First day of big school

Dear Brat,

It’s happening. The chain of events that you set in motion with your admission. We’ve moved, we’ve changed our lives and you start school tomorrow. I just want you to know that we’re behind you 100% and more (is that possible?)  – if this is what it takes for you to be happy, this is what it will be. This evening I came back from work and went hunting for my babies. I found your sister gathering rocks. And then I saw a pink cheeked, sturdy legged little boy with sweat-spiked hair running around playing football, screaming out to another little boy  – Dost, dost.. idhar!! I love your strange accent. I love how you make friends without even knowing their names. I love how all that matters to you right then and there is the then and there. For you and from you, I’m going to learn to do the same. To not whine about Gurgaon and to see the silver lining.

Have a lovely first day at school and may this be the beginning of something beautiful.

I love you,



51 thoughts on “First day of big school

  1. Awww! Good luck to Brat! I am sure he will make you very proud.

    And that really is a good lesson from you bachcha 🙂

  2. My sis often tells me… “The lessons the children teach me, I can’t learn anyplace else.” I know exactly what u mean.

    Good Luck to the brat as he begins to experience school life and all that comes with it. Hope he enjoys it and gains the courage to face every challenge.

    Co-incidentally my sis’s son also started school this June..and I am yet so shocked about how the li’l baby who was not even a handful is off to school in a uniform n all…. U wont blv the num of times I’ve seen his baby pics in the last month. These Children grow up way too fast!

  3. Dear MM,
    And finally when I make my presence known, it has to be with 1st comment and to this post of Brat’s new school day- the very reason you moved to GG.

    Have been reading you regularly for last 6-7 months. I did not comment because I don’t have anything profound to add. I enjoy reading your blog- sigh! so much that MM bhoot chad gaya! the last 3 days I spent hours and hours catching up with your posts from 2009- where in I caught up your mom’s comment on ‘where are you’, your violent past:) in small town UP making katta and home made bombs, Brat picking up ATM PIN from OA, Beans’ 3rd b’day party( from this year), OA dancing with broken knee’d wify in a wedding… Was that time well spent? No doubt!

    I have kids of your age and size going to be 6 boy and 3+girl although I am way older than you:) but less wise and lesser smart.

    Wishing Brat a wonderful school year. May God bless him. Will comment more often..should I?

    Note: Now that you decided to be like BRAT ‘then and there’, may I suggest to take down that tag line-will ‘..miss her home of 5 years’:)… may be to may be ‘ I love GG..then and there:)

  4. Love and blessings in copious quantities for that precious heart. And good luck at Big School!

          • We have shifted quite a few places and my daughter has attended 5 schools in the span of 6 years of her study. Whenever the school says no seat, she always asks why she just cant bring in her own chair and join in….
            All the best to the Bean..she will get through you know…And good wishes to the Brat to cope in the new school.

  5. Oh, you have such a precious little boy. Just wait and see him achieve laurels.

    Good luck to him and lots of love.

  6. This is it MM…it was all worth it…all that struggle…the anguish…you all got here where you wanted to be with a few unexpected additional changes! Way to go! Can already see those happy blogposts from you coming up soon 🙂 Hugs!

  7. Much love and blessings from Anjali masi! I love the way he called his new friend dost, such a genuine expression.

  8. Good luck at the big school, Brat Boy. Here’s to your winning a lot many more hearts at the big school. Have fun, Sunshine. Big hugs.

  9. Awww!! As someone has already said before, that boy is precious. Hold him tight and give him a hug from me. 🙂

    Good luck!!

    • i havent the faintest idea. both kids have it. and its not me. *light bulb moment* gasp, maybe they’re not my kids!!! both have a weird twang when they speak hindi 🙂 theyre hopefully going to outgrow it.

  10. This post is not complete without a photu of the brat all dressed up for first day, with bottle around the neck and all 🙂
    Good luck son! All the best.

  11. Go Brat go!!!!! Have a wonderful first day at school love! I remember how nervous they made me! Have a wonderful school year too Brat, make loadsss of friends and have a happy time.

    Ah about the twang and accent, I have cousins in Calcutta who speak in a positively firang accent, every time I talk to them I am dying to point out how strange they sound. I think its got to do with all the American TV kids watch these days.

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  13. Hang in there MM… U r seeing light at the end of the tunnel… Soon u will be in bright sunshine! Now that u r in GGN, u probably already are 😉

  14. Good. Now take a deep breath and repeat after me: “Gurgaon isn’t too bad”.
    But please stay away from Signature Towers to Park Plaza metro stn route. It’s flooded! Bad!

  15. Hope he has a fab first day at school and a great year ahead! Big moment for all of you na? I’m sure I’ll be a whimpering mess when Nikki goes to school all by herself. I was all choked up on the first day of, ahem, the mother toddler group and had to try VERY hard to not tell the teacher how this was the very same child who’d fit into the crook of my elbow when I got her home from the hospital.

  16. Hey, MM, lovely post. All the best to Brat for the new school.
    BTW. congrats for being one of the winners of the mommy guilt contest. Read it over at Starry’s post.

  17. The new website aint working MM. keep getting a netwrok error message. do something or else i might explode from not being able to read my daily fix from you.


  18. Saw that Bratster had a good day at school…I’m positive he’s going to have many,many more the darling that he is and please let Beany take a chair (seat)…!

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