For the last time

Dear Bean,

You began new school day before yesterday. To put this in perspective, you are three years old and this is the third school in as many months. We moved to Gurgaon for the Brat to begin new school. They didn’t have a seat for you. We waited a couple of weeks hoping that a vacancy would come up and  finally put you into a playschool because you were dying of boredom. And as luck would have it, within a month of us doing that, a seat opened up for you. Just as we’d relaxed and figured we don’t need to put aside more money! (Your father and I have figured that we might never want for anything, but life will never leave us money for jam.)

Anyway, we have been preparing you for this for days, telling you that soon you’d be a big girl and go to big school with the Brat. And so when the day dawned bright and clear we marched in there thinking you’d happily march off as always. But I think  you’d had enough of being shoved from school to school. Because although you wandered in hesitantly, you kept coming back to check on us. It didn’t help that you saw your brother’s class practising for a Janmashtami show (did I mention my little Gopala looked beyond handsome in his orange silk kurta?)  and wanted to run to him. Thirty minutes of you doing back and forth and I began to blame myself for messing up my easy going children with the constant moving.

And so I settled down, expecting to spend the day sitting out in the heat with not even a book to entertain myself. And then suddenly your teacher called and told me that you were happy and busy sharing your tiffin with some other children. And that I could leave if I wanted to. And I did. And it’s done. You’re now in a big school with your brother. Everything we set out to do in  moving to Gurgaon, is done. I can for now, only hope that the school will be all that we hoped it would and that you both flourish in it. You’re a hardy little weed who within minutes settles in. And while I often worry about your brother, I notice that he seems to shrug off insults and happily make friends. In his own way, he’s a sturdy little good heart too. You are confident and he is easy going and between the two of you, you already have hoards of friends in the complex.

And so it is that I shut one chapter on this book. You’re in big school. I am the mother of two school going children. Ancient! Bless you, baby, babies.

A very teary


PS: As a friend on the phone remarked – I am sounding very unsettled and unlike myself. You are both in school, loving the complex, your father who is the boss of himself has shifted his office space to Gurgaon. I am the only unwell idiot, killing myself softly with my looooong commute.


40 thoughts on “For the last time

  1. Oh at the PS. Can’t you do something about the commute? Work from home sometimes? I have a looong commute too, but I make up for it by working from home at least half the time.

  2. Awww babe, hugs!

    Can’t you also look for a job closer home? With all the CWG mess and the horror stories I’m hearing, the commute must be a huge pain. See if something in Ggn opens up? Or if you can take up the freelancing again? Just making these suggestions, because your last line broke my heart 😦 From my vantage point, seems like you need to do something about the commute and then it’ll all be AWESOME! 🙂

  3. My heart skipped a beat when you wrote that the Bean hesitated and kept coming back to where you were. I thought to myself, “Oh no! This can not be happening to our spirited little Beanie!!”

    Your next few lines really put me at ease! 🙂 So happy that the Brat and the Bean are flourishing in their new ‘big’ school! 🙂

    Your two-hour long commute sounds rather painful. Especially with the knee issues! :S Can you not find a suitable job in Gurgaon? When is the Metro between Gurgaon and Delhi getting done? Two hours on the road ANYWHERE in India is a massive pain!

    Any news on Cousin K? I hope and pray that he and you and the Brat and the Bean feel better soon! 🙂

    • metro started today 🙂 but it doesnt work for me. i need to step out of office and do interviews etc. all of which gets very difficult without a car. plus there is a long commute between my house and the closest stop and the office and the closest stop

  4. Hello!!! Wasn’t it only recently when this lil beady- eyed baby was seen, peering out from among the lilies? When did she become big enough for big school?? 😦
    Do we get a teeny peek at the Little Gopala? 🙂

  5. I heaved a sigh of relief after reading this post! now momma, all you have to do is find a job in Gurgaon, pls do that for your sake and for the kids!All the very best and warmest wishes!

  6. Congrats to the bean!!
    She’s a BIG girl now 😀

    As your you, MM,the commute may be long, but why dont you use this time to unwind? Catch up on the book you’ve been wanting to read, listen to music, dream away 😀

    And do take care of your health.

  7. 🙂 thats a big big milestone. hope u find something that interests u closer home too. then the mad momma will have big posts of the big happy family.

  8. Hey Just a question.. Isn’t 4 the age when children start school..has the limit or whatever that is been brought down to 3 in Delhi ?? If yes that is extremely sad !! Cos my friends’s kids are 3 years old and they haven’t started school yet, here in Mumbai..

    • she has started playschool. sadly nursery is 3 plus in Delhi and she was being forced into that category. the other advantage of moving to gurgaon is that now she is two years junior to the brat and in playschool.

  9. That children’s music school is calling to you, ya know.. gotta find out why! 🙂

    Hugs to the B’s on settling into school so well.

  10. Wooo Hooo..another milestone accomplished successfully ! Congrats to the li’l Bean…off to school n all ! So both of them are in uniforms now?!

    I know wot a killer commute can be. It absolutely sucks. When in MD I commuted to work 3 odd hrs one-way. It killed me , n felt like I had no life to lead outside of work! It must suck so much more to waste time on travelling..when u have babies waiting for u at home. I sincerely hope you find a feasible solution for this!

  11. Welcome to the B side. The adrenaline slump will leave you gasping. Dead fish out of water like. Till the kids come back. So whatever you do….dont quit some option of working!
    Congrats and trust me, you’ll get used to this new routine. Only thing is after every weekend and long holidays, when they go back to school , the same feeling will wake up again again. One of helplessness on seeing them go. We’re such wusses I tell you.
    Hows your cousin doing?

  12. Hi MM,

    Congratulations … finally the kids are in good school…

    So OA started his own business ? I remember long back you had written about it…

    Good Luck to all of you..Hope your commute gets better or you too start something on your own 🙂

    Hope Cousin S is better…

  13. grrreat news. So happy that everyone has settled down. Can you not freelance? Or maybe take a break and think of something diffrent, like writing a book?

  14. Good luck to the two! And yes, switch careers pls.. something that lets you avoid the long commute and stay closer to the babies.

    Hope cousin K is better. Our thoughts and prayers..

  15. Ma..that’s the first time I think u signed ur letters as Ma.Another friday evening and again on my way home reading ur post on BB. I know its been said quite a few times MM by ‘Aww’

  16. I used to move all over tamil nadu for schooling and I used to take a loooong time to adjust and settle. There was a year in which I studied in three schools, and I don’t think I even settled for a bit in any of them 😀

    I wish I had been like The bean in settling down and making friends easily:-)

    She does it so easily and with flair and joy, sometimes it’s easy to forget how precious that trait is, no? Congrats to her, again!

  17. All the best to both the babies….I am sure they will come out “educated” (yep educated and not just literates) just like their mom and dad….Best wishes to both of them.


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