Sharing a secret

When I was single I often worried about whether the man I married would let me worship my brother the way I do. I didn’t have to worry. The Childhood Sweetheart was the brother’s best friend so he actually had the cheek to inform Tambi before informing me that he liked me  – helluva lot. My brother, all of 13, gave him his blessings.

The next time my brother had anything to do with my partner was a period when he and I were sharing a flat in Delhi when we both began work. I was still seeing the College Boyfriend at that time. At times I thought they were dating each other, rather than me. Endless hours spent decoding chords over two guitars, passing a cigarette back and forth companionably. Going out for a beer together. Watching the same TV shows. I swore that if I moved out of this ‘relationship’ they’d not miss me. And I was right. They stayed in touch right through my breakup and if anything made my brother have any reservations about the OA, it was that he didn’t want me to break up with the CB. He literally nursed him through the worst patch while I hopped from one foot to the other in outrage  – whose sibling was he anyway?

And then the OA  – he and my brother have little in common, other than me. But apparently that is enough. They treat each other with respect and a genuine fondness. And the OA often wryly remarks that I love my brother more than I love my own children. I am of course always ready for a pointless argument so I reply that its true. I do. My kids are half his blood – but my brother and I  – we have the same roots. He reads me and treats me the way no one else does. He forgives me when no one else would. He will be there as a link to my past when my parents are gone. He is the one person who will always take my calls.

So once the OA hurdle was crossed, I, being the worry wart that I am, began to worry about my brother’s partner. Would she like me? Would she mind that I dote on him with every fibre of my being? Would she care that we still complete each other’s sentence. Still pick almost the same side on an argument and are often dismissed by the OA (as by other exes in the past) when we do that as – ‘Don’t get into an argument with these two on the same side. She’s passionate, he’s firm and they can convince you that elephants can fly if they make up their mind.’ He always advocates dividing us up in an argument. Smart man.

And I can’t deny having gone through his girlfriends with a magnifying glass. Nah, too tall, naah, too square, naah, too annoying, naah, too dumb, naah, too hairy etc etc. Until he met the lovely woman he is now married to. Something told me then itself, that this time I should not even bring up anything. And I had nothing really to say, other than that they seemed to have no similar likes. I gave it some thought and realised that was the case with the OA and I too.

And that worked out fine because 2 years ago at X’mas, we had a party and as the guests went home and the bonfire  died down, leaving glowing embers, my brother and I still sat out in the cold night, strumming away and singing. Updating each other on our playlists. Have you heard this one? Oh do you remember that old one?

And inside the OA and the SIL sat over a dining table groaning under the weight of the food and discussed the merits of one way of cooking a biryani over another. All was well.

It’s been almost 3 years since my brother got married and I was looking at a picture of them I have in a frame in my living room. The two of them beaming. He looking proud, her lovely face smiling out at us.  I have to admit I had my pangs before he married her – but they were all to do with me. What if I couldn’t let go of my partner in crime, graciously? What if I were a jealous sister in law? What if I offended her and ended up never seeing my brother again? And it was to this end that I stayed alert and aware. And conscious, never to overstep a limit and go into what is her territory. Never to take his side in an argument. Just stay out. And above all, learn to love her.  Because here was another woman who saw my brother for the terrific person he is. Who loved him, adored him and thought he was the ant’s pants, just as I do. Which is what often surprises me in inlaw issues. Aren’t we all coming in from the same side? Don’t we all love this man to bits?

When I found out I was expecting the Brat, I famously called my brother before my parents, something they haven’t let me live down yet. And the Bean too. Which is what he did some months back when they found out they were expecting their baby. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! My baby brother is going to be a daddy!!!!!!! I remember him coming down to India for the Brat’s birth and refusing to do more than lie next to him and let him curl his little fingers around his big one. He was terrified of touching something so small (and I suspect, so ugly). There was the one day he was supposedly watching over the Brat (all of 10 days) and he yelled out in a panic to my mother  – Ma, come fast – the baby is running away and I don’t know how to stop him.

