Letters to the family

Dear OA

You’re taking over our room like one of those poisonous creepers. Laptop charger, phone charger, blue tooth ear piece charger… I can’t walk an inch without tripping over wires and threatening to break my neck. Two words – Get out of my space. Yes,  I can count;  I just felt like saying the phrase – two words.

No love here,

The badtempered, crazy old bat you live with

PS: Whenever I get really mad at you, I force myself to remember that day 8 years ago when I came to meet you in Hyderabad. The train was pulling into the station, I was standing at the doorway looking out for you and you were right at the beginning of the platform looking out for me. As my coach passed you, you began to jog along the train and we just grinned at each other, too happy to even speak. Family friends who happened to be travelling with me looked at each other knowingly. I don’t know why the memory lived on but I see you in the white tee and blue jeans, all bright eyed and bushy tailed and shining with happiness. And then (because no story of ours could end mushily and we can never end a train story peacefully)  I figured the train was taking too long to stop so I decided to jump out with my bag. The only flaw in the plan being the execution – the bag was heavy,  the train was moving quite fast,  I went flying out in a tangle of arms and legs, bag leading the way, almost landing face first on the platform and nearly losing my legs (they fell towards the tracks). You aren’t known as mountain goat for no reason and you caught me and my luggage while the horrified family friends standing behind me whizzed by, screaming out to me. Good times.


Dear Brat,

It’s hard to say anything more than – I love you. And have you noticed, you’re developing the most beautiful dimples on either side of your mouth – right within your smile lines. And that you gurgle when you laugh. And that you give the most amazing back rubs. Before someone screams child labour, I must admit that I had nothing to do with it. You just climb up behind me while I work and dig your fingers into my tense muscles and before I know it I relax and feel better. Some lucky girl better pay me for all this – yes, even though it wasn’t my doing!




Dear Bean,

I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t put your arms around me in your sleep when I sneak into your room to check on you for the nth time at night and bend down to kiss you. It makes it damn hard for me to go back to my own room. What is worse is that you start patting me in your sleep and murmuring “go to sleep baby…”

In case you missed the memo – I am the mother, not you.


YOUR mother.

PS: Aunty Smartassbride says  I must post about this, so here goes. This evening your brother was rolling on the bed and wrestling with dada, gurgling that lovely gurgle of a laugh of his. I absently said – “My beautiful son, I love the way you laugh…’ To which you, sitting on the floor and colouring away as usual, looked up and said  – “And you have a beautiful daughter too.” Self esteem you’ll never be short of.  As for me? I’m always pleading. This afternoon I asked you – Who loves you, precious? And you said smugly, “mamma does.” And then I foolishly asked “and who do you love, angel?” And you replied, “Dada”.  People ought to learn to quit while they’re ahead.


63 thoughts on “Letters to the family

  1. OA – He does this to you despite seeing you suffer with your knee? Not good at all! Bad bad OA!! (Note to self: What’s wrong with you? Since when did you start taking MM’s side against the OA?)

    Brat – Sigh!! MM, are there any 25-29 yr old versions with the same characteristics? Seriously. All the nice men are either in the 30-40 range or in the under 10 range 😦 It’s like as if God stopped making nice guys for a couple of decades and has just started again. Booo hooo!

    Bean – One word – Awwwww!

    • bah. some woman will curse me someday for the brat being this lazy dreamer. she will. i can feel it in my bones. only a fond mother will think he’s so wonderful for doing nothing more than smiling and making up stories and playing with his wild animals all day.
      go get the 30-40 range guys and when you have a nice one, call me. i could do with a new model

  2. Some awesome lasagna and SMM’s dish-that-I-can’t-pronounce and some sinful cake. All of these were saying nyah-nyah-you-missed-us to you.
    How’s the brat now?

  3. you are becoming predictable woman!!! 😛

    Four lines into the train story and I thought, this better not end in MM jumping off the train.:D

  4. Every night we pick up the stupid wires and dump them in another cupboard, and yet miraculously they end up next to our bed, the next night! There is some black magic happening here I tell you 🙂

    PS. Your letters to brat and bean just make me go awww.. I don’t have any words, just a huge smile on my face 😀

    • i wouldnt risk asking him today. I made him hang up 4 pots after 11 pm. it took him hours to twist wire and get it all done to both our satisfaction. right now i am busy pretending to be grateful. but thanks 🙂 good to know someone thinks so!

