The Eureka Moment or the One where the Brat hits back or Happy Raksha Bandhan

Anyone who has read this blog for more than 6 months knows that my  biggest fear as far as the Brat is concerned, is his gentle nature, the getting beaten up, allowing himself to be bullied. The class teacher at the new school had a chat with the OA and me and put our fears to rest, saying that gentle does not equal victim. And that in his own gentle way he will get a lot done.

Anyhow, a few days ago, the Bean came back from the park with a deep scratch under her eye. A child had scratched her, just about missing her eye.  I rushed to clean the wound and see if it had hurt the cornea. But she was okay. Once I had reassured myself that she was fine, I asked her what happened. She told me that she had been beaten. Did she defend herself, I asked? Because my little Jhansi ki Rani isn’t the type to take a beating quietly.

No, she smiled. My big brother hit him for me, because he was a bigger boy and I am small.

And that my dear readers, is my post for this Raksha Bandhan. Apparently the only time the Brat will hit back, is if someone messes with his baby sister. And for that, dear Lord, I am truly thankful.

Also, for those who imagined I was trying to force my brother to come home or make decisions for him – well, I guess its true what they say about a blog. It’s just a blog – how much can you tell about the person behind it?

I would never decide for my brother and he’d never do anything if it weren’t what he truly wanted to do. Isn’t that what being adult is about? On the other hand, no one said anything about whining and begging and missing, right?!

That said, I thanked God for the way things are, this morning when I woke up and felt a pang at him not being here to celebrate this day when siblings are celebrated. Everything works out for the best and perhaps us being so far away is the best for all concerned. It’s no secret that the rest of the world ceases to exist when he is around and our conversation is reduced to hmms and yeps – no words needed. I can imagine that leaves others feeling rather excluded. So I’m going to look at that as the silver lining this Rakhi, while you look at a picture of the Brat and Bean tying rakhis for each other, 2 years ago while we spent a weekend at a hillstation.

PS: Have given up all hope of winning the indiblogger contest. I’m atleast a 100 votes behind some of the others bloggers. It seems sad that I get close to 3500 hits a day (surely a large percentage are bloggers) and yet have less than 150 of them willing to back this horse!


86 thoughts on “The Eureka Moment or the One where the Brat hits back or Happy Raksha Bandhan

  1. listen, for the vote, have tried more than thrice, that website just does not open up, ad when it does, I get asked my blogging e-mail id or some such thing, either the website’s meant only for bloggers, or I’m a…well option (a) it is!!

  2. I tried to vote too, unless I provide the blog name and address it does not register me in… and I don’t have a blog.

    Irrespective of the outcome from the contest for me you will always be the winner 🙂

  3. MM, That is the best rakhi! how they play the big brother role so seriously; my son does the same to not so little sister.

    how true! what you wrote about your wish for thambi’s return.that is true sistership! God bless you both.

    And MM, that voting system totally sucks! many of us have the same problem.they won’t let you vote unless have a blog that they approve. I sincerely wish you get BB; no matter, I remain your ardent fan.

      • Absolutely; I agree with your sentiments that there are other blogs that are probably more popular but you should get your due. The system is flawed; why should only bloggers vote, it is not like only bloggers are allowed to read, na? Also, not sure what their blog approval process is but it is surely crappy 😦 Anyway, as Mia said, I sincerely wish you get the BB and Happy Raksha Bandhan! I am truly thankful this year, as anna (tamil for bhaiyya) is visiting and I got to tie him Rakhi, in person, after a few years 🙂

  4. Hi MM,

    I am also one of the those who tried, but couldn’t vote. I tried a couple of times from work, I said I liked it, it was asking for login and other stuff, second time I went and created a login, but not sure if the vote was really counted or not.

    Do we really have to have a blog to vote or am I missing something?

    I believe that too, that gentle types do get things done better than the not so gentle types. I fall in the later category, who will be talking/arguing constantly. My husband is th esilent/strong type, but it’s only after the fact that I realize it’s always his way that things are done. My daughter is just like her dad which makes me really happy.

  5. Hi ,

    I am your regular to the power of infinity reader and finally delurked to comment!!

    I tried to vote for you – sorry it did not work.

    I love love your writing but to be frank do not agree with all your views 🙂

    good Luck – i will try again…


  6. May the Brat always come out in support of his little sister! Touch wood.

    Happy Raksha Bandhan to you & your brother.

  7. MM,
    You were so worried last year about your gentle Brat. Guess moving schools for him has helped him. I think moving was not so bad after all. And don’t you worry, your beta has the UP blood in him. He will yield a tough hand when it matters. Even Bean knows that.
    How is your knee doing?

    • 🙂 ah. i forgot the UP blood and the Haryana address!
      knee is no better. went to a new doctor who has sent me for some tests. havent had a chance to get them taken. perhaps tomorrow. and then will take it from there, thank you for asking.

  8. The incident reminded me of the time when you had to force the brat to fight the bean back. It is much better this way, not fight against her but for her..:-)

    And I do not have a blog..:-((((. Not allowed to vote. I tried.. Honest

    • that killed me, jaya.
      i couldnt believe i was standing there saying – SMACK Her. I’ll hold her if you want…
      but i am at peace now. my son will fight back when he wants. btw – he reminds me a lot of your husband and honestly, i cant imagine him growing up to be a nicer person if he does

  9. Ok, I am very pissed with that stupid voting system.

    I hang out in the blog world wearing my invisible cloak. I am too shy to give my blog id away .But, but, but, for you I decided to do it. I registered and gave them my blog id, but I still dunno why I couldn’t vote.