Yeah of course we took his arse about it for days. Still do.

I make no secret of the fact that I want a dozen babies. The OA makes no secret of the fact that he doesn’t. But it doesn’t matter anymore because my brother is having a baby. I didn’t think I could ever be as excited about a baby as I was about my own, but I was wrong. I am even more excited. I am hopping around. I am dancing around. I am over the moon. I am singing all day. I am ready to treat random people. I have been breaking the news to friends with all the joy of a pregnant woman!

I now feel like rushing off to the US and kicking some sibling butt and getting him to move back to India where I can see my nephews and nieces grow up. I don’t want to be an aunt via skype and telephone. I want to hold them and cuddle them and scrub their dirty faces and wash their little bums. I want my brats and them to be inseparable and I don’t want to cry for days after they leave.

So this is your job, gentle readers. We’re starting a petition – sign below. Please leave a comment telling Tambi and family to head back here. Close to us. Whats in it for you? Why so much more grist for the blog. So many more babies, so much more fun. And oh yeah, congratulate them too! So – Move back, Tambi, move back.. move back, move back *starts chanting*

PS: Those who haven’t had a chance, please do go and vote for my post HERE. You need to PROMOTE it. Not just like it. Yes, you have to sign in and have a blog. Please, please. All those of you who find it too painful too. If I get the blackberry I can blog from anywhere! Please  – please?! Will a picture of my ratty Nokia convince you?

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143 thoughts on “Sharing a secret

  1. Tambi! Get your a… down to Dilli right now and stay put till MM drives you away with her madness! (Am wagging my finger as I say it all the way from California to the East Coast which is where I believe you and bratling-to-be and bratling-ki-amma live:-))

    • See this is what happens when you post so often:-) I ready your blog when I should be working and then catch up on work at night and even then I’m toggling between your blog and my presentations due the next morning!!!! Not good for my BP, sugar and other vital stats I tell ya.

  2. Hey Tambi and Wife,

    Do head back, for your sister isn’t one to let go easy. And an aunt who’d take over half the work happily is an offer you simply can’t refuse 😀

    And “Which is what often surprises me in inlaw issues. Aren’t we all coming in from the same side? Don’t we all love this man to bits?” I have more than a bit to say on this.. but for now, we are going to stick to the “Tambi, Waapas Aao” movement.

  3. First of all Congratulations!!!

    Second, Thambi, you are one lucky guy to have so much love in your life. Get back to India(& let me know the job you’re leaving so I can go grab it 😉


  4. Congratulations to your little bro. There are 5 kids at home right now between the 3 of us, all under 5yrs and 2 under 1yr. The sisters are getting mad about the hullaboo and the mess the house has become. They also vow no more reunions before the youngest(just a week old) turns aleast 3 but then in another 5 mins we are planning out the baptism reunion. So its nothing short of a mayhem and there are times we are pulling our hair out and the affection for every child goes right out of the window. But its still so much fun waiting for them to arrive twice-thrice a year, the surprise drop-ins, the outings, the gifts, just being togather and gossiping/bitching late into the night. Totally worth it.

  5. Tambi, you’d better listen to your big sister and do what she says. I know where she’s coming from, being a big sister to my brother too, and equally ‘best-friends’ with his wife. And getting the children together is…priceless.

    And caught you, MM. I remember you protesting too much when all of us wrote about wanting you to have more kids. There- you’ve said it yourself- you would like to have a dozen!

  6. Tambi…come back…we need stories, MM needs to wash bums, u for sure will need a baby sitter – u know in case the baby runs away at 10 days!

    Awesome post MM – esp the bit on we all love the person to bits…but do u really love ur brother more than ur kids?? I dont have siblings so i can’t really get that! 😀 Need to question my janani on her love priorities…

    • 🙂 i dont know. i dont know how to check
      the OA and I were talking and my ma is too busy to spend more than a month with them after the baby is born. so i said i’d take leave from work and go do our share of helping after my SIL’s mom leaves. to which the OA observed – I see, so you’re rushing off to take care of Tambi’s babies. Did you work out what you’d do about ours while you’re gone?! I KNEW your brother is the most important person in your life. and you just proved it again

      It was quite funny!