        • 😀 i’m pure evil. actually i use simple blackmail.
          i cooked last night and he loved it and i simply pointed out to him that i could easily eat bread and peanut butter every day of the week. i cook different stuff because it interests him. similarly, even if he doesnt love gardening, the least he can do, is do it graciously for a wife who loves it. zimble

  5. One big kala tikka for the Mad Family.
    So cute your OA is.. Sigh 😉
    The Bean is one spunky lil thing, haan? Hehe, I wonder how you manage to keep a straight face when she says these things.
    And that little sweetheart of a son of yours? What can I say, but, *sigh*. Some lucky, lucky girl is going to thank you, someday! 🙂

      • He caught you and broke your fall! HOW can it not be cute? And umm, erm, sorry, but your jumping would have been cute if you had done like a graceful lady, movie style and landed in his arms. Ummm, right now, in my mind, from how you describe it, I can see your bag, your hair and you, flying out of a moving train, only to be rescued by the knight in shining armor (or blue jeans and a white tee, as the case is, here! :D). Ok, kill me now.

  6. and finally, the old house cry is gone and here is the header with lovely GG home pics. thanks MM, lte’s move on.

    what to say about those stories!!

  7. May I cut and paste your first paragraph on to my bedroom wall, drawing room, kitchen, dining room, dressing table, service area and even the loo? The bleddy wires fill the earth and a good part of the space as well. As if the gadgets weren’t bad enough they come with 3-km chargers.

  8. Awwww…
    I can’t believe you jumped off a running train!!! However, it does sound mushy and cute, ala Kareena Kapoor!! 😀 Somehow, I always associate trains with Kareena Kapoor after Jab We met. 😛

  9. You go woman! Do you take a special diet for spunk? 😀

    And of course, the lucky girl has to pay you for the back rub! If it’s a good thing, it’s ONLY ‘coz of you. If it’s a bad thing, well, there’s always the OA to take the blame:D

    We have the phone and laptop wires. And then the camera lenses, the tripod and the camera 666 itself. A while ago, there were four laptops. FOUR. And I’m also given the “try not to break anything” bit.

    I picked my idea of revenge from the bean actually. I have a monkey now, I’ll soon get a bear, dog and a frog. And dump all of them on the bed.ha! but Heffalump I’ll stay away from, because I sort of have this mental copyright in the Bean’s name 😀

  10. Can’t get enough of your train tales 🙂 🙂
    o! finally i see a new header pic. Your new balcony ??? May i dare to say it looks better than your old one !!!!! May be all the newness and stuff or the angle of photography or the monsoon…but this looks better 😉

  11. Oh that train scene had me imagining you and OA in a DDLJ sequence, but kahani mein twist. Copyright it :).

    The bean sure is a feisty darling. The header looks awesome.

  12. Them Wires!!! We have a rule..gadgets are not allowed into the bedroom, except the phones. n so our living room ends up looking like a bachelor pad with wires ALLLLLL over the place. We don’t have guests too often, especially during weekdays..n so the messy wires stay that way until it drives me up the wall !

    Back-rub n all!!How caring these boys can be! As soon as my sis returned from work in the evenings…my sis’s son(all of 2 odd yrs old then) would jump onto her lap n say “Amma..are u tired?” n start pressing her forehead n arms. So adorable no?

    The Bean! Aha! she is sooooo cheeeeeeky !I’m thinking times wit her will only get more interesting 🙂

    • 🙂 how cute. boys are so good to their mothers….

      as for the bean – if she’s trying to do something and the OA and I are making a noise (today we were playing basketball inside the house and I was losing so i began to tickle him and he began to yell that I was cheating) – she will put her hands on her hips, glare at us and say “Okay, what’s going on here? Who said you can make a noise?”

      little chit.

  13. Hi MM,

    what did I say? OA posts are romantic even when you are angry with him…

    Balcony looks fabulous…how about pictures of new home?

  14. LMAO!
    I’m learning valuable lessons here – already I can see that Ahana will naturally prefer Dad over mom! You know, taller perch, stronger arms, bigger hands to keep her steady. I can just see it coming “who do you love Ahana?” “I Love Dad”!

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