Dear Abhay Deol

I’ve never really liked you. I don’t care for your face, your body isn’t up to the mark and your acting is passable. What really works for you though,  is your choice in films – you have your strategy well worked out. Until you picked Aisha.

How could the man who picked DevD, agree to even watch the film, let alone act in it? If I were you, I’d not make this mistake twice. Stay away from the candy floss – its the last thing standing between you and failure. That said, I loved the music. Particularly Gal mitthi mitthi( – the kids are freaking out to it) and Sham.

All the best,


51 thoughts on “Dear Abhay Deol

  1. “I’ve never really liked you. I don’t care for your face, your body isn’t up to the mark and your acting is passable. What really works for you though, is your choice in films – you have your strategy well worked out.”

    My sentiments exactly!

    Except can’t speak for the last part. I decided not waste my (hard-earned and better-saved-than-spent) moolah by watching Aisha in the theater after all the negative reviews. Will catch it on Netflix though, just to be able to say that for myself.

  2. ok from tomorrow (rather this instance) i will be banned from themadmomma…but for what it’s worth…ummm i like Abhay deol…and worse still i enjoyed aisha…go on kick me out…become a troll..hmmmph…dimples maketh me weak in the knees…wat to do

    • *gasp* hey – i’m coming back as a punjabi in my next birth. Course i’m in to hot punjabi men – why do you think i insist on living in Delhi 😉 but his isnt one of the handsomer faces. now dharmendra in the black and white era, was simply mindblowingly good looking.

      • Yes…if you’d not said ‘in the black and white era’ – i’d have doubted your taste, sanity and a lot of other things we’d rather not mention in such a public space 😀

          • but doode after the black and white era, he simply age! i still think he was indian answer to James Dean… that raw masculine jaw droppingly gorgeous man… let us cut him some slack ok?:)

            and I love Abhay Deol – i think he is handsome 🙂 and intelligent actor…loved loved loved him in Ek Chalis Ki Last Local and Manorama Six Feet Under…


            • no duude, born and raised and lived among em all my life, abhay does represent the typical punjabi look even if he is a tad too light for my taste. like ’em toasted. ;p

              and yes, like IBH said, this dude has an ‘intelligent’ vibe to him. even if i didn’t find him attractive, looks could’ve gone to dogs just for that streak of intelligence that he has in him.

            • he does. but then i got that feel from Kunal Kapoor and Rahul Bose and Rahul Khanna too. Its more than that for sure. I dont deny he can act, but I honestly don’t care for his looks. And yes, I do like ’em toasted too. 🙂

  3. I agree completely with you on his choice of films! but i luhhhhve the way he looks! I used to adore him until I heard him talk. He talks kinda weird. And Aisha was soooo disappointing. Such a horrid movie! But the songs are fantaastic! Sham is lovely for long drives ( and campfires of course) and gal mitti mitti makes me dance evvvvvry time! (even if I’m sitting in a car! :P)

  4. I am with Nuttie Natters; I like Abhay Deol and think he is cute too. There, I said it. I don’t watch a lot of movies in general and watch it only if it comes highly recommended. That said, I make an exception for few actors like Robert De Niro, Vinay Pathak, Rajnikanth (hey! I am not a true-blood tamilian without a reason 🙂 ) and the recent addition to the list is Abhay Deol. I loved him in Dev D, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Road and I could go on… Don’t think will watch Aisha though, never caught my fancy.

  5. awww… i LOVED Abhay Deol in that chocolate role.. i thot he was sooo cute. and yes, his range is hajaar limited, which is why his smart choice of films stands out so much.

  6. Oh MY GOd!
    you literally just quoted me on how i feel about Abhay Deol. He knows how to pick his scripts. and even before Aisha came out, i wondered if this was really a good decision, because it wasn’t his type.

