So don’t be surprised if I don’t publish comments tonight. I am going to sleep better than I have in two years. The house is flooding again, I still can’t get cellphone signal in parts of the house, the kitchen is still a mess, I don’t know where my head ends and my ass begins, but the Brat loved school. Yes, the school loved Brat and the Brat loved the school and we love the school and we love the Brat too. So err, seeing how coherent I am, it is probably a better idea to call it a night. Thank you good folks for your wishes, your blessings, for the hand holding, the tear wiping, the loving emails, the text messages, the good vibes… Somehow it felt today like my whole life had been leading up to this moment. I can now exhale. It’s all good.

PS: When we walked in to school, bright and fresh and early, he skipped to the classroom without looking back, after giving me a brusque, “I need to go now Mama, you go home.” Yes, you do darling. It’s about time this little bird flew the nest. Happy flying!


44 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. Hey thats such great news!!! Happy for Brat and you and OA and even Beanie 😉 oh by the way..congrats on winning the Women’s Web contest on mommy guilt 🙂

  2. U won!!! U won!!!! …yipeee…well u deserve a pending gift…one gud treat coming ur way…will connect…and lots of good wishes for brattie…happy for all of u…

  3. Arrey, yeh ho kya raha hai? Naye domain ka kya hua? I saw this post there last night.. and then thought I’d comment later.. and now I can’t access it. I can’t comment on your post announcing the new domain. And now this post is here. Koi kuch samjhao!

  4. If you are talking of night and sleeping in broad daylight, yes, your senses have taken holiday to celebrate the Brat’s delight of the new school, and your delight of his delight about the new school.
    Congrats and Thank God your efforts bore fruit, so do we now get to see Brat in his cute school uniform with a bottle around his neck? Ok after you wake up from the sleep that is.

  5. Aww. Kaala teeka and all that. Love you MM. P.S. i DO have more words in my dictionary I promise. But these are the only ones that come out when I come here 😀

  6. Best wishes to brat, he will surely do well here. MM hope you had a good nights sleep 🙂 Whats up with beans admission, when is hers starting?

  7. great! Brat loves school, school loves him, you all love Brat and school. And we love you all. May he always skip/fly into his class. God bless

    why is the house flooding again? you are on top floor, still?well, if only you knew right.
    This too shall pass. remember like Brat ‘then and there’

  8. Yay, yay, Brat baby! We all know you are a rockstar.
    Give him a beeeg hug from me. The Beanie must be so proud of her bhaiyya 🙂

  9. So good to hear that- Brat loves school and school loves Brat 🙂

    Hope you get a goodnight’s sleep.

    Also, I should officially delurk now. I think I had delurked once months back but never commented/ kept in touch after that. But well, now I have promised myself to comment on my favorite blogs. Love reading you MM.

  10. Congratulation on Naya Ghar, Naya school and naya web address!! Missed out on meeting with you and your family.. coz:
    1) son was not feeling well
    2) we were in Sector 35 Noida and you were in Gurgaon
    3) You were busy moving/shifting

    Insha-allah, kabhi na kabhi mulaqaat ho hi jaayegi.. specially if you guys are coming to East Coast. We are in Edison, and I’ll show you around Mr. Stein’s old place.

  11. Yippee! Now I can relax…my favorite blog bachcha has flown mad momma’s nest and landed on his bum safely:-)

    V begins a new school too so fingers n’ toes crossed here.

  12. Good to know….I enjoy your posts…Sorry have been lurking all these days..I have a 5 year old and 14 months, some how feel your posts are all related to my current flow…

  13. Hurray! Hope he has a wonderful time at the new school and hope your moving woes end soon!
    I’ve been trying to access your new site for a while now with no luck, it just doesn’t load.

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