At least we’re still alive!

Dear OA,

All said and done   – atleast our situation is a little better than having our bodies found floating down the Yamuna..

or having other family members sliced up in their sleep because we decided we wanted to be together, huh?

Yes, there’s always a silver lining. Or something like it




19 thoughts on “At least we’re still alive!

  1. Sadly this is what gets to me, that we remain grateful for all the @#$4 life throws at us (as we are forever grateful that we or anyone we loved was not killed, maimed, or forcibly imprisoned). You know the whole personal right vs “boon” debate. That ours was a case of winning the “karmic lottery” MM, achee kismat thee bach gaye baksh gaye and all that jazz.

  2. You know I grew up listening to these honour killing stories all my life.But it did not strike me till I moved out of my little town and years later the stories became headlines. I dont know why! Maybe because I did not understand it properly or may be because it happened a lot but I do not remember being shocked and angry. Sad and scared- yes.

  3. I cant just digest those killings.How one human being can take another human being’s life is just beyond sorry for the dead as well as the grieving family members.Gosh

  4. u know, even tho the post is written in a humour tinged tone, the undercurrent is chilling and true – are we becoming a more intolerant society in general?

    I was telling a friend today that our grandmothers were way more feministic, our mothers less so, we are woebegone and our daughters are hopeless. They watch these useless serials and throw “sanskaars” at us. Someone show me the guy who thought of “sanskaar” – its the perfect noose to put around any girl’s neck and hang her. And always, ONLY the girl. Have u ever seen a boy being berated for sanskaar if he is caught eveteasing? has ANY TV serial shown that part of sanskaar? ALWAYS the girl.

  5. Is it only me who thinks that the term “honour Killing” is an oxymoron of the highest order??
    There is no honour in killing. And we should stop using this term and giving it even a hint of respectability.

    I wonder….do these people sleep content in the night after murdering their own kin?

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