playing in the room right outside my room.

          • Well, I don’t have kids – but I do remember mom sleeping soundly (on the middle berth) in the 2nd class compartment through the day (catching up on her sleep) while me and my sister created a racket !(as if the racket in the compartment was not enough).

            Touch wood – she sleeps well and now that she’s getting older, am glad she continues to do so.

            Have had the same reaction as your from a number of friends – my only wish is sometimes I wish I did not need that much sleep!
            Kaala tikka / anti jinx mantras please!

            • well i sleep brilliantly if they arent around or if the OA is handling them or my parents are in town. but if they are solely my responsibility then i sleep with an eye open and trust me, i wish i could sleep better, but it just doesnt happen! God bless your mom and may she always sleep well.

  6. You make it look fairy tale like. I think i’ve already told you that you make me want to have babies. And I so agree with you to moving back on bed towards a muscular chest, for the warm hug, and in my case also its followed by a snort and grunt coz my hair runs up his nose 🙂
    Hey, same pinch on that one 😛

  7. I second the being unable to sleep without warm body thing. My husband claims he got me pregnant so I’d have someone else to cuddle and won’t whine so much when he travels on work. Let’s see if it works.

  8. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Can so relate to the snuggling up with the hubby thingie. makes you feel ever so warm and cosy. 🙂

  9. Awwww..such cute post!!

    Like someone above said, you make me want to have babies! Also I am disappointed to hear that the way men sleep doesn’t change even after kids! I was hoping and praying that the husband is going to change and will wake up to a crying baby, huh?! Doesn’t sound too promising?!


  10. • Readin abt all this cuddlin n snugglin, 1st thing at work in the morning , makes me want to go rite back to sleep at home MM! But ‘coz that’s not possible…I’m executing the next best option, sending mails to the hubby conveying the same.{wink wink}..this mite turn out to be an interesting day !

    N ya…I could not and cannot ever go to sleep alone. Early on it was my sis I would hug to death and now of crse it’s the hubby 🙂

  11. we went to Jim Corbett on our honeymoon and stayed right there in camp instead of outside, which is what I always like to do in forests. Needless to say in the dead of December, in the sparse lodgings we were shivering our butts off – some of my fondest memories of our first nights as a married couple are my husband filling water bottles and hiding them all under our sheets. By the end of the four nights, because of the hot water the plastic was molded and bent and looked like fancy art. Sigh. I want to go back.

  12. Oh Lumpa makes a brief comeback! Seriously adorable pictures :)) How does he sleep through the kids manhandling him like that?? I suppose it’s one of the many things parenting teaches you 🙂 All this talk of snuggling and cuddling makes me hate being single…just a little bit…but still 😦

  13. Oh Lumpy makes a brief comeback! Lumpy seems to have quite a few groupies! 😀

    Seriously adorable pictures :)) How does he sleep through the kids manhandling him like that?? I suppose it’s one of the many things parenting teaches you 🙂

    All this talk of snuggling and cuddling makes me hate being single…just a little bit…but still 😦

  14. Baby hands, baby feet, Heffalump and that little Rasna kudimi (that fountain spouting off the top of her head) – I love 🙂

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