Hazarding a guess

…. from these pictures that the bean will be a stained glass artist. She loves colouring in patches.

The Brat I am guessing, could be anything from a rights activist to an environmentalist. Only a guess, considering I heard him running behind a maid pleading – Didi, makkhi ko mat maaro. Woh itna chhota sa hai na? Usko chhod do. (Don’t kill the fly. It’s so small, isn’t it? Please let it go….)

That and the fact that inspite of all the expensive toys people gift him, he is mostly found playing with a small plastic bag of cheap plastic wild animals, setting up a jungle, creating scenes, talking to his animals and crawling along pushing them as he enacts scenes. Never mind where they take him. The other day I found him sprawled across the bathroom floor. Apparently his animals had chased each other in there and he hadn’t realised that he was half under the sink. Thankfully its a spanking new, unused bathroom.

So who wants to hazard a guess as to what they’ll end up doing in life? We can always come back in 20 years and check on this post to see who got it right/closest to right.


51 thoughts on “Hazarding a guess

  1. my guess:
    The brat aka Mr. Golden Heart might be an architect/wildlife photographer.

    The bean might be a model or a doctor or a journalist.

    ps : did you notice the peacock’s facial expression in the second pic? It looks like he’s so surprised to find that he’s got feathers in red, blue, violet 😀

  2. Bean is an out of the box thinker 🙂 Even though they are all coloured in patches they have a kind of symmetry. Hmmm…so when she grows up she will be a M F Hussain, fashion designing…possibilities are endless 🙂

  3. both of them can adopt just any profession, from being a doc to a wild life photographer, but one thing is sure, they’ll be having lots of colors all around them always. be it flowers, or festivals or anything that has a sense of fun and happiness in it. they are Going to be like you MM, passionate and happy.

  4. I want to go back to being a child again – my mom used to get us these big coloring books for summer vacations. I miss those books 😦
    I think the Brat will make a zoology professor 😉 with his vast knowledge of animals! Bean…hmm she seems rather versatile so you don’t know what she’ll be – something like her mom perhaps. Master of all trades?

    • so the brat is rolling around with this father and gurgling with laughter. and the bean is colouring (as usual). So i sorta just absently listen to the brat laughing and say – my beautiful son, i love how you laugh. so madam pipes up, cheeky as you please – And you have a beautiful daughter too. i never have to worry about her self esteem i can see. fierce is right.


  5. Yay,I am back :). And what a cute little post to come back to.
    Here’s my 2 pence – I think the Bean will surprise you with her choice of profession. That kid is all heart, in an intense, with-all-my-heart-and-soul-under-that-cool-air-of-nonchalance kind of way, I think! The Brat might just end up being the i-Banker whose biggest passion will be widlife conservation! 😀

    P.S: Is there still time to go ahead and vote?

  6. Bean: an artist, designer, a performer..something in the creative field

    Brat. a techie, may an environmental scientist. Remember from one of your post how much he knows about planes..he has a curious mind.

  7. Did I not tell you this already? As a comment on one of your earlier posts. Could be a year or two ago.

    Ok, I repeat – beanie will become a corporate chick who will come back to her bachelorette apartment and watch late night tv while eating her Pasta dinner. She will call u every morning as she is driving to work. Brat will become a cricketer and very phamous one at that. He will give his awww-worthy smile everytime he wins the Man of the Match title 😀

  8. of course the bean is going to be the prime minister of the country and clean this place up. the brat will have his own, thriving biz. recycling plastic (genuinely)

  9. Interesting question. I have been thinking over it since morning..I somehow feel the Brat will become a Doctor – some kind of Specialist, a good one at that. As for the Bean, I strongly feel she will be in a top administrative position, like the IAS officer and influencing changes all over administration, for the better. After all, she is brought up by you..BTW, did you ever toy with the idea of becoming an IAS officer?

    • yeah. ages ago. my grandma cleared the IAS and then didnt take up her posting. so it was her dream that she wanted me to fulfill. somehow during our growing years i felt it was hopeless. honest officials getting transferred every six months and having to give in to paan chewing corrupt politicians – it would have killed me. i cant handle office politics as i have learned the hard way – national politics would have been a bomb

      • From, what you have been sharing about the Bean, she is not going to give into any of the politics and will have her way with everyone. I hope and wish I can still read about the Brat and the Bean in 20 years..may be their own blogs too.

  10. Brat – an architect. And a humane architect at that , creating low cost building techniques for the poor and making green buildings that cause zero damage to the environment..

    And bean..hmm…a journalist?

  11. Bean is going to be sales or marketing chick. She’s got that “face the customer” attitude.

    Brat – yeah – sorry to rain on your parade, but I think he does fit the finance portfolio 😦

    Heck – at least I did not say S/W engineer!

  12. Coloring on ‘the’ table w/ delish looking table runner (or place mat). Nice!

    Career choice, hmm, honestly I am not close to what my folks thought I’d become 🙂 Isn’t ‘Can’t tell’ a choice?

  13. From what I see, the bean is not happy with one colour. She needs variety and probably will try a lot of professions before she settles down to the one she loves. Interior decoration? She might get that effortlessly!

    As for the Brat – film star pls! He’s such a charmer!! (and I think the OA would love that too)

  14. Lovely piece MM. Am reading this on my BB on my way home from work. Really uplifted the mood. However I won’t hazard a guess on whether we would be able to trackback to this post in 20 years time. Knowing u, won’t be surprised if you moved lock stock minus the barrel to a new website and closed this lovely blog to your poor readersm Better serialise the blog in a book. YES I know ur feelings in this area but hey atleast would be able to read an old post againm 😉

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