On sharing and more

Night falls and it is dinner time in the small town of Nana-G’pa.

And as usual the Bean is leading the fossils a merry dance.

Finally G’pa bribes her – Finish your dinner and you will get a chocolate.

And then he puts aside two for her and two for the Brat.

They have their dinner and the Brat turns his chocolates down – I don’t want chocolates, my teeth will get spoilt. Chamathu child, this! (- Are you proud of me, Deej?)

So G’pa puts the two chocs aside for himself (he does have a sweet tooth!)

The Bean on the other hand, is my daughter and patience is not a virtue she holds dear. She literally inhales her chocs and then climbs on to G’pa’s chest, Β eyeing the two chockies put aside … “Now look, G’pa. There’ll be no fighting. Let’s share our chocolates nicely. No saying mine, mine, yours, yours…”

Save your sympathy. That man deserves to be harassed by his grand daughter, for all the chocolates he whacked off me, in my childhood. My daughter, my blood shall avenge me. Jiyo mere Karan-Arjun.


41 thoughts on “On sharing and more

  1. LOL!!!!! Both B & B are so different and so adorable….

    “No saying mine, mine, yours, yours…”

  2. Such a devil that little spawn of yours, so she wants equal share of the Brat’s chocs, fair I’d say. Mil baantke khaana chaahiye πŸ˜›
    And that son, he’s such an angel that I almost feel like crying. I hope he will have develop the devilish traits soon, this world you know!!!
    Bless them babies, they give us smile on a daily basis (given you write about them daily (this is a CUE ;)))

  3. Lol!!! What goes around comes around indeed!
    Bean is soooo sensible n practical, ur going to have a tough tough time if u ever get into a disagreement with her  I wish u luck!
    I think its true…what they say about the older child in the family being an angel in comparison to the young one…no?

  4. One more post for my Appa. He used to whack fried fish from my plate ALL the time, πŸ™‚ – Beanie gives me a lot of hope!

    No saying mine, mine, yours, yours…”..haha. What a cutie!

  5. She is a terror but a cute one! Don’t be so happy MM, she will be driving you nuts very soon πŸ™‚

  6. Love the Bean’s take on sharing. she’s so darn right!!

    Another variation on that happened recently here when my mum asked V to put his clothes back in the hamper and said “And, I’m not taking no for an answer!!”

    Today, V wanted fruit loops for breakfast which mum thinks is what scum is made of, so while she was busy putting on her most disgusted and disapproving look, V very pompously goes,”And by the ways, I’m not taking no for an answer!!”

  7. beanie,loved your totally unnegotiable deal to g’pa.

    MM, my son would do the same, but daughter will put an offer on the table that we can’t refuse; it even put ‘Godfather’ to shame. And add some sweet talk to it..

    • not at all. you have a firm grasp of the plot indeed. it is I who is to blame. this is an old draft i published – written during their summer holidays. apparently i have trouble progressing in a linear fashion!

  8. ROFL!

    The Brat has always been Chamathu-personified no? And trust little Beanie to be the fire cracker she’s been from the start!

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