Your prayers please

So you all know about Cousin K, right? He’s my little baby cousin. The first baby I ever held in my arms. The one I fell in love with at 13. The gorgeous baby who made me realise that I wanted babies the moment I could have them. We grew up together as a joint family and I didn’t think of him any differently from Tambi. This year his sister,  Cousin J, has also joined Delhi University and I am now local guardian to both of them.

It’s funny. I am their elder sister and yet I end up mothering them. They treat me with a mixture of respect and irreverence that is funny. They turn to me when they are in trouble with their parents. They confide in me when they have secrets. And I walk the fine balance of keeping their secrets and telling them off when I know they are doing something dangerous.

Anyhow, the point of this post is that my little baby, my cousin K, is ill. He was suspected of dengue and has been with me for three days now. He called me three days ago from college and could barely speak. He’d been ill for a whole night before he saw fit to call me.  By the time I got my hands on him, he was like a skeleton. Unable to stand or speak. I had to prop him up in bed and feed him like a baby because he was too weak to move his hands. Apart from weakness from jaundice he has a host of other immunity issues and we’re all praying and hoping that he will turn around tomorrow. The tests show clear but his platelet count is steadily dropping.

I called home and his father has rushed  to take him back. I was just too scared to take the responsibility of taking decisions for someone else’s seriously sick child and they were naturally worried sick too.  He’s on his way home as I write this and we await tomorrow’s blood tests to see if he has stabilised or not. My own two babies were down with a cough, cold and fever too. They are barely recovering and I caught it from them. Added to an increasingly painful knee, I was just exhausted.

Tonight as you say your prayers, I request you to say one for my first baby. Yes, that is me holding both of them in my lap and swinging.


93 thoughts on “Your prayers please

  1. God No ! Too many ppl in Delhi seem to be catching Dengue.

    I hope K recovers and bounces back to regular life sooon! Definetly in my prayers.

  2. My prayers are with you all MM. I remember his nice bunny smile from pics of your birthday. On how he got you this awesome cake and all. I pray that he’s up to being his happy self again. Hugs to you

  3. Cousin K and you are in my prayers and thoughts. I am so effing scared of dengue. Every time my little sister falls sick I pray to god it is not dengue.

    Take care MM and keep them germs away.

    Hugs to you.

  4. hi MM,
    few days ago my younger brother-in-law was suspected with dengue(his friend has recently recovered from it). all thanks to Lord that his condition stabilised on the fourth day. there were few things that we did for stabilising the blood count, please ask your uncle to do it.
    (1) make cousin K eat lots of veges
    (2) BIL’s blood count increased dramatically on eating one full papaya and 2 pomegranates daily for 2 days
    (3) give him home made fresh fruit and pomegranate juice.

    my BIL’s blood count was depleting despite the fact that he was tested negative for dengue. the pathlab assistant suggested this and it surely worked.

    a friend of friend was tested -ve for dengue but she had to get blood transfusion done becoz of depleting platelet count. my prayers for cousin K and hope he feels better soon.

  5. and yes yoghurt as well (if he doesn’t have cough or cold. ask him to refrain from oily and spicy food. restrict to homemade food for few days.

  6. The dreaded Dengue!!
    I’ve been getting a mail forward which says that the juice of crushed tender Papaya leaves helps in increasing the blood platelet count for dengue victims. A couple of teaspoons full a day should suffice. There is no harm in trying it out. Just make sure the stems and the sap is removed from the leaf before crushing.

    It seems to be the season of ill health. I’ve been running a fever along with the twins and I can understand how very awful it is to look after them when you yourself are indisposed 😦
    Loads of prayers for you and your family. Cousin K has youth on his side and I’m sure he’ll come out of this illness. God Bless.

  7. You have my prayers. My son recovered from Dengue just last week and I completely understand what you guys are going through.
    K will get well soon!

