Break ke baad

Bean: Mama, you’re so hot.

Don’t let your imagination run away with you. I have had fever for two days now and the OA is as usual travelling. I think it all built up with my two sick kids and then nursing Cousin K. I collapsed the moment he left.

As for the Brat, he’s been stroking my forehead and kissing my hot hand and saying, Mama, I’ll drink up all your fever and then I will be sick and you can be fine.

Little monkey πŸ™‚

I’ll see you guys when I am better.


31 thoughts on “Break ke baad

  1. ‘Mama, I’ll drink up all your fever and then I will be sick and you can be fine.’ – Awwww!!! How cute is that!!

    Take care, MM. Hope you are better soon.

  2. aww… couldnt help doing that for the what the brat said to you…did you eat something special when he was in your tummy? get well soon MM

  3. HI MM,

    I have followed your blog for the very longest time. I have seen you write when you are sad, happy, angry, down in the dumps, excited, sick, in the pink of health besides other times. As I see you have your problems too. How do you manage to put them aside and be happy? Is it our illusion to seek 100% happiness? Does that exist? I have 2 beautiful kids just like you, a nice husband, but still have problems in life in terms of close relationships with immediate family and when that happens it is tough to completely throw it out of your mind and be100% happy. Can we never be 100% happy as we grow? I know you have mentioned about your fall out with in laws ..but since your relationship with parents is intact, i guess it does not hurt you as much as it would have if it had been that way due to your intercaste marriage. You handle it well πŸ™‚

    Get well soon dear MM, your posts are always interesting and written well. I hope you remain happy and it only grows more and more.

    take care,

    • oh πŸ™‚ a de-lurker. always good to meet.
      i dont know where I read this – but it was something about not setting up a standard and saying – THAT is what I need to be 100% happy. Its about taking what you have and saying – ooh, lookit what i have. its awesome! i am not always successful but i do try to make the most of what i have. i remember a terribly bitter troll once saying – why do you make such a big deal of what you have? why do you make a trip to Auli sound so exotic?

      i felt bad for her. she thought only a trip to switzerland was to be celebrated. apparently my joy in a small trip that i could afford, was inconceivable. anyway. my point being, i’m happy with what i have because i see people lose what they have and i cling to and celebrate what i do have.

      now you are someone new i have in my life, so you better not run away.

      • Yes, I do that too. I am more or less like you who likes to run with and make the most out of that little scrap of joy life throws at us, which is why I have been told I am happy/cheerful and people around me like to be around me. But then they don’t know that I carry this small weight in my heart. The fall out, the hurtful exchange of words, things that need not have happened..well we cannot change anything .. I want to remove that hurt feeling and live 100% happy.. I doubt if it exists..if I have this problem, others have other probs..I don’t think 100% happy is achievable. You can be 100% happy in a given point of time when your kids achieve something, when you achieve something, when you see your family happy etc. But overall 100% happiness.. uh uh, don’t exist I guess. Not so simple answer now right ? πŸ™‚

        And hey, I wont run.. I’m a keeper πŸ˜‰

  4. Methinks you need looking after, so here’s hoping someone adult drops in and sticks around till you are feeling better. (Bonus points to the cosmos if it’s the OA who happens to be the adult in question)

    How’s Cousin K now?

  5. Hey MM, Get well soon, and yes as the first commentor rightly says Brat has inherited his way with words from you it seems… hugs dear.

    take care

  6. I’ve been away camping during the long wknd..n I return to hear pretty much everyone in india is sick!

    Hope ur feeling better now? n hope cousin K is doing better?

    My sis’s baby was admitted in the hospital. Imagine a 1 yr 1 mth old with IV running into her for 3 days. I’m just so worried 😦

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