  7. Dear Tambi and Wife
    And please come back to India. Isme samajhdari hi samajhdari hai. 😉

    PS:dear MM!I think I will need you to payback on this one. My Mom-Dad just left to meet my brother’s girlfriend’s parents,and here I am doing everything to keep myself from jumping off the window!!

  8. it isn’t 3 yrs yet MM. 3rd anniversary in october. Got quite a gyan from his blog on what women want( which he promised to update after marriage but no update), bikes and how he and then GF had nothing in common ( and that they complete each other..)yet decided to get married.

    congrats surya! and wiffy.
    note: don’t know thambi. followed the link to his blog from yours. therefore the gyan

  9. awwww! identify with every bit of the post! except the wife bit because bro is still too young to marry! i hope! :p

    and yes, i dread the fact that he will be so far way since i doubt he is coming back from US so soon! sigh!

    but if there is any hope that this petition works,”Thambi PLEASE come back!!!”

    and yes, many many congratulations to the happy n lucky couple!


  10. MM, I totally understand your joy over your brother’s baby news. When my sis told me she was pregnant, I was happier than when I found out I was pregnant. I have NEVER wished for, prayed for and rejoiced in a baby so much. Even my sis was surprised at how much I bonded with her baby when I went over because I’m so anti-baby. I hate skype but my niece has converted me. I discuss things like the colour of her poo with my sis.

    Now I’m pregnant and my sis and I hate the fact that we’re in different countries. My sis is married to an American and moving to India is not an option so this is the way it’s going to be.

    But TAMBI, you can move back so do so! (ok this is a little hipocritical since I am also out of India, but the important thing is, I am actually considering moving back, for exactly these reasons).

      • 🙂 If I move to India would have to be Bombay or Bangalore (my or V’s hometown). I’m ashamed to say I have never even been to Delhi. One more reason to move back, I guess. I never seem to go anywhere in India apart from Bangalore and Bombay when I do the annual trip home for lack of time.

  11. Hello Crazy Lady! I absolutely adored this post. One of those posts that look like it practically wrote itself! Congratulations to Tambi and Oiff. And to you too. But you’re mad. Two babies not enough, ah? 🙂

  12. Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK, Move Back, MOVE BACK,

  13. Congratulations to Thambi and wife and many congratulations to the aunt. The baby is really blessed to be born into so much love and affection.

  14. I have a suggestion.

    all of you move to Dhaka (or Melbourne come a year) can toilet train the sher whenever you have time off from Tambette- sitting duties.
    (there you have a nickname as well)

  15. Thambi..We are moving back for the Thangai-in-law and her two absolutely adorable kids..We want our one yr old implet to know what it is like to have a bigger bother to put him in his place, to have a younger sister to pull her plaits and for them both to look like goondas if any smart aleck tries to line maarify her. I want him to know what it is like to run with half a dozen bags and cases into a train to visit the grandies every summer…so move back Thambi..move back..Your poor sister has beaten up knees, a commute that will kill her soon, and looks shockingly frail…Move back fast atleast for her 😀 (I wouldn’t do justice to my tamilness without a little sister senti ;))

  16. great post mm. yay tambi and wifey! yay mm! congrats all!
    this is such awesome news!
    come back tambi, come back. while you’re at it, grab my sister, her husband and their son too.
    thanks in advance!

  17. Congratulations to Tambi and Tambi-ni. And Tambi “Tirumbi poe, Vaapas hoegu, Vaapas jao, Go back”… an aunt who is willing to wash faces and bums should not be taken too lightly 🙂

  18. Congratulations Tambi and Wife! You’d do well to move back and let the Mad sister take care of your brood as well! 🙂

  19. My brother is the Skype uncle to my kids..i know what it feels like.
    So Dear Tambi, unless you are working in a field which is still nascent in India…Pls Pls move back 🙂 You don’t know what it is to have an extra pair of hands with Kids. 🙂

  20. Congrats!
    When I read your post an old tamil film song comes to my mind – “Athai madi methai yadi”.
    Athai will be taking care of the baby while the parents, her brother & SIL play tennis….

