..virtually too.

In case you’ve been wondering why Deej keeps popping in to yell at me (because you have no life hence follow my comment space closely), it is because she’s setting me up at  And instead of hauling shell, I keep adding to the posts here. So head that way please, read, comment, give us feedback and help us (by which I mean her) improve on it. Be gentle with us. This is (not) our first time. And Jedi – thank you. Although I might never admit it in person, I lou you.

Edited to add: Sorry, sorry – some of you are having trouble while others have already begun commenting there. Chaos as usual!

Edited to add more – Sorry guys – the site can’t handle the traffic so we’re going offline for a bit to sort ourselves out. Shall be back soon. Bear with us. Until then, WordPress zindabad!