My bedside table. Day 2

’nuff said. Knee is still bad, but atleast I have some company.

So what is giving you reading pleasure this week?


93 thoughts on “My bedside table. Day 2

  1. Ah, you’ll kill me but bummed knees suddenly don’t look like anything to rue πŸ™‚

    I’m reading Chitra Banerjee Devakaruni’s One Amazing Thing. Damn good so far!

    And do I spy a new priddy lamp?

  2. You seem to have lots of stuff to read; Happy Reading. I am currently reading Emma – in anticipation of seeing Aisha next week πŸ™‚

    And, love the lamp.

    • I do. I can go nuts shopping for books ( or anything else for that matter). I love picking up second hand books at PVR Anpam Saket, and other old second hand books markets.

  3. Hope you get well soon …up and running with both Brat and Bean.. I can so relate to your living in Gurgaon, given that I just moved out of the city after spending a good 4-1/2 years there… Take care..

  4. ‘The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul’-Douglas Adams. And I have ‘The White Tiger’- Aravind Adiga waiting for me.

    I love buying books at airports, I just like the association. πŸ™‚

  5. Tishani Doshi was my senior in school – I’d heard she’d become a pot but it’s cool to see her name in someone’s book pile πŸ™‚
    I’m reading 3 books right now – Nine Lives, William Dalrymple; Lunch in Paris, A love story with recipes, Elizabeth Bard; Aunt Dimity Down Under, Nancy Atherton. They all seem good.

  6. Eating India by Chitrita Banerji- given just how much of a foodie I am, this is such a delightful read.

    Godel, Escher, Bach – An Eternal Golden Braid – this is a tome and heavy reading, so plodding along.

    Committed – Elizabeth Gilbert. Don’t laugh πŸ™‚ I thought Eat, Pray, Love was a light, fun read. Following it up with this one..

  7. The unbearable lightness of being by Milan Kundera.
    Going over my head at times but wonderfully written.

  8. I love books and used to collect it like a pack-rat. These days, I have wizened up (or so I think πŸ˜‰ ) and don’t buy books that I don’t think I will re-read, so most fictions are out. What I am reading now is “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle and have been recommending this book to every soul that stops to talk to me.

    The question that I had is, how do you get rid of your old books – I know, I know we never get rid of books. BUT, still there are books that we don’t want anymore, is there a library you donate to or 2nd hand shops? Although, I don’t live in India now, I would love to know as I have a huge collection in my house in India, still…

    • I dont. I just put them in boxes. I’d never sell my books. Even if they threatened to push me out of the door. Tell me if you’re selling the books you have in India. Will tell the OA to collect them and pay – he’s in Madras all the time – is India home Madras?

        • India home is Madras – yes. Will definitely let you both know when I come down and decide to part with it – but some of the books might not be use to you, as they are, errr, thamizh books πŸ™‚ (Now, don’t throw a googly and tell me you know to read / write thamizh).

  9. Kaifi and I, by Shaukat Kaifi.
    Had to be finished in a single sitting, so beautifully written.
    Aftertaste, by Namita Devidayal.
    Excellent stuff, and quite delicious too:)
    The Counsel of Strangers, Gouri Dange’s second novel. Thank you for introducing me to her blog and her writing.
    The Monster in the Box- Ruth Rendell. I love all her Wexford stories.
    Sitting on but haven’t yet started The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, A Girl and a River by Usha K.R, and Chimimanda Ngozi Adechie’s Purple Hibiscus.

  10. Ha ha, that’s nice, like the last post, I’m in the middle of the ‘Unbearable lightness of being’ by Kundera as well πŸ™‚
    Have been hassled of late, I feel like my memory is fading.. I just cannot recollect the stories of so many books I’ve read 😦
    Is it just me or is this normal?
    Do you actually remember all the books you’ve read (mild panic attack setting in)

  11. Oh goodie. Day 3 will be movies, yes?

    I have Brothers Karamazov (Fyodor), a silly Jackdaws by Ken follet, and an assortment of comics – two asterix, one C&H, one tinkle and one archies.

  12. Georgette Heyer. The T.S. Spivet book by Reif Larsen.

    Isn’t Eat Pray Love good? I’ve had it recommended to me so many times I tell myself I should pick it up…

    • well i’ve read so many similar stories of divorced women heading out to find themselves in india that the cliche is too much to handle. not my scene although i know plenty of people enjoyed it

  13. Ooh, so much to read πŸ™‚ And, echoing what a lot of people have already said, I love that lamp!!!

    I am in the middle of Thrity Umrigar’s The Space Between Us. So far, so good.

  14. Just finished reading ‘Almost Single’ – Advaita Kala.

    Someone gifted me ‘Don’t lose your mind. Lose your weight’ by Rujuta Diwekar.
    What a subtle way to say ‘hey, you are fat!!’ So, just begun reading that one… πŸ™‚

    You have a great collection, btw.

    • read both and didnt care for either.
      rujuta makes some points, except that she keeps making the same point over and over again and her writing style is pathetic. did no one edit the darn book?