    The baby is so lucky to have an athai like you.If you are planning to come to the US, please let me know 🙂

  21. Congratulations to the MM family! And, Tambi ab vapas aa bhi jao! You don’t know how much having an aunt who washes faces and bums helps!!

  22. congratulations to Tambi and the SIL!(Is it Tambi in your mother tongue? It’s Tambi in Tamil too :-))

    Tambi, if you don’t want to find a facebook page(500+ fans) in favor of you moving back to India and that many twitter updates for the same purpose, i suggest you move back 😀

    The Brat and Bean must be thrilled! Lots of positive vibes and wishes to the mad family!

  23. Heartiest Congratulations to your brother and your sister-in-law and to you, proud aunt-to-be. May you, like Aunt Monica, always have gum for your niece/nephew 🙂

    And, of course, am signing the move back petition!!!

  24. Awww! wot a post to show sibling love! So true n direct dil se!

    Congrats n Good wishes to the Thambi n his wife!

    I too was sooooo thrilled when my sis was preg with her babies..i cant say how much.

    Now i would tell them to move back… but am at a place where i myself feel so torn between moving to India for the same reasons and staying back in the US for other reasons that cant be shared in such a public forum.

    My sis too…feels really bad that ‘chitti’ isnt there , physically closeby, for her kids. Now i feel like all these petitions apply to me as well 😦

      • ‘coz i’m good at diggin my own grave… I told my sis abt this post n a fellow-blogger wanting her bro back in india..n blah blah.

        n then of course..conversation on that line went on n on till my sis remembered this letter i wrote to her when i got to know she was preg.So, she was in Delhi then….n i wrote to her saying Now u have not just 1 person to love more than me ( During the initial days when my jeej came into my sister’s life..i was very jealous n even childish abt it at times). I am sure u will love ur baby more than u love me, but im writing to say how much I love n how much ur love matters to me n blah blah blah…well basically conveying all my insecurities abt losing my place in her life ‘coz of her having her own baby.

        So Embarassing! I’m begging her to not show that letter to Rishab( her son) 😀

  25. The last time I saw this boy called Surya at your place, he did not seem like the type who would drop everything and come back to India just because his sister’s blog’s readers asked him to.

    But then, what do I know? He’s your brother.

  26. Agree with Dipta. From what I have read about him on this blog, I too don’t think he is going to drop everything and move back! Specially, he lives in “Lover’s State”.

    Though woulnd’t it be great if he did? 🙂

  27. LOL – adding myself to the other end of the parade – Stay here Tambi – Move here MM. You’ve already left Delhi – take one more step – bums and faces can be washed in the US just as well as in India! And here is where we really need the help!


    • wha? I’m just going to throw you in the sea without a boat or oars.
      i like desi babies in des. you know – they blend nicely into the sea of brown 🙂 plus they dont need to wear helmets to cycle or stay in car seats. so much fun :p

        • nahiiiiiiiii
          *throws self on ground and digs nails into dirt. then examines dirt and sings mere desh ki dharti… *
          i love the mitti ki khushbu, the mogre ke phool, the idlis, the parathas, the cows, the dirt, the trains, the politicians, the RSS, the Sri Ram Sene, the power situation, the mango trees, the floods and the famines.. everything.

          • I can give you mitti in vast amounts (I live in TX), mogre ke phool (we grow two kinds, you can grow all the kinds there are in California), idlis (Freshly ground batter every week, no mixes for us true-blue Tams!), cows (sorta – we have a Jersey farm near us that sells raw milk, and longhorns that are accessible) – the rest – bah – I miss only the mangoes! Move here – your knee problem may get a better look, your school problems definitely will be gone, and no one will think you strange for not watching TV!

