You scratch my back…

The babies were playing at the foot of my bed with a bunch of haphazard stuff. The Brat wanted to fly a spaceship, the Bean wanted to play house. I was wondering if it would end in tears and bloodshed but they settled the matter quite amicably.

They were each going to sit down with the other, and not interfere. And so they settled in with the kitchen set, the Bean’s ‘babies’ and a bunch of pillows, sheets and a car remote. The Brat made his launching announcement sounds and the Bean he imagined, was his passenger. Β While the Bean patted her babies to sleep and pretended that the Brat was actually playing house with her.

Me? I just watched in amusement as they both obligingly fit into each other’s games while doing exactly what they wanted to. Β Very neat.

And oh – I’m better today. No longer suspected for swine flu. And Cousin K is on the mend too. Both of us have extremely low immunity and have been advised rest. Which is all very well, except that we are probably the two most fidgety people in town.


38 thoughts on “You scratch my back…

  1. Good to hear that both of you are recovering…. And you better listen the doctor and get loads of rest.

    Hugs to the cute Brat and Bean..

  2. I love Bean’s little set up! So cozy! I used to make myself comfortable under a dining table or my father’s work table with my army of toys. Good to hear it’s not swine flu.Just get a great book, stay in bed and beat the urge to fidget!

  3. The same thing happened to my husband in aug – fever + low blood count –> swine flu suspected… But it turned out ok.
    Pls take care & do not go out in crowded places as immunity is low. U will be susceptible to infections.

  4. Oh I saw this post late…..good that ur cousin is recovering well….Is it fever due to fatigue of travelling back n forth? Also take care and use “tulsi” leaves boiled in water- will boost immunity!

  5. Yay! Here’s to fidgety people. The world goes around coz of people like you. Cheers, MM. Get better and stay well!
    (Thought of calling you yesterday when I was watching “Iris” [] on TV. But then I was cooking too, so didn’t call :))

  6. Swine flu? I just went through a horrendous ride with the docs saying my kid has allergy to almost ALL the foods that he eats. I finally found a sensible homeopath whose medicines seem to be working very well. These allopaths make a lot of money from us paranoids.
    Do try homeopathy, it really works where other things don’t.

  7. I louuu you so much that I fell sick around the same time as you πŸ˜€ Had the swine flu scare too, but someone told me that 1. swine flue means little to no soreness of throat 2. fever hits within the first 24 hours.. so I chilled out. Just putting these symptoms here for future reference.. actually hoping reference ki zaroorat na pade πŸ™‚

  8. Hi MM,

    Hope you’re doing fine now… Looking forward to an energetic MM post soon…

    On a totally unrelated topic – I wanted to say Thanks! I registered to vote for you (Did you get that phone by the way?) on Indiblogger and guess what! – I have an Indirank! :-O Am soo happy surprised!

  9. Good to know you’re better… πŸ™‚ Couldnt help asking…change the paint water every few minutes?? Why wont you go easy on your knees?

  10. i came checking today and I’m sort of relieved that there is no new post. I’m imagining you in some place calm, where you are resting and healing and the knee is getting better.

    In case you are not taking rest and you are changing paint water/overworking the knees, don’t tell me and spoil my illusion, okay?

    Take care. Hugs!

  11. Dear MM,
    A post is long overdue about you getting mad/fighting on street. Please, Please, Please.. I am begging.. just do it

  12. Such ingenuity – only in your kids I say. And then some people were calling them misfits because they didn’t know Coke, Pepsi and those ridiculous Japani cartoons??? Yenna Rascala…
    Feel better MM…

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