  15. hmm, we had a book fair at work and i picked up 3 books of which i already had a copy and which i completely forgot about. I have a hard time keeping track of what i have read/bought and what i just browsed through then put back on the rack, looking at it longingly… letting my finger trace the seams before my hand moves away, lingering just that one sec before moving on- all because i have blown up my book buying budget for the month and if i break that discipline i will end up spending all my money on books.

    ok, current list:
    the bell jar
    jhonny gone down
    a princess remembers
    the logic of life
    any guru will do
    my Mercedes is not for sale
    I lost my love in baghdad
    purple hibiscus
    and a collection of short stories by satyajit Ray

    PS: i usually read multiple books parallely, a few pages of one n then a few of another. does anyone else do that?

    • oh i read multiple books too. i usually have some short stories in the loo. something heavy is read in the car on the long drives to work and back and bedtime reading is different

  16. Oh a bum knee must be horrid. Hope you feel better soon πŸ™‚ Ah I like nothing more than a tall stack of books. I am currently reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel, loving it thus far.

  17. I’m on a Tudor fiction reading rampage. (re)Started with “Portrait of an Unknown Woman” by Vanora Bennett about Thomas More’s household and a famous painting by Hans Holbein; then Philippa Gregory’s “The White Queen” about the war of the roses, now Nora Loft’s The Concubine about Anne Boleyn and I’ve got Sunne in Splendour about Richard III by Sharon Kay Penman lined up. Anyone who has anything to recommend from this period or the War of the Roses period… tell me!

  18. Nice lamp, and it’s nice to see you back in your spirits despite the knee, setting up the house, commute etc,

    The pile of books makes me want to take a mid-week break from work curl up and read. Sigh!!!

    Take care.

  19. Chitra Banerjee Devakaruni’s The Palace of Illusions…. I finally found it this weekend at Odyssey after your recommendation a long time back πŸ™‚

  20. One Amazing Thing: just so-so for me. I didn’t understand the raves :-\

    Just finished Tiger Hills by Sarita Mandanna: loved, loved loved every bit of it. Cried and laughed and sighed so many times!

    Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese: loving it and hating it and loving it again every other page!

    The Immortals of Meluha: Meh.

    The Begum’s Secret: Liked.

    Nine Lives: Loved.

  21. Have you tried this MM ? -
    Looking at the pic makes me want to drive halfway across the city to my fav second hand book store but my daughter is just 2.5months old and the thought of lugging her along and dealing with feeds in a musty bookstore is so not pretty :((((

  22. I am reading Ogden Nash “Candy is Dandy” and Terry Pratchett’s “Pyramids” (recently discovered and totally LOVE LOVE LOVE his work) and Erma Bombeck and Dilbert in between.

    and yes, lauuu shopping second hand books. Picked all these Blossoms – a second hand book paradise!


  23. just finished immortals of meluha(interesting) and the new Mary Higgins Clark(just about ok). ploughing through Gaijin but tempted to chuck it and go for Noble House instead. Reading Connect the dots also, interspersed with Five Findouters series by Enid Blyton. On my list: the 2nd alex rutherford, She by H Rider Haggard, post birthday world…and I think my friend from Juhu Book Club is going to force me to read Everything is illuminated this week…

  24. I just finished β€˜A child called IT” and β€œThe lost boy” by Dave Peletzer. It is a very disturbing yet inspiring story about a boy who was abused as a child by his mother. Looking for the last of the series β€œA man called Dave” before I start reading β€œLevel 26”..a book my friend forced me to borrow n read . Have to see if I like it. Also reading “The dairy of Ann Frank” again!

    Meanwhile…a long time ago..when I wasn’t yet commenting on ur posts [ yes confessions…I was lurking for a long time]..i remem seeing this pic u had posted of ur bookshelf. I ABSOLUTELY loved it! Better to pay the compliment late than never na?!

    N thanks for this post..will be referring to it when I’m wondering which book to read!

  25. You know I’m not much of a reader when the first thing I notice in the picture is that lovely painted leather lampshade! My mom had an identical one in our old home…I need to ask her of it’s whereabouts!

  26. Found your blog via KG’s….can i say how much I love it?

    Just finished Chitra Banerjee’s “one amazing thing”….and starting Thrity Umrigar’s “the space between us”! Hope your knee gets better soon. πŸ™‚

  27. I think it will be nice to talk to you. You seem nice. But then again, it is *your* blog. πŸ™‚

    Still, you have a all-rounder personality. Friendly. would like to bump into you sometime just to see if WYSIWYG with you or you have a pen-personality and a different one in real πŸ™‚


    • i dont think anyone can be in real life, what they are on a blog. on the other hand, you cant be very different, can you? and yes, i’m friendly, but i’m not up for review :p

      • Good response MM. I thought you will get all mad and lash out. But.. nicely handled πŸ™‚ I really meant it in a good way .. still would like to meet you sometime.. if life allows πŸ™‚

        Until then, keep enjoying life with that pinch of salt you always carry with you. Your blog makes a good read for even those who have a big ego to admit it. Keep writing …


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