  7. I love him 🙂 And I’m no crazy fan girl of anyone in particular. I like him precisely because he looks ordinary and normal like all the men we know 😉

    And I usually avoid candy floss movies (I’m considered the boring documentary type by family), but I loved Aisha which I watched by accident! And the Gal Mitthi song is just perfect no?

  8. ahem!! he not only picked dev d, he actually conceptualized it…. yess… he is THAT cool an actor 🙂

    but Aisha may not be his fault… although i haven’t watched it, i am pretty sure it must be lame simply by the presence of Ms Kapoor. She has proven time and again that she gets whatever films only coz of her pop’s presence in the industry. Same with Ms. Deol. Hain na?

  9. what works for abhay deol and what makes him drooly is his nonchalant attitude- I find that very very attractive- tho’ if I would still never ever give up farhan for him. With farhan also its the sheer attitude of ‘ oh, I’m hot? Really?’…Oof! These men in my harem…difficult to keep all of them happy together 😉

  10. Hmm, I actually like the guy. Face – not great, body – not bad I’d say. Like you said, I think I like him more for the choice in films.

    I’ve been asking hubby to buy/ rent a DVD of Aisha. Not a good idea huh?

  11. Aisha – damn stupid. made me want to kill Sonam Kapoor with my bare hands just so her annoying drawl would stop. moreover who the eff wears a strapless risque dress to a rafting trip 😮 girl next door my ass!

    Abhay Deol – cute but has a swollen face.

    His choice of movies – After Aisha and Road: the movie, I’m not sure he’s been choosing at all! I feel Dev D was a fluke casting for him, and the others before Dev D (Manorama Six Feet Under and Oye Lucky) were not a matter of choice.. he had to do what he was getting, which also resulted in disasters like Honeymoon travels and Ek chaalis ki last local.

  12. i think socha na tha was his first film. that one was cute – and refreshing. Even if it was candy floss. But that one was also about his chioce of films. More or less – he had to be himself. Which is what he does in all of his movies – doesn’t he? Urbane, couldn’t care less, cool, non-chalant – take your pick.

  13. Oh Aisha is almost the worst movie ever. It was painful to watch and made no sense in most parts, but the absolute worse was Sonam Kapoor who I wanted to smack! Seriously why would anyone want to make this movie? And then have the audacity to call it an adaptation of Emma?!!!

  14. I like Abhay more because he suits the role he plays to the T.I liked him in Asiha too albeit the movie being a crap.It was too multiplexy(if there is such a word) fro my taste. I hate Sonam and I hate her in Aisha the most.

  15. Ahaha! this post makes me laugh!

    i hvnt seen a single movie of Abhay Deols..n dont particularly like or dislike his looks.

    omg! thsi song is so much fun! loved it. n seeing the video makes me want to see the movie!! But u say thats a bad bad idea 😐

    any comments on ‘We are Family’ ?

  16. Not a looker for sure but more than a passable actor! He is not a dramatic actor…but doesn’t need to be because as you said his films are such excellent choices. As for Aisha I don’t want to see emma screwed with, am not even going to attempt.

  17. He spoke with a friend of mine in the media and confessed he was kicking himself for being in the movie even before shooting was complete.
    I think he’s pretty cute, the two movies and one restaurant I’ve seen him in!

  18. ok, i just watched the video (gal meethi meethi) again. i am in love again. he is sooo cute!!!! how can you not like him!!! arghhh. those dimples haaye. ;p now only if he was darker.

  19. oh i LOVE Abhay Deol. always have. in mostly all his movies – Manorama, Dev D, Lucky, Ek Chaalis etc etc.

    Road : The movie was weird, but i forgave him, atleast the genre suited him.

    Aisha was so bad it was a personal embarassment. I didnt expect anything from Sonam. But to see Abhay Deol mouthing the crap he did, I really felt like sinking into the floor. it was beyond crap.

  20. oooh such a nice take on the movie and the poor guy. i was like is this the guy who did dev??? where is he?? he was like in absentia through out the movie, sleep walking like! urgh! damn disappointing!

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