    If you can play out your arguments so well and convince me even when I disagree with you, then you certainly deserve the BB 😀 I’m still hoping you get it!

    • ROFL!!! i LOVE this. I love how outraged you are at being exposed. its SO nice to see new people. to know who reads me. its totally worth it now even if i dont win it and end up storing half names on my cell phone like – Shikha Chaturve… because the darn thing is so basic it wont save more than some 12 characters!

      thank you so much. and i think you have to wait for them to approve of your blog before they allow you to vote. i thank you again for making the effort.

  10. Registered at indiblogger on the day you first put up the post about the contest. Have not received a verification email till now. The site needs a new webmaster is what I think !!!

  11. You know how good you are at writing.. so why fuss over about votes.

    My suggestion.. instead of blackberry, start eating blueberry during your commute.. it’ll give your fingers some rest and.. added advantage.. you get free blue tooth!!

          • from what I have read here I doubt OA would say that 🙂
            depression with me/wife comes and goes.. you know why.. It is me/we still have to accept the reality

            • oh he loves playing to the gallery and living up the image of the beleaguered husband. full drama – wants to join patni se peedit samaj as president.
              as for you.. come on, this is not like you guys. you’re my inspiration. i know its hard, but if anyone can do it, its you guys. thats why you have been trusted.

  12. I really really hope you win. Ive created a blogger id, but its still awaiting verification. As soon as its done, you’ll have my vote too. All the best!

    • oh yeah. five years and still going strong. although in this person’s defence – i think he/she thinks they are doing my brother a favour. and telling me to lay off my poor harassed brother. 😀 i can see my brother grinning his slow grin. he’s the only one on earth who can bully me!

  13. The one time I was ready to reveal the details of my blog, they dismissed it as not valid. Sy, MM.. I tried. But yes, move over to the US, they give you free phones here!!! 😀 (Pls congratulate Surya.. I don’t know if he even remembers me now!)

  14. Phew, the voting process is serious business. The site is definitely ensuring that every paisa they paid for the blackberry is worth voting time! Good luck, I just voted for you.

  15. My blog is or rather was a very, very private one and you have made me go enroll myself in what promises to be a web orgy of blog promotions. The things we do as readers of your blog!! Also, I just started blogging some months ago so I dont know if it counts or if they will put me on hold and “check back”. My vote is yours if all goes well.

  16. You know, MM, there is one silver lining to the whole issue. Indiblogger needs people to have registered blogs to vote- that makes more smart and sensitive people like your readers create a blog ID- that tempts them to actually start blogging- and viola! We have a whole group of these people sharing their thoughts with us and making the blogosphere more interesting than it already is. See?

    And I always said I loved the Brat and the Bean. And now Bean knows which side of her slice of bread is buttered, and can be a laid-back Jhansi-ki-rani when Brat is around!

  17. Hi MM,
    Been a silent reader of your blog for more than a year, never commented coz there was nothing to add to what you say. But I have always voted for you whenever you asked for it. This time though the system seems weird and doesn’t let me register unless I have a blog(which I don’t).
    I am really sorry, would love you to win but can’t do much other than wish you luck.

  18. You troll magnet 😀

    And reading about Brat fight for Beanie baby made me go all awwww *sniff* Having two fiercely protective brothers myself, I know how it feels like. Sigh! I miss the guys, I’m calling them NOW!

    • meh. these arent trolls. they simply misunderstood. you want trolls you should read the letters i get cursing my brother and me. wanting my kids to fail in life. or die. oh yes – nice people trawl the www.

      • you get letters cursing you? and wanting B and B to fail in life? WHAT THE EFF? *Rolls sleeves up* Can you PLEASE pass on the email ids? I’ll give them something to think about. And they’ll pray they never should have taken birth only. You know what i mean na? Kabhi paida hi nahi hue hote. Am very serious. I know people in Google 😀

          • SO mature of you, babe. I get very easily flustered by things like these. Makes my blood boil and all that. But I guess I still have to grow up na? Did you get my SMS I sent? Don’t worry about that now, though.

            • oh no. i used to get mad and write back stinkers. now i think they’re pathetic. need help. we should raise chanda and send them to get their heads examined 🙂

  19. The picture is super cute.. I missed Rakhi at home for the first time.. Shaadi ke side effects # 721491290.

    I’m trying to figure out if I can double-vote.. The max they will do is find out and block me from Indiblogger, which might be just as well since their ranking emails every month depress me anyway 😀

  20. Aww. Aww. Such a cute picture. And I would gladly re-live the last 26 years of my life just to have a brother like Brat 🙂

    Give both of them big hugs from my side. God bless, God bless.

    So senti I am after reading this. *Sniff*

  21. Would have loved to vote if I had a blog. I enjoy reading what u write, though I disagree with some views 😉 But I am all for a confident, highly opinionated woman. So will continue to read & cheer u on for a long time to come….

    Hope you win. If not, well, maybe something better (an android phone) is in store for u!!!

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