            • Hey no law here that says you shouldn’t wash bums…we did for the kids when they were babies – now they’re older and prefer TP 🙂

              As for finding you strange…don’t worry, just live on the west coast – you’d fit right in 🙂 🙂

            • they do? The OA hates the concept of TP. i guess kids grown in to whatever is around them, as do we
              he’d smack my kids if they used just TP and didnt wash up!

  28. Bah – forgot the important thing – Congrats Tambi and Mrs. Tambi….

    (My parents are Tambi mama/Tambi mami to all of appa’s family :))

  29. Congratulations to Tambi and his lovely wife. And little babies in the family…such fun!

    So many of my cousin’s kids barely recognise me, living as they are in the yoo-yes-yay 😦
    So yes, Tambi, do come back!!!

    Though I’m still laughing at Dipta’s comment.

  30. MM’s Tambi, Please please go back to Delhi RIGHT NOW, and while you are at it, can you pray to god that I get to go back to my beloved Hyderabad ASAP?

    You guys are so adorable. Such a sweet phamilee!

  31. But of course! Come back Tambi Maama. MM needs a baby to pamper now and Tamblet/Tamblette is the only option. Since mean OA won’t agree to a third baby.

    MM, did you see? I just called OA a meany!

    Congrats Mad Family 🙂

  32. Oh WOW!!!! This is super exciting! 😀

    Very Hearty Congratulations to Tambi and his wifey..and more so to the proud new aunt-to-be!

    Are they going to find out if its a boy/girl? You could start sewing nice little frocks or pants then. no? 😀

    Note to Tambi and his wifey: Oh..I donno what your plans are, but please do move back. You may substitute everything desi with amreekan, but for brat and beany. Help them be all close together, please? Your baby will thank you for that one day. Pakka. 🙂

  33. Thanks for all the wishes everyone, and to MM for the touching post. As for moving back, when I came to the US 6 years ago, I had a few goals I wanted to achieve before moving back to India.
    1) Watch U2, Metallica and Pearl Jam live – Done
    2) Own a Porsche – Done
    3) Own a sport bike – Done
    4) Go on a date with Salma Hayek – Pending. Once I’m done with the last goal, I will definitely move back.

    • i’m gonna smack you. really. whenever i next see you, you shall be smacked senseless. what is wrong with dating nice desi girls like aishwarya and priyanka, huh? *shakes head in remorse*

      • Aishwarya? The one you dislike so much?! Really, MM? That desperate to get Tambi back?
        (Congrats, Tambi and Tambi-wife! Come back when you really want to. [Throw me in the sea, MM, I’ll love it ;-)])

    • You own a Porsche AND a bike? And Salma Hayek has no idea? Get in touch with her soon dude, before you get busy with diapers and bibs. 🙂
      And congratulations!! Hoping to read more on munch (is that right MM?) here.

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  35. Lovely post MM. Struck a cord. I have a younger brother too.
    Its the other way around. He wants me back in India:)
    Congratulations to your brother. So your brother is in Northern Virginia. So he is my neighbour somewhere around here.
    Read his blog. Great writing just like yours. Very talented duo you both are:)

  36. Woooohoooo!! Congratulations tambi and family. So sooo happy for you all. I met tambi for like 10 mins some years back and he struck me as someone pretty awesome 🙂
    Go on back home tambi..give the MM something new to worry/obsess over. And if not anything else then at least u can freely name your baby without worrying abt how it’s going to be warped.
    “it’s NITYA. N as in Nitya, I as in Itya… “

      • Trolls needed for every post, eh?.. MM, you are a troll magnet.. 🙂
        I cant believe this post got a troll.. I mean, really? Ask your bro to move closer to you, and some stranger gets to say why he shouldn’t..aargh.
        uff, bhalai ka zamaana nahin raha.

  37. Every word you have written about your bro and your relationship, could have been written by me 🙂 Just that the roles are reversed, my bro has moved back and am here.

      • nahi, nahi..don’t pull a-kay from US. she visits my backyard she will come for Red cheera right a-kay


        • LOL Mia! Of course, I would love some Red Cheera and when am I getting it? 🙂

          MM, How about Tambi and I gang up to get you guys here? We will get you here and gift you an Android phone on landing. How about that?

