When the weekend is wet and rainy

…. and your knees are a mess. All you do is sit in a corner, grab your kids’ paints and get busy (always good to be local guardian to young cousins you can bully into painting with you and washing your brushes).

It’s not the best I can do but the brain and the fingers are rusty. Give it another couple of months and I can be that famous artist in a wheelchair!


69 thoughts on “When the weekend is wet and rainy

  1. OMG! Do you see it MM? An alternate and much better career is beckoning you…and it’s easy on your knees too πŸ˜€

    PS Besides painting your thriving plants’ pots, do you also sing to them?! Why are mine so unhappy-looking?

    • LOL I don’t talk or sing to mine, but i do spend a lot of time staring at them in pleasure. alternate career, huh? well it will pay about 1/100th the amount i earn now but atleast i’ll have my knees πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow.. so pretty! Please.. this is super awesome.. and no rusty finger work!

    Allow me to digress but did you know poor folks like us in Mumbai don’t have any balconies? In the little covered space like a window-ledge available, you can either dry clothes or pot plants.. How does that make you feel about GoodGaon? 😐

    • pooh. move back then. i have no sympathy for people who leave Delhi and choose to move to Mumbai. yes yes hardhearted i am. but i honestly cant give up my balconies for anything on earth. if i move now, its going to be to a village where i can garden in peace. ooh – digression – yesterday i had a bunch of butterflies in my balcony. can you beat that?!

      • Yes I can. I had bird shit on my freshly laundered clothes yesterday. Because even they dont have enough space in this crazy city πŸ˜€

        Main kya karoon? Do you think I’ll ever leave Delhi willingly? I mean my shaadi happened willingly..but what do you do when the husband insists that we can either stay here or further down south? He has a mortal fear of buffaloes.. nothing else explains it!

  3. Beautiful MM..you have such an artistic hand. May i borrow this idea to make a teacher’s day gift ?? That is if i have the time and the patience 😦

    I am sick of sending flowers and cards to teachers…we’ll see…. πŸ™‚

    Also, these are fevicryl paints ???

    • absolutely. go right ahead. and first i did one with the kids’ poster colours. then when i began to have fun i picked up fevicryl colours because theyre going to be out in the rains

  4. oooh Its lovely, MM. Longing to move cities.. if you promise to give me a job as a ‘paints/brush holder/washer, wheelchair mover’, I tell hubby that i’ve got a job and will move from my city…
    What say? πŸ™‚

    Seriously, this painting stuff is just too good. You must try bigger canvases. Then i can be canvas stand too. See?

  5. I was happily staring at the pics and the beautiful pots and coloring until I read the line “that this is not the best that you could have done”

    I’m not showing you anything I draw or paint. EVER.

    PS : I love the pink with light gold design. Also the first one.

  6. “This is not the best you could have done?” Whoa!!

    They look so gorgeous! I am going to steal one or two of those designs as soon as I accomplish step 1, i.e., get off my butt and get some of those paint worthy nice pots!

  7. I am so copy pasting these cute designs on my gamle…well BTW my indiblogger ac is still pending an OK. I’ll be so sad if you miss the mark by my vote…am keeping my fingers crossed…

  8. God I still can’t get over how pretty they look!! What kind of pots are they? And what kind of paint? I love that one in the green with the white leaf vines!! Gosh!

  9. This is what you do with rusty fingers!!!!!
    My fingers are permanently rusty then!!

    It cant be that I am a bad painter, right?

  10. tauba tauba what wheel chair n all….wheelchair mein baithe tumhaare dushman ke dushman. beautiful work yaar…i bet the kids are very impressed πŸ™‚

  11. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO beauuuutiiiiiiiiiiiifuuuuuuuuuulllllllll MM! I do know the spelling of beautiful..just trying to articulate how beautiful I thought it was! n it looks so simple too !!! The 1st one is what I heart the most!

    Honestly….the fact that you’re so modest about it..makes me appreciate it even more. It’s so nice n rare to see people with a talent be/remain grounded.

    I know this one other blogger who shows off no end about their talent and will reprimand people who request the blogger to do a work of art for them n β€˜coz of all that I fail to see the beauty in that person’s art. It’s such a pleasant surprise to see you share what you use for your art and even be okay with people wanting to copy the same.

    Please never change these things about you.

    PS: Read the conversation you had with a reader about doing away with men! LOL! Thank You both for providing me with a very well-timed laugh.

    • πŸ™‚ well i’ve always believed that beautiful stuff should be shared. i never understand people who wont share a recipe or the address of that tailor who stitches good blouses.

  12. tried to vote for your post but indiblogger kept asking me to sign in again and again…lost my patience after 8 tries!

  13. Awesome use of ur time πŸ™‚ And, I love the last pink festive looking pot the most!

    You sure are very creative…

  14. oh wow. Looks like you are finally making this new house your home πŸ™‚ Looks good. So, when did you say, you are moving to the US? I have some pots that need painting, some windows that need curtains and in general, lot of things that need a creative touch πŸ˜›

  15. Sweets – i’m one of the 3500 hits a day. But i’m not one of the 150 who blog – so so so sorry about one less vote. But i can canvass with the best of em.

    Everyone else – pls vote for our regular updates on the brat and bean. see -she even promised to post during her commutes if she won the phone – what more do you need to go out there and vote for her?

  16. LOVE them! The first one is my favorite. Can I copy the designs please? Never tried painting… too lazy. But your pots are driving me to do something.

  17. πŸ™‚ Its such a joy to paint stuff on ur own na?? I find it very very soothing. πŸ™‚ these are lovely MM. My fav is the pink with gold.

  18. aiyyo! too much modesty in this space!!! gah! :p

    here i shudder at the thought of piking up an occasional crayon with the child!

    vevy vevy nice stuff! Lauuuu it!


  19. I’m going to copy them too.. hopefully I’ll have a new place soon and then I am going to come to you for more ideas. Expect an email soon.. and you know what? you could do design consultation from home. I know that plenty of folks have told you this earlier.. but its time you consider it and give the knees some rest.

  20. Love this blog!! And your creativity. Keep the pics coming. I get very inspired.
    Do u prime the terracota pots.. How do the colours stay like that?


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