Holly and Sally’s giveaway

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but here’s a nice desi fashion blog that I adore. Sally and Holly. Nothing outrageously expensive and a very fun sense of style. Well, they have a giveaway happening on their blog and I am hoping to win it. Mostly because I seriously *heart* that bow.

Anyway – since we’re on fashion, here are some recent acquisitions.

The hand bag is an early birthday gift from my mum and its a lovely green snakeskin finish thing. Very light, very roomy and very smart for work. The orange leather wallet is a Nine West and a gift too. I have some generous friends.

Wooden beads in shades of brown and copper. Goes with a lot of stuff. I think its from Debenhams. As is the one below. Blue and white beads and little butterflies and flowers in gold. Very delicate and looks nice with a plain fitted white shirt.

The one above is a lovely combination of purple and silver junk on a brown leather thong cord. Again, a little bit of bling on a day that your outfit feels blah. Β I think it’s from Promod. I could be wrong. Maybe it was Accessorize.

Deej sent me the one above. Shades of green, blue and silver and nice and chunky. I wear it with a deep neck and it covers up the bare skin wonderfully!

What I love about this one is the combination of colours. The cheery red and the satin ribbon. I picked it up from Bizarre. Delhi shopaholics – do you love Bizarre or what? The shirt hanging below is also from Bizarre. The only thing that survived the childbirth is my waist – the tummy went to the dogs. So the nice thing about this shirt is that it covers up the arms and tummy and nips the waist in. I can’t believe I only own one.


36 thoughts on “Holly and Sally’s giveaway

  1. Wow! Great additions to your collection of fashion accessories. But you know what I like most on your blog? I am a fan of your interior decoration skills, e.g. your hand painted pots. And I still remember those birds on the wall of your last house. Whenever you get time, post more pictures of your house and any of your creations. Would love to see those. πŸ™‚

  2. seeing an unseen side of MM. Loving all the stuff. In case you’ve dropped by my place in the last few days, you’ll know about my love for beads and silver. Setting online shop soon, MM. :). Will send you link, whenever ready :). Love the one that ‘Deej’sent you. You are blessed MM, with lovely friends. πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚ ooh. sounds awesome. i wish i could wear silver. as you will see from my collection, I can only wear wood or fabric against my skin. the metal ones like the accessorize butterfly, is worn over a shirt so that the metal doesnt touch me.

  3. I love the bag and interestingly my budday is coming (as in october, but hey its coming!) and I have my heart set on a leather hobo and a wallet which I plan to gift myself. I am nice like that! πŸ˜›
    I love that cheery red one from Bizare. But what I really really need (need huh!) is that butterfly one.

  4. I love all the necklaces!! πŸ™‚ And *same pinch* (I have not said that in years!!), we have the same butterfly necklace!

    The bag and the wallet look gorgeous as well! πŸ™‚

  5. Where are your feet? Aapke charan kahan hai? I want to kiss your feet for directing me to that lovely blog! Sooo my kind of stuff. So rare to find normal day-to-day fashion blogs for us Indians. Yaiy.. thank you thank you madam.

  6. Oooh, I like that top a lot.. pink and black makes an awesome combo! Love all the stuff, but that bag and the wallet emerge as my absolute favourites.

    This reminds me: all my wallets (that i’ve bought or have been gifted) turn out to be red/pink/orange wallets and the husband is forever cracking lame jokes about how our account balance is always “in the red” and how i’m the “red-handed thief”. I do nothing much.. just groan.

    Yes, I lead a tough life.

  7. ohhh i love the butterfly necklace! ive been looking for something like that to go with my office shirts since forever! times like this i really really really wish i lived in india! *sigh*

    any chance of you doing a giveaway?? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

  8. Ooh, I loved all the junk jewellery, specially the blue and green beads one..

    I have never worn proper chunky jewellery and desperately want to try out now!! πŸ™‚ Have to find a good place for it..

  9. How generous of them ! and how how generous of u to share the link….of course I visited them!

    N love the stuff u hv posted in this post. I specially love the bag n the shirt!

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  11. I love those necklaces; I don’t have any allergy to silver but still love the necklaces strung in fabric or leather chord. There is a certain oomph factor to it that the metal totally misses πŸ™‚

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