          • you want me to deal with a new land as well as a new phone? can you imagine what that will do to my little brain?
            and you’ve seen what moving 20 kms did to my mental peace. can you imagine what would happen if i moved across the world? i dont do mondays, mornings or change very graciously.

            • Ah… now I know why you never participated in the beauty contests (now don’t say, you actually did and I might come to Delhi, err, Gurgaon to massacre you 🙂 ) – you cannot parrot the line “Change is the only thing constant in the world” with a straight face to the jury 😉

              Well, when you did 20 km what is 12k km – just a matter of number, no?

  38. Aww.. MM, this was such a touching post.
    Congrats Thambi, and here’s 1 more person asking you to move back. 🙂
    P.S. MM, I’m also sending wishes for you that the Brat and Bean will grow up and love each other the way you and Thambi do. This is so precious that I really wish the next generation in your family gets the same.

  39. I have the awesomest atya in the whole world. And it would be absolutely grand if your nephew/niece were to know what it’s like to have a great atya. I hope he/she finds out, living in close proximity to said atya 🙂

    Congratulations to your tambi and his missus!

    I love my own tambi to bits, this post could have been speaking of me and him 🙂

  40. Congrats to all of you…am excited after reading this post…its so heartfelt….and what’s the tambi’s blog URL? I am sure I will enjoy reading it ….you have the same genes after all 🙂

  41. What sweet news, MM. You’re going to be an aunt. (‘Bua’, right?) Congrats!

    How are you and Brattie and Beanie doing? Thought I’d pop in to your blog and say hello.

  42. from a lady who’s had a lot of trouble from my sil, i’d say – careful, maybe you are encroaching on her territory now 🙂
    i’d not want my husband’s sister deciding where we live, and i’d want my husband to do what’s best for me and my kids, not think about his sister where our family’s future is concerned.

    love that you love him so much. but get ready to let go.

    • 🙂 i appreciate the concern.
      fortunately i know both well enough to know they will take it the post as the light hearted declaration of love it is
      and if that werent enough, the lovely letter my SIL sent me after it was enough 🙂

      • You do get very reasonably priced cooking help from various desi aunties (only aunties for some reason), who hire out as cooks 🙂 (as long as you live in a larger city) Plus, given that your favourite foods tend to be mashed potatoes you should be set!

          • Chaat, we can provide, roadside, no, but I can add some bugs and dirt if it makes you happy…I hear a strain of salmonella is around 🙂 🙂 Holi, Diwali and Eid all happen, with associated celebrations – including mehndi and a moon – since you dislike firecrackers, the tame fireworks on Diwali (only sparklers) won’t bother you. As for driving – aw come on – L will teach you – he’s taught folks who were WAY more phobic of vehicles than you! A sense of direction he can’t provide, but for that there is GPS!

            • oh i love Diwali. its the holi colours i cant stand. that said, i’ve seen pictures of the celebrations and forgive me if i step out of line, but i’ve seen pictures of people gathering in a hall to celebrate – its nothing on a full-on Punjabi celebration of diwali 🙂
              and dude, i am not driving myself anywhere :p as i tell the OA, I was born to be chauffeured 😉

  43. Well, count me in as a signatory MM, I pray to God that your kids can grow up together. I am weeping while I write this, I love my brother too, but I cannot express it…they have been married for 7 years with no babies…God knows I have prayed for them every day- let them concieve- but to no avail. Please pray for my brother, I too want kids calling me ‘pishi’ and all the fun that you speak of.

  44. Congratulations Tambi and Wife! Welcome to the chaos that is parenthood 🙂

    Your sister is right and doesn’t your kid deserve to be around the best aunt in the world?!

    • i would have if i’d realised i hadnt. i was sorta telling people one on one and of course missed you out. i shoulda gone with my gut and done a mass mail with a bottle of scotch

      • mass mail wud have been worse. worser than finding out on yr blog? hmm i dunno. anyways, big love to the duo. when’s the baby due? i bet yr two are suitably excited.

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