What an idea, sirji

Since I’m always bitching about ads that I hate, I’d also like to show some love for those that I approve of. These are two that I really like.

I love the last line about how you don’t need a language to speak.

And I find the boy and girl very sweet and normal looking. Unlike the very slick teenagers they use for other advts.

But as a dark comedy reminded me, there is always the KitKat ad.

Now the Brat, is a strange child. Easily embarrassed by things that are not under his control. And so it was that the Kit Kat squirrels came on and the Brat squirmed. The voice is annoying and the squirrels dancing didn’t appeal to him. He plugged his ears with his fingers and groaned. The OA and I, dutiful parents looked up, saw him squirm and promptly grabbed a hand each and unplugged his ears and sang louder and more Β nasal.

The child went wild, “Leave me alone, I don’t like this ad.”

So we sang louder and then we stood at opposite ends of the room and did the last jumpy dance step. The Bean rolled around laughing and the Brat groaned and the two idiot adult members sang like squirrels and danced. I think I should start a fund for therapy.


39 thoughts on “What an idea, sirji

  1. I know! I like these too.. both of these. And your opinion of me might change after this, but it needs to be said that I also love the squirrel-dance ad for Kit Kat.. awesome! Why I find it so hugely funny to be rolling on the floor every time it’s on is a mystery in the household though.

  2. Oh they are all lovely ads. We do the Kit Kat break banta hai dance …. all three of us, and DIL flees. She cant stand it. I always thought it was a case of genetics. We have more earthy sensibilities compared to her sensitive ones!

  3. That Idea ad looks awesome. I’ve begun to see what I’m missing out on by not watching TV, though I had put the ads on the pro side of the reckoning earlier.

  4. love love love the Dairy Milk ad. The background music is also good.

    My son loves the squirell ad, and I love the way he says ‘kilul dancing!’. Also check out the panda ad.

    Things I do to keep my feverish child in bed!!

  5. I love love love all of them too. The jumpy step of the squirrels is my favourite though. And for some reason, I find the Calcutta part of the Idea ad really funny. Maybe it’s me being homesick, or maybe because I understand what was actually being said, I always start giggling when the old man on the tram starts stating how the rabindrasangeet is being sung all wrong. πŸ˜€

  6. Hi

    I love your posts. Thanks so much for posting these. I stay in the US, and have always grumbled about the poor quality of ads over here.

    Just seeing these ads made me miss the amazing ads we make in India.



  7. Aah! you’re back! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the much needed laugh! The brat’s going to grow up just fine…I wouldn’t worry about the therapy πŸ˜‰

  8. I haven’t seen the Idea ad yet, but LOVE the other two ads. πŸ™‚
    The squirrel singing thing is a bit overdone, but it gets the message across alright! πŸ™‚ Awwwwww for the Brat!! πŸ˜€

  9. I LOVE the Idea ads too… And the squirrels dancing are so cute.

    I can sooo see something similar to the adult squirrel dance happening in our house too with the very serious little one rolling his eyes at his crazy parents!! πŸ˜€

  10. oh! i miss indian ads.specially the kind they made i think in the 90s.

    LOVED the idea ad.

    like the dairymilk one..tho i miss their jingle..”kuch khaas hai…”, if only they squeezed it in.

    n kitkat….i empathize with Brat…UGH!those squirrels!

  11. hmm gman had a problem with the Idea ad as he said “but everyone knows Aby Baby can speak”..and everyone knows that he is not a bandit who kidnaps Sita too, sigh!!

    I would like to add the new Genelia for Fast Track Move On..really the number of times I would like to book the man and spawn and just go vela. Pierce Brosnan in next seat optional.

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