The Voices in Her Head

A lot of you ask me when I’m writing a book. Ermm – I don’t have one. But Unmana does and I’m loving every word of it. Go over and read it  here. The Voices in my Head.  You go, girl!

On another note. Here’s a great initiative called Red Earth. It’s started by a guy called Himanshu Verma. He is an art curator and is single-handedly trying to revive the Delhi that was. The genda phool, the heritage walks, the sharbats old homes used to make and much more. Delhiites might want to be part of the Monsoon Festival.

There you go – yenjoy the week ahead, all of you.

And oh – I got this in an email. Can you all help? All you need to do is send in old magazines. No money. Nothing.

“I was barely nine when my dear father committed suicide. My mother has worked really hard to send my brother, sister & me to school. She is still working hard to make our two ends meet… all she wants is ONE OLD MAGAZINE from you all, so she can make paper envelopes to earn & save environment… dear uncles & aunties, please-please do send us one old magazine every month to support us, so that we can go to better schools and live our lives with dignity and less suffering. My mother and other widow mothers like her will not hesitate to work hard to earn for us while saving the environment for the nation…I will be waiting with great expectations dear uncles & aunties for ONE OLD MAGAZINE from each one of you every month…If each one of you send one, it will become so many for my mother and other widow mothers to work hard to earn some amount every month…A very BIG THANK YOU from my brother, sister, my mother and me…SHEETAL RAMJI BARDE”

our address:

Sheetal Barde/ Support 4 Suicide Farmers Families

House No: 200

Opp: Dr. Harne’s Hospital Dhantoli Chowk

Wardha: 442001

Finally, I don’t know how you spent Independence Day yesterday, but I received this bit of news on the East India Company with mixed feelings.


7 thoughts on “The Voices in Her Head

  1. Thanks MM, will definitely send a few old magazines over. Can’t think of a better way of using the old magazines that one does not feel like throwing but have otherwise pretty much served their purpose. I am assuming I can send more than one.

  2. Okay, RE the east India company thing…I think its great that an Indian bought out the company that caused so much pain! but gawsh….I think its insensitive to bring it back from its (near) grave!!! I’m not a superstitious person, but I can feel the goosebumps….

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