Thank you all. Day 3

..of you who sent me doctors names, remedies and suggestions for my knees. I’m going through it all and working things out. I can’t reply to each one but want you to know how grateful I am for the suggestions. So this day, I am thankful for friends. Real world as well as virtual.

And now, to thank you, here are a couple of Beanisms.

The Bean burps loudly and I glare at her.

“I don’t want to burp, mama,” she reassures me, ” but the burp is bigger than me and it pushed and came out.”

What do you say to that?

And oh – at that eventful party – when it was time for the kids to call it a night, I was all… “okay, off to bed you two..”

To which the Bean replied, “No thanks mama, we’re having a party.” (!!!!)

Apparently the lack of company their own age wasn’t a deterrent.


22 thoughts on “Thank you all. Day 3

  1. heeheehee..She is a total Calvin!! What fun it must be, to have her! (And no, if you object and tell me otherwise, I will steal that little girl. I promise :D)

  2. Take care. I’ve been ill too and don’t like it (though just a nagging cough and fever, in my case). I hope things work out well for you.

  3. Bean is officially the standup comic in the mad family .:)
    How did the doctor consultation go, MM? Any new diagnoses for the better.
    Sending tons of TLC your way.

  4. Hey I am sorry to hear about your health. Get well soon.
    Hugs to Beanie and you. I bet she will cure you faster than any doctor or at least she must be the best painkiller.

  5. “No thanks momma!” hahahahahahah! Maiking it sound like she is actually turning down some awesome thing that ur offering her!

    I’ve seen most babies..i think starting 1 year….they are soooooooo against going to sleep and missing out what must be in their minds fun. Its funny to see them trying to battle their sleep and stay awake!

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