  8. ofcourse we know cousin K, he who disapproved peanut plants grown in jars as Brat’s birthday return gift to kids.

    why is not in the hospital MM, when he is so sick?

    praying for cousn K and all of you. Hope all feel better

  9. Sending prayers your way. I think papaya leaves are said to be very beneficial to improve platelet count. Pls check with the doc before trying it though. Take care all of you.

  10. Not to worry. my experienced doctor friends tell me that even if the platelet count drops quite a bit..they start bouncing back around the fourth day. I am sure he will be okay.

  11. Prayers and best wishes with cousin K and you too MM.
    Can’t anything be done about the knee? I mean it seems like a chronic problem from your posts. What do the docs say?

  12. Loads of prayers and best wishes for him to recover.

    Thanks for posting that pic MM. I find that I’m always able to pray well and send in positive vibes for a person when there is a picture of him in my mind.

  13. My brother had dengue last year on the last day of college, the uni. doctor kept treating him for routine viral till his platelet count dropped to less than 20000. When we got him home the dengue had already affected his liver. A year after and I cannot yet think about it without tears in my eyes.

    There is just one thing I would like to put here, it is best to take dengue cases to government medical colleges/hospitals. The sheer number of cases they handle each year makes them very efficient and they are able to deal with complications better.They saved my brother, nothing short of a miracle.

    My sincerest prayers for Cousin K . And considering he is cleared of dengue I hope some care and rest is all he will need.

  14. Today is one of my rare visits to a fire temple. He will be in my thoughts. Prayer flies where eagles never flew, MM. He will be well.

  15. babes – please mail or text me his full name and location so I can channel reiki to him.

    and yours. location i mean. for you too :))

  16. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
    Has he been admitted to a hospital ? If his platelet count is dropping did they not advise a platelet transfusion. in the recent times Denge has put a fear in my mind.
    He will be in our thoughts and prayers. Take care MM

  17. Oh my God MM. My prayers are with you and your cousin. I read somewhere that raw papaya leaf juice increases blood platelet count …. let me search for the mail and give it to you. Try it ….

  18. I’ve been thinking of this all morning ever since I read it. Didn’t know what to say except say a silent prayer. Sincerest prayers and hopes that all turns out well, which I am certain it will.

      • Yes!! I promise to pray for him.

        I can’t even begin to imagine what u must be going thru’ ‘coz just yester I had called home to wish them for Janmashtami n everyone was so dull n worried ‘coz both my sis’s babies have been down with viral fever for the last 4 days. It does feel like the world has come to an end when our babies suffer.

        My prayers for your family.

  19. Hope he feels better soon. I met him when I went to your place when Aneela was down. Very sweet boy. Don’t worry, bahut jaldi theek ho jayega.

    • 😦 worse. count dropping steadily. apparently they dont give transfusions until you start bleeding. i’m no doctor but it is the kind of thing that makes me want to scream in frustration. how can you wait till a child starts bleeding to ….

      • I don’t know if that’s correct…what if his parents offer to find a donor so that he can be given some platelets? Here in B’lore there’s a huge shortage, so people are generally made to wait if they have to rely on blood banks and stuff. Oh and the pomegranate thing works 🙂

        • no medical procedure can be completely risk free. the doctors generally weigh risk/benefit/cost ratio in these kind of decisions

      • It is really sad, but not that bad.. as long as he is not suffering from any fever. My platelets started dropping ( without me noticing) about 6 years back. And then one day my wife noticed couple of bruises on my leg and hand. Went for blood test (the count was 3K). After that they tried/tested for everything but could not find anything and ended up the diagnosis as ITP. They removed my spleen, and that helped a bit. It still fluctuates (the count) but at least the medicine is minimal.. and I am prone to infections.

      • what i understood from my cousin and friend who are practising doctors who see tens of such cases in their practice everyday, is that that is the protocol they follow too. my cousin said in his experience, platelets drop till about 20K or so, and then bounces back to 80 K on the next day generally around 4-5 days. Is that how it is going?

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